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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Mega Millions XVII Final Table Photos and Stacks

It only took a few hands of 10 handed play to get us down to the final table of nine, as Andrew Dean won a flip against start of day chip leader Josh Parker. Dean is just behind Phuoc Nguyen, who will be bringing in the chip lead with 20,725,000. Below you will see a full list of player photos and counts for this Mega Millions event.

The final table will be starting up at 2 PM tomorrow, and will start streaming on Live at the Bike at 2:30 PM.

Seat 1: Andrew Dean - 20,625,000

Seat 2: Kenneth Huber - 4,900,000

Seat 3: Michael Needle - 11,275,000

Seat 4: Henry Hso - 8,925,000

Seat 5: Michael Ung - 9,550,000

Seat 6: Phuoc Nguyen - 20,725,000

Seat 7: Joe Schulman - 9,875,000

Seat 8: Lam Nguyen - 15,925,000

Seat 9: Thomas Zanot - 14,750,000

Fresh Counts From the Final 11

Xian Ruan, who finished runner up in this event in April, looked like he would be setting himself up for another final table run, when he got it in preflop holding [Ah][Kh] against the [As][Qc] of Lam Nguyen. The flop was clean for Ruan, but a queen hit the turn to send Ruan shooting up out of his chair in disgust. This means that just 11 players remain. When we lose one more, there will be a redraw for the final 10. Here is how everyone stacks up right now.

Blinds: 125,000-250,000

1. Phuoc Nguyen - 17.5 million
2. Andrew Dean - 17 million
3. Lam Nguyen - 12.8 million
4. Thomas Zanot - 12.5 million
5. Michael Needle - 11.9 million
6. Michael Ung - 11 million
7. Joe Schulman - 9.9 million
8. Henry So - 8.1 million
9. Kenneth Huber - 5.3 million
10. Josh Parker - 2.9 million
11. Sarkis Keshishian - 900,000

The Final Table is Almost Here

We are down to just 12 players in the Mega Millions, meaning that we are three eliminations from being done for the day. The chips are heavily weighted towards table one, as the three chip leaders: Andrew Dean (19.6 million), Phuoc Nguyen (17.2 million), and Thomas Zanot (15 million) are all there.

Below you will see the next round of bustouts. These three all took home $15,915.

13. Gal Yifrach
14. James Cavanaugh
15. Al Homsi

And these three all won $14,035 today.

16. Kevin Zadoyan
17. Andrew Khachatourians
18. Minh Nguyen

What's on Tap: Final Table of Mega Millions XVII

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the Legends of Poker so far, as the 17th Mega Million champion will be crowned. Not only will that player  earn over $335,000 in prize money, but they will also get a banner of themselves hung up in the tournament room. Of course, that won't be the only poker being played tomorrow.

At noon, it will be time for another $1,100 Event, but this one will be a Bounty Event. Everyone in the tournament will have a $500 bounty on their heads, so there promises to be plenty of action. Registration for that event will be open until 3 PM.

After that, it'll be time for the second flight of our $100,000 Guaranteed Big HORSE Event. We wrap things up at 6 PM with our biggest Main Event satellite of the series so far, as at least five $4,000 seats will be handed out tomorrow. The buy-in for that satellite is just $430, so be sure you don't miss out on it!

Just Three Left in the Day 2 Buy-in Last Longer

With the eliminations of James Cavanaugh in 14th place, after his pocket sevens ran into the pocket tens of Joe Schulman, there are just three players left in the Day 2 last longer: Gal Yifrach, Andrew Dean, and former Mega Millions champion Sarkis Keshishian, who has been grinding a short stack all day long.

The player who lasts the longest of these three will earn a free $4,300 seat to the next Mega Millions tournament!

Full Seating Chart for the Final 18

We lost Minh Nguyen in 18th place as the two table redraw was happening, so we are now down to just 17 players. Once we reach the final 9, play will end for the night.

