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Friday, December 1, 2017

Event #1 Now in the Money

The first ring event of the series has just reached the money as the final 15 players remaining have just come back from their break. Everyone still alive has locked up at least $420, along with however many $100 bounties they have collected along the way. Below you will see a few photos of the players who are still alive.

Stay tuned to find out who leads this first final table of the series.

By the Numbers: $75,000 Guaranteed Deepstack

Tonight's Deepstack event saw the Bike contribute over $11,000 to the prizepool to help cover the posted guarantee, as 213 players came out to play. The final 27 players will finish in the money, all earning at least $585. First place will be good for $21,355. Scroll down to see a full breakdown of the prizepool, and good luck to the remaining players!

1. $21,355
2. $12,190
3. $7,315
4. $5,565
5. $4,285
6. $3,385
7. $2,685
8. $2,065
9. $1,590
10-12. $1,155
13-15. $960
16-18. $820
19-21. $705
22-24. $630
25-27. $585

The Nightly Mega Satellite Now Underway

It's time to kick off our first nightly Satellite to our Main Event. Over the next week and a half, the Bike will be running a $230 satellite every night that will be giving out at least three discounted seats to our massive Main Event next weekend.

You can view the structure for these satellites here.

What's on Tap: Saturday, December 2nd

The action rolls on tomorrow on the first Saturday of the series. We kick things off with our biggest preliminary event of the series, the $300,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Event. Cards will be in the air at 11:30 AM in the first of two flights on the day. The second flight will be starting up at 4:30 PM.

The top 15% of players will advance to the Day 2 finals on Monday, where players will be able to buy-in directly for $2,200. And don't forget that at 7:30 PM, we have our nightly satellite where three discounted seats to our massive Main Event will be handed out!

Update on the Deepstack Overlay

We have just 45 minutes left in registration for the 2 PM Deepstack Event, and we are still looking at quite an overlay. With just under 200 players entered, the Bicycle Casino is currently kicking in $15,000 to cover the overlay. Come on down and make sure you don't miss out on your chance for some free money!

Some Chip Counts in the Bounty Event

Players Left: 27 Average: 45,000

Huy Quach - 31,000
Frank Lin - 27,000
Lawrence Ma - 23,000
William Wolf - 20,000
Nick Phoenix - 19,000

By the Numbers: Event #1: $365 Bounty Event

The opening event of the series drew a total of 125 players, creating a prizepool of $37,500. The final 15 players will finish in the money, with first place earning $7,000, along with however many $100 bounties the winner is able to acquire. Below you will see a full breakdown of the payouts.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to find out who will be taking home the first ring of the series!

1. $7,000
2. $4,325
3. $3,125
4. $2,295
5. $1,715
6. $1,305
7. $1,010
8. $790
9. $630
10-12. $515
13-15. $420

The Bounty Event Quickly Down to Five Tables

The morning ring event has just gotten down to the final 45 players. Still alive in this event is Nikhil Gera, who won the Main Event at this series last December, taking home nearly $250,000. We also spotted Lawrence Ma, Frank Lin, Danny Illingworth, and Nick Phoenix still in the field.

The payouts for this bounty event will be available shortly.

Overlay Alert in the Deepstack Event

We are officially putting out the overlay alert here at the Bicycle Casino! 90 minutes into registration, our $75,000 Guaranteed Event has just 132 players, meaning we are over $35,000 short. The buy-in today is just $365, and first place should be over $15,000, so be sure you don't miss out on this massive value!

Registration closes at 6:30 PM. Good luck all!

Now for Some Deepstack Snasphots

We already have a slew of local familiar faces in the first side event of the series, our $75,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event. You can see some of those players below. Included on this list is Hermillo Vargas, who made a few final tables at our Summer Series here in June. We also spotted local players Thu Nguyen, Kevin French, and Kevin Song. 

Hermillo Vargas

Thu Nguyen

Kevin French 

Kevin Song

Some Player Photos From Our Opening Ring Event

Below you will see some of the players who are out collecting bounties today. Included on this list is Safiya Umerova, who won a bracelet in Las Vegas last summer, defeating Niall Farrell heads up. We also spotted a couple local pros at the same table, Lawrence Ma and Danny Illingworth, who seemed to be enjoying himself at the tables today. 

Safiya Umerova

Nick Phoenix

Lawrence Ma

Danny Illingworth

November King / Queen of the Dailies Leaderboard List

Cards in the Air: $75,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event

It's time to kick off our first non ring event of the series, a Deepstack Event with a big guarantee of $75,000! The buy-in, like the morning bounty event, is $365, and players will be starting with 30,000 in chips. Registration will remain open until 6:30 PM, and remember that this is a two day event with the finals starting at 1 PM tomorrow.

Good luck players!

Over 100 Bounty Hunters So Far Today

We are just under two hours into play in our first Ring Event of the series, and the tournament clock says 105 players so far. Registration will be open until 4 PM today, and don't forget that we also have our $75,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event starting up at 2 PM!

The WSOP Circuit Has Kicked off at the Bike!

It's time once again for the WSOP Circuit to come to Bell Gardens, California, as the Bicycle Casino will be giving out rings over the next two weeks! We kick off the action today with our first ring event, the $365 Bounty Event. All players who enter will have a $100 bounty on their heads. This is a two day event, with the finals starting up tomorrow at 1 PM.

The second event of the day starts up at 2 PM, and it is the first of several side non-ring events. The buy-in will be $365 again, and this Deepstack event will have a guarantee of $75,000.

This is the first of 12 straight days of poker action here at the Bike, so be sure you come join us!