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Sunday, December 3, 2017

By the Numbers: Final Monster Stack Flight

The final starting flight for the Monster Stack Event drew 266 players, meaning that there will be 40 more players who make it to the Day 2 finals tomorrow.

That means that after the four starting flights, a total of 1,087 players have entered, meaning that the prize pool is over $325,000 before the Day 2 buy-ins tomorrow.

Thanks to everyone who has come out to play the Monster Stack Event. Good luck to the finalists tomorrow.

1-40th. Advance to Day 2

The Nightly Mega Satellite Now Underway

It's time once again to give out some discounted seats to our massive Main Event that will be played out next weekend. The buy-in for this satellite is $230, and at least three $1,675 seats will be handed out tonight. Registration will be open until 8:45 PM tonight. and re-entry will also be available in that time frame as well.

If you can't make it out for this satellite, don't worry. We will be running them all week at 7:30 PM each night, so you will have plenty of chances to try and grab your seat!

What's on Tap: Monday, December 4th

Tomorrow will be the biggest day of the series so far, as the Day 2 finals for our Monster Stack Event will be played out. Those finals start at 12 PM, and players will be able to buy-in directly for $2,200 if they haven't qualified already. Registration for that Day 2 buy-in will be available until 1:30 PM.

We also continue with our ring events tomorrow with a $365 buy-in tournament starting up at 11:30 AM. This is a two day event, with the finals starting Tuesday at 1 PM.

At 4 PM, we will have another side non-ring event, a $240 bounty event. All players in the tournament will have a $50 bounty on their heads once they sit down. Players will start with 15,000 in chips, and registration will be open until 7 PM.

Lastly, don't forget that we have our nightly Mega Satellite where at least three discounted seats will be handed out for our $1,675 Main Event. It will be an action packed day, so make sure you don't miss out on it!

Some Details on Tomorrow's Day 2 Buy-In

As you probably know by now, this Monster Stack Event will be allowing players to buy-in directly into the Day 2 finals tomorrow. The finals will be starting at 12 PM tomorrow, and the prize to buy-in directly will be $2,200. That money will get you 133,000 in starting chips, with the blinds starting at 1,000-2,000.

Registration for the Day 2 buy-ins will be open until about 1:30 PM local time. Players who are eliminated in that time frame will be allowed one re-entry, also for $2,200. Play will wrap up at the end of Level 14, and the remaining players will return on Tuesday to decide who will be taking home the ring.

Click here for the structure tomorrow.

The Guarantee Has Officially Been Met!

Coming into the last session today, the prize pool was sitting at about $255,000. We have just reached enough players in the fourth and final session to break through the posted $300,000. Of course, the prizepool will continue to grow today, and will get even bigger with the Day 2 buy-ins still to come tomorrow.

With the guarantee met, it ensures that first place in this event will be over $60,000. Will you be the winner of this prize and the ring? Come on down to the Bicycle Casino and take your shot!

Now For Some 4 PM Flight Photos

Below we have some player photos from the 4 PM session. This list includes two players who already have a final table under their belts at this series. Jeff Rodino finished 4th in the $75,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event yesterday, while Jordyn Miller was one of the three players who chopped it.

Stay tuned to find out if these players are able to make it to another Day 2 here today.

Jeffery Yarchever

Jeff Rodino

Jordyn Miller

Eric Hershler

Cards in the Air: Final Starting Session of the Monster Stack Event

It's time to kick off the fourth and final flight in our $300,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Event. Players will get getting 20,000 in chips, and registration will remain open tonight until 7 PM. The top 15% of players will be joining the rest of the finalists tomorrow for the Day 2 finals, where players will also be able to buy-in directly for $2,200.

By the Numbers: Third Monster Stack Flight

The morning flight for the Monster Stack Event is the biggest flight so far, as 317 players have come out to play. That means that the top 48 will be moving on to the finals tomorrow to battle it out for a first place prize that should be over $70,000.

Remember that the fourth and final flight of the day is starting up at the top of the hour, so come join us!

1-48th. Advance to Day 2

More Snapshots From the Monster Stack

As promised, we have a few more player photos for you guys from our morning flight. We spotted a former Mega Millions Champion in the field, Duey Duong. We also spotted a few other regulars that you will recognize below.

Remember that registration is open for another hour in this flight, with the final Monster Stack flight starting up at 4 PM today!

Ryan Buckholtz

Vadim Baranovsky

Andy Stracuzzi

Duey Duong 

First Round of Player Photos Today

Below you will see the first few photos of the day from our opening flight, which has over 260 players entered so far. Included on this list is Michael Nia, who just yesterday was part of the three way chop in the $75,000 Guaranteed Deepstack, taking home over $13,000. Scroll down for his photo, and a few more!

Gene O'Leary 
Thu Nguyen

Joel Kop

Michael Nia

More Big Numbers Early on Today

We were expecting big numbers in this opening flight of the day, and as per usual, you guys have not disappointed! The tournament clock says 220 players just 90 minutes into registration today. You can come down anytime before 4 PM to register for this flight, and don't forget that the fourth and final flight of the event will be starting at that time as well.

Good luck players!

Cards in the Air: Third Flight of the Monster Stack Event

It's time to kick off another Monster Stack flight here at the Bicycle Casino! Yesterday saw over 500 players come out to play, and we are expecting a similar number today in our two flights. Registration for this opening flight will be open until 3 PM, and the second flight will be kicking off an hour later.

Stay tuned for number updates on the flight, as well as player photos, payouts, and more. Good luck everyone, and thanks for playing the WSOP Circuit here at the Bicycle Casino!