Table 1 

1. Gal Yifrach - 5.3 million
2. Thomas Zanot - 15.1 million (chip leader)
4. Henry So - 8.7 million
5. Michael Needle - 5.6 million
6. Phuoc Nguyen - 10.8 million
7. Kenneth Huber - 4.4 million
8. Xiao Ruan - 6.7 million
9. Andrew Dean - 16.4 million

Table 2 

1. Joe Schulman - 2.5 million
2. Sarkis Keshishian - 2.1 million
3. Josh Parker - 6.2 million
4. James Cavanaugh - 1.6 million
5. Michael Ung - 6.6 million
6. Andrew Khachatourians - 1.1 million
7. Lam Nguyen - 8.2 million
8. Kevin Zadoyan - 880,000 (short stack)
9. Al Homsi - 2.95 million

Down to the Final Two Tables

We have reached the point in the tournament where there is a bustout for every three eliminations. These three players won $12,390.

19. Kurt Lee
20. Michael Rocco
21. Robert Wilkinson

These three each won $10,740.

22. Jason Swanson
23. Yasmine Hanane
24. Erich Karle

And lastly, these three all took home $9,175.

25. Adam Geyer
26. Stephen Plache
27. Darren Amy

By the Numbers: Opening Flight of the Big HORSE $100,000 Guaranteed

The first flight of the Big HORSE event drew a total of 92 players, meaning that the top nine will be cashing for $450, and moving on to the finals next Tuesday. The next flight in this event will be tomorrow at 2 PM.

1-9th. $450 + Advance to Day 2

Next Round of Eliminations: 28-36th Places

The big payouts are just around the corner, as we have just three tables of players left. The following players all took home $7,605 today.

28. Joey Weissman
29. Sam Weiss
30. Mark Aliakbarzadeh
31. Richard Mestas
32. Chien Chu
33. Paul Lee
34. Nipun Java
35. Lyle Wong
36. Satia Wang

Jason Swanson Leads the Final 27

Once we got down to the final three tables, a full 27 person redraw was done. Below you will see how some of the notables are faring, including Phuoc Nguyen, who won a wild all in with Ace-Queen vs his opponent's pocket queens. The case queen popped right in the window, but it was followed up by an ace. Another ace came on the turn to give Nguyen the massive pot, and boost him up to second in chips.

When  we get down to the final 18, we will post a fresh seating chart with names and chip counts for everyone still in.

Blinds: 60,000-120,000 Average: 4.5 million

Jason Swanson - 12.5 million
Phuoc Nguyen - 9.2 million
Gal Yifrach - 8.5 million
Josh Parker - 7.8 million
James Cavanaugh - 3.8 million
Thomas Zanot - 2.9 million
Michael Rocco - 2.1 million
Sarkis Keshishian - 1.6 million
Erich Karle - 1.4 million
Adam Geyer - 750,000

Cards in the Air: $430 Main Event Satellite

It's time to kick off our impromptu WPT Main Event mega satellite! The buy-in for this one is $430, and the top 10% of the field will be earning a seat to the $4,000 WPT Main Event that starts up on Friday. Registration will be open until 5:30 PM today. Good luck players!

By the Numbers: $1,100 Deepstack Event

Today's morning event, the $1,100 Deepstack, drew a total of 127 players, creating a prizepool of $123,190. The final 15 players will finish in the money, all locking up at least $1,835. First place will be good for $38,195, and will serve as a great bankroll booster before the Main Event starts up on Friday!

1. $38,195
2. $22,135
3. $13,735
4. $10,225
5. $7,995
6. $6,430
7. $5,110
8. $4,015
9. $3,080
10-12. $2,255
13-15. $1,835

Next Round of Eliminations: 37-45th Places

These players all took home $6,195 today for their efforts.

37. Thupten Jigme Thondup
38. Garrett Garvin
39. Nguyet Dao
40. Charles Ramos
41. Ryan Johnson
42. David Rosenbloom
43. Arthur Papazyan
44. Javier Diazdeleon
45. Danny Wong

Fresh Chip Stacks From the Final 36

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 Average: 3.3 million

Gal Yifrach - 8.9 million
Phuoc Nguyen - 8.5 million
Josh Parker - 6.8 million
Michael Rocco - 5.2 million
Erich Karle - 4.6 million
James Cavanaugh - 3.8 million
Joey Wiessman - 3.1 million
Thomas Zanot - 2.7 million
Adam Geyer - 1.35 million
Sarkis Keshishian - 1.2 million

Next Round of Mega Millions Bustouts

These players all took home $4,910 for their efforts today.

