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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


BPO Event # 7 beat the $10,000 Guarantee -- A total of 81 entries brought the total prize pool to $15,714.
A total of 9 players will be ITM starting at $425 for 9th and $5,344 going to first place.


BPO Event #6 had 179 total entries and finishes with $34,726 in the Prize Pool.

Players are almost in the money with 22 players remaining and 18 getting paid. The minimum payout will be $425 and first place will take home $10,406.

BPO Event #5 Results

BPO Event #4 Results

BPO EVENT # 2 Winner of the Quantum $400,0000 GUARANTEED POY Event

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen has finished in 1st place of the Quantum $400,000 Guaranteed Event.
Turbo outlasted 1964 total entries. The final table was filled with some notable players, such as Allen Cunningham, Mark Hamilton, Said Harrak, and Peter Hengsakul.
Play ended approx 1:30 am when the final 5 players decided to chop the remaining prize pool.

BPO Event #2 - Ends in a 5 way Chop - 5th -2nd

Peter Hengsakul finishes in 2nd place - $52,335

Said Harrak finishes in 3rd place - $44,735

Mariam Abedian finishes in 4th place - $37,570

Frank "The Tank" Lin finishes in 5th place - $33,000

BPO Event #2 - 6th Place

Mark Hamilton exits the tournament in 6th place - taking home $17,740

BPO Event #2 7th Place

Hero Aguilar finishes in 7th place for $14,040.