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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Some Fresh Counts From Our Opening Monster Stack Flight

Players Left: 81 Average: 73,000

Danny Geyser - 172,000
Hermilo Vargas - 145,000
Kevin French - 105,000
Kevin Song - 92,000
Gladys Landegger - 87,000
Alan Myerson - 35,000
Danny Illingqworth - 25,000

Another Big Turnout in the Second Flight

We have more big numbers in our second flight so far, as 210 players have registered with one hour left in registration. The top 15% will be joining the final 44 from the first flight of the day on Monday in the Day 2 finals.

Don't forget that our final two flights will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM and 4 PM, so don't miss it!

What's on Tap: Saturday, December 3rd

Tomorrow we continue with the $365 Monster Stack Event, as two more flights will be kicking off at 11:30 AM and 4 PM. Just like today, registration and re-entry will be available for three and a half hours for both, with the top 15% bagging up and moving on to the finals on Monday.

Of course, we will also have our nightly Mega Satellite at 7:30 PM, where three discounted seats to our $1,675 Main Event will be handed out!

By the Numbers: Opening Flight of the Monster Stack Event

We got off to a great start in the opening flight of the Monster Stack $300,000 Guaranteed Ring Event, as 294 players came out for the first of four starting sessions. The top 44 players will be moving on to the finals on Monday, where players will be able to buy-in directly for $2,200.

If you missed this opening session, the second flight is in full swing right now, with registration open until 7:30 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

The Final Three Agree to a Deal, Danny Chen is the Winner

The final three players took a look at the numbers, and after moving a small amount of money around, a deal was struck! Michael Nia and Danny Chen (pictured above) will take home the same amount of money, $13,930, with Chen being declared the victor. Jordyn Miller will take home an even $13,000 for his efforts.

Congratulations to all three players on their impressive finishes. Be sure to check out our schedule to find out what's coming up this week at the Bicycle Casino!

Jeff Rodino Eliminated in 4th Place ($5,565)

Jeff Rodino lost most of his chips when Jordyn Miller picked off a big bluff holding pocket kings on an ace high board, and on the next hand, Rodino was sent to the rail. The final three left are close in chips, and they are once again taking a look at the numbers.

The Final Four Play On

The numbers were looked at, and a deal couldn't be struck, so we carry on. Here is how the final four currently stack up, with exact chip counts.

Blinds: 30,000-60,000

Danny Chen - 2,295,000
Jeff Rodino - 1,665,000
Michael Nia - 1,360,000
Jordyn Miller - 1,070,000

Nick Kallenbach Eliminated in 5th Place ($4,285)

On the very next hand, start of day chip leader Nick Kallenbach got his final chips in holding [10d][10s]. Once again though, there was a bigger pair at the table, as Michael Nia had [Qh][Qd]. The bigger pair held again, as the board came down [Jd][7c][2c][6s][5h].

The final four players are taking a look at the numbers for a chip chop now. We will let you know what decision they make.

Malcolm Scatliffe Eliminated in 6th Place ($3,385)

Malcolm Scatliffe got his final chips in the middle preflop holding [Js][Jd], but he was dominated by the [Kh][Kc] held by Jeff Rodino. The board ran down [Qh][5c][5d][2s][9h] was safe for Rodino, who nearly doubled up on the hand.

Fresh Counts From the Final Six

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 Average: 1.065 million

Danny Chen - 2.25 million
Jordyn Miller - 1.23 million
Malcolm Scatliffe - 930,000
Jeff Rodino - 760,000
Nick Kallenbach - 600,000
Michael Nia - 500,000

Tony Kayden Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,065), David Podell Eliminated in 7th Place ($2,685)

Tony Kayden- 8th Place
We just had the rare final table double elimination as Danny Chen just knocked out two players to sky rocket into the chip lead. Action started with Tony Kayden moving all in for exactly 400,000 from late position. In the small blind, David Podell moved all in for 555,000 total. Chen looked at his hand, and it was immediately clear he had a decision to make. He counted out the chips, and said that he had a big hand. Eventually, he said that he wanted to play for the win, and made the call.

Chen: [Qh][Qd]
Kayden: [Ad][Ks]
Podell: [Ac][Kh]

It was a dream scenario for Chen, as his opponents were taking outs from each other. His dream would stay true through the [Js][7d][3s][3d][2h] board, and Chen clapped a few times in celebration as the biggest pot of the tournament was sent over to him 2.3 million.
David Podell - 7th Place

Lambert Merlo Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,590)

Not long after we lost Eli Loewenthall, Lambert Merlo followed him to the rail. Merlo got his final chips in preflop holding [Ad][10d], and he was in rough shape against the [Ks][Kd] of Malcolm Scatliffe. Merlo loved to see the flop of [6d][5d][5s], as he had picked up the nut flush draw. However, the [Qh] turn and [7c] rive provided no further help.