46. Brian Somerville
47. Alexander Sadak
48. Edward Frish
49. Mohammad Salehi-Moshaei
50. Nghi Van Tran
51. Mario Vasquez
52. Antonios Roungeris
53. Paul Chauderson
54. Harry Arutyunyan

Some of the Notables in the $1,100 Deepstack

Below you will see a few of the familiar faces who are playing in our $1,100 Deepstack event here today. Former Main Event runner-up Jesse Sylvia is here, as is Scott Stewart, who just finished in 13th place in this year's Main Event. 

We also spotted Tony Dunst, who recently took over the role of WPT final table commentator from Mike Sexton.

Adam Levy

Jesse Sylvia

Scott Stewart

Eric Baldwin

Tony Dunst

Some Updated Counts From the Final 45

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 Average: 2.62 million

Josh Parker - 8.8 million
Gal Yifrach - 8.7 million
Phouc Nguyen - 5.5 million
Michael Rocco - 3 million
James Cavanaugh - 2.5 million
Erich Karle - 2.3 million
Joey Wiessman - 1.9 million
Nipun Java - 1.4 million
Thomas Zanot - 1.3 million
Adam Geyer - 430,000
Sarkis Keshishian - 300,000

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of the $100,000 Guaranteed Big HORSE Event

It's time to kick off our next big guaranteed event here at the Bicycle Casino, but this one is a Big HORSE event rather than the usual No-Limit Hold'em Event. This $240 buy-in tournament has a $100,000 Guarantee on it, and flights will be running daily until the Day 2 finals next Tuesday.

The top 10% of players will be earning $450 and moving on to the finals. Click here for a full structure of the event, and good luck players!

Special WPT Main Event at 4 PM Today

The Bicycle Casino has decided to run a special, unscheduled $430 buy-in satellite to our upcoming WPT Main Event, which starts up on Friday. At least one seat will be given out for this Main Event, where first place will likely be over $500,000!

Registration will be open until 5:30 PM today, so be sure to come join us and take your shot at a discounted seat to the next WPT televised event!

First Round of Bustouts From Mega Millions Day 3

These players each won $3,655 for their efforts on this Day 3.

55. Loanne Nguyen
56. Jayson Floyd
57. Chenyu Hung
58. Jonathan Rosenthal
59. Larry Serebryany

Over 100 Players in the $1,100 Deepstack

We wanted to remind you guys that the Mega Millions Day 3 isn't the only poker that's being played today at the Bicycle Casino. We had a $1,100 Deepstack event start up at 11:30 AM, and with an hour left in registration, the clock says 103 players and counting. The blinds are at 100-200, and with a starting stack of 30,000, you will still have over 100 big blinds if you come and register now, so please come join us!

The Top Stacks to Start This Day 3

Josh Parker - 8.475 million

Jason Swanson - 6.375 million

Lam Nguyen - 6.345 million
Kenneth Huber - 4.58 million

Update on the Day 2 Buy-in Last Longer

We announced earlier in the week that for the first time ever, the Bicycle Casino would be running a special last longer for all of our Day 2 buy-ins here at the Mega Millions. Whichever player lasts the longest will be earning a free $4,300 Day 2 entry into the next Mega Millions tournament. Right now, 17 players are still alive and looking for that prize, with local player Paul Chauderson holding the proverbial chip lead with 4.5 million.

Good luck to the final 17 Day 2 buy-ins, and thanks for helping to make this Mega Millions tournament the biggest one yet!

