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Friday, December 8, 2017

Second Satellite of the Night Underway

It's time to start up another $230 satellite here in the tournament ballroom. The first satellite of the day blew the guarantee out of the water, as 11 seats were handed out. Registration for this satellite will be open until just after 9:30 PM.

Don't forget that the WSOP Circuit Main Event kicks off tomorrow at 12 PM. You won't want to miss it!

What's on Tap: Day 1A of the Main Event!

Tomorrow we start up the next WSOP Circuit Main Event here at the Bicycle Casino! Past champions of this event include former Big One for One Drop Winner Antonio Esfandari, as well as Valentin Vornicu, who is tied for the all time lead with 10 WSOP Circuit Rings. Last December, local player Nikhil Gera won this event, taking home nearly $250,000 for his efforts.

The first of two flights starts up tomorrow at 12 PM. All players are allow one re-entry per flight. You can click here for a full structure of the event.

If you want to play in this event, but don't have the bankroll to buy-in directly, you can take advantage of the three satellites that we have running tomorrow. The buy-in for all three will be $230, and they will take place at 12 PM, 4 PM, and 8 PM. We are expecting a huge turnout, so make sure you don't  miss out!

Big Turnout in the First Main Event Satellite

The afternoon satellite drew a huge crowd, as we will be giving out more than double the amount of guaranteed seats. A total of 8 players entered, meaning that the final 11 will be getting a seat, with 12th place also taking a home a decent amount of cash.

If you want to try to satellite into this weekend's $1,675 Main Event, your next chance will be tonight at 8 PM!

1-11th. $1,675 Main Event Seat
12th. $1,175

By the Numbers: Event #9 $365 No-Limit Hold'em

Today's $365 event was one of the biggest of the series as far as entries is concerned, as 226 players came out to try and grab a ring and some key points on the series leaderboard. That created a massive prizepool of $67,800. The final 24 players will finish in the money, locking up a min cash of $625. First place will take home $16,970, and a great boost of confidence going into tomorrow's Main Event.

1. $16,970
2. $10,475
3. $7,625
4. $5,640
5. $4,235
6. $3,230
7. $2,500
8. $1,965
9. $1,570
10-12. $1,270
13-15. $1,040
16-18. $865
19-21. $730
22-24. $625

Cards in the Air: 4 PM Mega Satellite

We are forgoing an open afternoon event and instead giving you guys an extra opportunity to get into this weekend's massive WSOP Circuit Main Event at a discounted rate, as our first of two $230 buy-in Mega Satellites is now underway in the tournament ballroom. Players will start with 6,000 in chips, registration will be open until just after 5:30 PM, and at least five seats will be given out.

If you can't come out for this satellite, you will have another chance at 8 PM tonight. Good luck players!

Congratulations to Xiao Ruan, Winner of Event #9 ($28,195)

Xiao Ruan started the day as the chip leader, and he never fell below the second spot in chips throughout the day, on his way to claiming his first WSOP Circuit Ring. On the final hand of the day, Ruan raised the button, and Marios Savvides moved all in with [Kc][Jc]. Ruan called with a dominating [Ks][Qh], and his hand would hold on the [Kd][8s][3d][Ah][5c] runout.

Savvides will take home over $17,000, but it is Ruan who will be taking the lion's share of the prizepool home. Congratulations to Ruan, who's had an impressive year at the Bicycle Casino. In March, Ruan finished runner up in the Mega Millions for his biggest live cash ever, and he followed that up with a 12th place finish in the August Mega Millions. Today, he is the champion!

Matthew Rosanbalm Eliminated in 3rd Place ($12,410)

Matthew Rosanbalm limped in from the small blind, and Xiao Ruan raised to 35,000. Rosanbalm came back with a reraise to 113,000, and Ruan thought for a bit before calling. As soon as the flop of [Jd][6s][2h] came down, Rosanbalm moved all in, and Ruan called just as quickly.

Ruan: [Ks][Kc]
Rosanbalm: [10c][10h]

Rosanbalm was immediately resigned to his fate, and starting shaking hands with the competitiors as the [3d] hit the turn and the [6d] completed the board.

This gets us to heads up play, with Ruan holding a big lead (1.1 million to 300,000) over Marios Savvides.