Merlo hits the rail in ninth place, and we are down to the final eight spots.

Eli Loewenthall Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,155)

After a raise to 100,000 from Nick Kallenbach, Eli Loewenthall moved all in for 285,000. Next to act, Jordyn Miller called that bet, leaving himself about 150,000 behind. Kallenbach thought it over for quite some time before releasing his hand, and the cards were turned over.

Loewenthall: [Ks][Qs]
Miller: [Ah][Kd]

Miller was in great shape to secure the first knockout of the final table, and he was able to finish it out, as the board ran down [9d][5h][5d][10d][7s].

A Few Double Ups, But No Bustouts Yet

The chips have been circulating around our final table so far, as no one has yet to hit the rail. The action started with Danny Chen doubling up through Jordyn Miller, who appears to be our short stack currently. Chen would send some of those chips over to Tony Kayden later, as he got lucky to hit runner runner flush to crack the pocket kings of Chen.

Lastly, Kayden secured another double up just now when his Ace-Jack held against the Ace-Eight of Eli Loewenthall. Loewenthall is now also fairly short as we remain 10-handed.

Final Table Photos and Chip Stacks For Our Final Ten

Seat 1: Jordyn Miller - 180,000

Seat 2: David Podell - 480,000

Seat 3: Danny Chen - 630,000

Seat 4: Malcolm Scatliffe - 920,000

Seat 5: Jeff Rodino - 575,000

Seat 6: Lambert Merlo - 405,000

Seat 7: Michael Nia - 800,000

Seat 8: Nick Kallenbach - 1.4 million

Seat 9: Tony Kayden - 175,000

Seat 10: Eli Loewenthall - 525,000

Congratulations to William Collins, Winner of the Bounty Ring Event

William Collins, Winner of Event #1
We have a winner over in the Bounty Ring event, and it is Williams Collins. Collins started the day second in chips, and was in the same position when he got heads up with Robert Miller. However, he battle his way back, and was able to claim the title, along with $7,000 in cash, and all of the $100 bounties he collected on the way.

This also gives Collins the early pole position for the Player of the Series race with the WSOPC. Congratulations to Collins for his showing, and good luck trying to get a second ring this series!

Heads Up in the Ring Event

Over in the bounty event, we are down to the final two players, and it is the two big stacks to start the day: Robert Miller and William Collins. Miller started the heads up battle with a decent lead, but it looks like Collins has cut into that deficit, as the players are close to even now.

Stay tuned to find out who wins the opening ring event of the series!

Next Round of Deepstack Eliminations

We are nearing the final table of the deepstack event, as just 12 players remain. Here are the players who just missed out on the top 10. They will all be taking home $$960.

13. Paul  Lau
14. Karim Mahboob
15. Shane Gallagher

Quick Eliminations in Our Restarts

It hasn't taken long to lose players in both of our restarts. Over in the Bounty Ring Event, Huy Nguyen was the first player to hit the rail, while over in the Deepstack restart, Ramzi Srour and Harvey Alegado were the first two players to collect their payouts today.

That means that we have three players remaining in the Ring Event, and just 15 in our Deepstack tournament.

Over 200 Players Already in the Monster Stack

The Monster Stack event is off to a fast start in it's open flight with over 200 players after the first break. Registration for this opening flight will be open until 4 PM today. The second flight on this Saturday will start up right after that.

If you can't play today, you will have two more chances tomorrow at the same times. Remember that the finals for this event are on Monday. Good luck players!

Restart of the $75,000 Guaranteed Deepstack

The other finals kicking off now are the Deepstack finals, where two players have separated themselves from the rest of the pack: Nick Kallenbach and Michael Nia. Both players start the finals today with over a million chips, while Malcolm Scatliffe in third place has under 500,000. We will be posting eliminations from this event, as well as final table photos, and updates until a winner is decided. Good luck everyone, and stay tuned for all of the updates!

Pictures From the Bounty Final Four

We have two day 2's kicking off right now in the tournament room, and one of them is the first ring event of the series, our Bounty Event. Below you will see the final four players in that event, as they have just restarted. We will be focusing primarily on the Deepstack Day 2, but we will be sure to post the winner of this event. Good luck to the final four!

Seat 1: Robert Miller - 559,000

Seat 2: Huy Nguyen - 242,000

Seat 3: Sung Baek - 150,000

Seat 4: William Collins - 300,000

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of the Monster Stack Event

It's time to kick off the biggest prelim event on the schedule here in this series, the $300,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Event! This is the first of four starting sessions to be played out over the next two days. Registration for this flight will be open until 3 PM, with the second flight of the day starting up 90 minutes later.

Click here to view a full structure of this event, and good luck to all who play!