Day 3 of the Mega Millions Now Underway

Just 59 players remain in the 17th Mega Millions, the biggest one we've had yet here at the Bicycle Casino! Josh Parker leads the way with nearly 8.5 million chips, but he still has a long way to go, and with players like Nipun Java, Harry Arutyunyan, Joey Wiessman, Paul Chauderson, and more tough players, it certainly won't be easy.

We will be here all day until the final table of nine has been reached, so make sure you don't go anywhere!

Cards in the Air: $1,100 Deepstack Event

It's time to kick off another big event here at the 2017 Legends of Poker. This tournament is a two day $1,100 buy-in Deepstack event, where players will be starting with 30,000 in chips. Registration will be open for three hours today, until 2:30 PM, and re-entry will also be allowed in that time frame as well.

Play Ends With Josh Parker Leading the Final 59 Players

Josh Parker - End of Day Chip Leader

It was a record setting day here at the biggest Mega Millions in history here at the Bicycle Casino. This two week tournament created a prizepool of over $2.2 million, and a field of 451 players who started the day has been narrowed down to just 59. The big stack going into play tomorrow is Josh Parker, who bagged up a monster stack of 8.475 million. He has more than a two million chip lead on the next closest competitors, Jason Swanson (6.375 million), and Lam Nguyen (6.345 million).

There are still a handful of notables who will be coming back tomorrow to battle it out for the first place prize of over $335,000. Amongst those players are Paul Chauderson (4.5 million), Nipun Java (2.33 million), former Legends of Poker Main Event champion Harry Arutyunyan (1.34 million), and the last former Mega Millions champion standing, Sarkis Keshishian (605,000). Also still alive is Larry Serebryany (1.075 million), who is looking to make back-to-back Mega Millions final tables, after finishing fourth in the April installment.

The action will be picking back up tomorrow at 1 PM, where we will be playing down to a final table of nine. That final table will be played out on Thursday, and will be live streamed on Live at the Bike. Be sure to come back tomorrow for all of your updates from this event, as we get closer to crowning another Mega Millions champion!

Sarkis Keshishian Last Mega Millions Champion Standing

Daniel Strelitz and Sarkis Keshishian were the lone former champions of this event still alive when we got to the final 100 players, and Strelitz has just bowed out in 75th place. Strelitz lost nearly all of his chips when he got in a coin flip preflop, holding [As][Js] to the pocket fours of his opponent. The [4s] popped right in the window to give his opponent a set, and though Strelitz picked up a fourth spade on the turn, he wasn't able to complete his flush on the river.

That means that Keshishian is the only player left who can make history by winning this tournament for a second time. 

Some Chippies From the Final Nine Tables

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 Players Left: 81 Average: 1.4 million

Scott Clements - 2.4 million
Gal Yifrach - 2.3 million
Paul Chauderson - 1.7 million
Adam Geyer - 1.7 million
Harry Arutyunyan - 1.55 million
Thomas Zanot - 1.55 million
James Cavanaugh - 1.5 million
Nipun Java - 1.5 million
Daniel Strelitz - 1.1 million
Michael Rocco - 960,000
Joey Wiessman - 900,000
Sarkis Keshishian - 780,000
Nika Futterman - 680,000
Erich Karle - 530,000

Final Break of the Night

Players are taking their final 15 minute breather of the night. Once the 91 remaining players return, they will play two more levels before bagging up for the night.

Former champions Daniel Strelitz and Sarkis Keshishian are still alive and are hoping to become the first two-time champion of this event. We will post an updated round of notable chip counts once we are down to the final 81 players.

Fresh Counts From the Final 100

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 Average: 1.1 million

Scott Clements - 2.2 million
Harry Arutyunyan - 2.2 million
Artak Babayan - 2 million
Paul Chauderson - 1.8 million
Gal Yifrach - 1.7 million
Michael Rocco - 1.5 million
Thomas Zanot - 1.35 million
Deepinder Singh - 1.1 million
Joey Weissman - 1.025 million
Nika Futterman - 980,000
Sarkis Keshishian - 800,000
Erich Karle - 630,000
Tim Cramer - 610,000
Daniel Strelitz - 460,000
James Cavanaugh - 380,000
Nipun Java - 340,000