Andrew Wisdom Eliminated in 4th Place ($9,015)

Two hands after that last one, Andrew Wisdom was all in with [9s][8s]. He was very live against the [Ah][Qd] of Marios Savvides, but not for long, as the flop came [Ac][7c][2d].  Another seven on the turn ended things, and Savvides scored the knockout. 

That leaves us with three players. Savvides and Xiao Ruan are well out in front of Matthew Rosanblam, though he still has plenty of room with 220,000 and the blinds at just 4,000-8,000.

Big Double for Savvides

Andrew Wisdom just took down a big pot, and he put those chips right to work. Unfortunately for him, it didn't quite work out, as he got aggressive with [Ad][Js] preflop, only to run into the [Kh][Kc] of Savvides. The board came down [9s][4h][4d][6d][5h], and the kings held to give Savvides a big double up.

On the other side, Wisdom is crippled down to a few big blinds.

Frank Stepuchin Eliminated in 5th Place ($6,680)

Frank Stepuchin was just knocked out thanks to a rough cooler against Andrew Wisdom. The two got the chips in the middle on a flop of [Kh][8h[Kd], with Stepuchin holding [Kc][6h]. However, he was in trouble against the [Ks][10s] of Wisdom. The board finished out [Ad] and [5h], meaning the ten kicker still played for Wisdom.

First Break of the Morning Ring Event

We have a big turnout so far for our $365 Ring Event, as there are 154 entries on the first break of the day. Registration will be open until 4 PM today, so you still have plenty of time to come down and join the party.

Michael Katz Eliminated in 6th Place ($5,040)

Michael Katz shoved his short stack all in from under the gun with [Ks][7h], and Marios Savvides called with [Ac][6h] to put him at risk. The board ran down [10d][5c][2s][Qh][10c], and neither player improved, giving Savvides the win.

With that elimination, we are down to our final five. Andrew Wisdom is stuck in traffic and has yet to take his seat, but as a result, he has made an extra $3,000 from what he was guaranteed.

Down to the Final Six Players

The short stack, who asked to go by "Jay", is the first player eliminated today. He had Ace-King on a [Ah][Qh][5h] flop, but he was behind the Queen-Five of his opponent. The two pair would hold up, and, we are down to six.

Photos of the Final Seven in Event #7

Seat 1: Frank Stepuchin - 173,000

Seat 2: Michael Katz - 167,000

Seat 3: Matthew Rosanblam - 108,500

Seat 4: Andrew Wisdom -262,000 (not pictured)

Seat 5: Xiao Ruan - 381,500

Seat 6: Marios Savvides - 305,000

Seat 7: "Jay" - 42,000

Cards in the Air: Event #9 $365 No-Limit Hold'em

It's time to start up another $365 Ring Event. This is the same event that Ryan Van Sanford one yesterday, taking home over $13,000 in the process. Players start with 10,000 in chips, and registration will be open until 4 PM today.

This is one of the last ring events of the series, so make sure you don't miss out on it. Good luck players!

Congratulations to Edward Liu, Winner of Event #8

Late last night, local player Edward Liu took down his third WSOP Circuit Ring by taking down the $365 Turbo Event. He took home $12,585 for his effort. Monster Stack winner Hermilo Vargas finished in 8th place, and Mike Leah fell just short of winning another ring at the Bike, finishing third. Read below for a full breakdown of the final table results, and congratulations again to Liu on his ring!

1. Edward Liu - $12,585
2. Lloyd Mashore - $7,790
3. Mike Leah - $5,620
4. Larry Slater- $4,130
5. Tirza Sanders - $3,090
6. Michael Tzeiler - $2,350
7. Chris Coon - $1,815
8. Hermilo Vargas - $1,425
9. David Zlotchew - $1,140

Xiao Ruan Leads the Final Seven in Event #7

Xiao Ruan at Mega Millions FT

Seven players will be coming back today to battle it out for the WSOP Circuit Ring, and it's a familiar face to the Bike who is leading the way. Earlier this year, Xiao Ruan finished runner up in the Mega Millions, taking home over $167,000. He will come back today hoping to finish one spot better than that today. The action will pick back up at 1 PM. Read below for a full list of chip counts, and good luck to the final seven.

1. Xiao Ruan - 381,500
2. Marios Savvides - 305,000
3. Andrew Wisdom - 262,000
4. Frank Stepuchin - 173,000
5. Michael Kats - 167,000
6. Matthew Rosanblam - 108,500
7. Dmitry Bykn - 42,000