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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Some Local Player Chip Stacks

Blinds: 500-1,000 Average: 44,500

Michael Nia - 130,000
Behzad Javadzadeh - 110,000
Vadim Baranovsky - 65.000
Lawrence Ma - 65,000
Mark Hamilton - 55,000
Kevin French - 52,000
Danny Illingworth - 50,000
Andrew Miramontes - 49,000
Hermilo Vargas - 48,000
Nikhil Gera - 23,000

Final Satellite of the Day Underway

We have been running $230 satellites every few hours here in the tournament ballroom, and the third and final of those satellites is kicking off now. Once again, there will be five seats guaranteed, though both of the satellites that have already played out today have handed out nearly double that amount of seats.

Registration for this satellite will be open until 9:30 PM. Tomorrow morning there will be one more turbo satellite at 10 AM before the second flight starts up at 12 PM. As always, there's plenty of action here at the Bike, so don't miss out on it!

The Big Stacks Coming Back From Dinner

We just mentioned that there were 294 players entered into this first flight. Of those 294, just 151 remain. Here are the players who are currently at the top of the counts, thanks to the hard working people over at wsop.com.

Blinds: 400-800

Anil Jivani - 220,000
Bob Mather - 106,000
Kelly Minkin - 98,000
Nichoel Jurgens - 96,000
Thomas Zanot - 78,000

Registration Closed for the First Flight

The return of play from dinner also marked the end of registration for this opening flight. The clock says 294 players entered. We will be playing until the end of Level 15 tonight, and after that, players will bag and tag before coming back Monday.

If you weren't able to join us today, or you did and got knocked out, you will have another chance to play tomorrow when the second flight starts up at 12 PM local time.

The Dinner Bell Rings

The 9th level of the day is in the books, and that means it's time to take a 60-minute dinner break here in the Main Event. All players who have entered are eligible to eat at the buffet that is set on the wall as players walk in.

Right now, there are 288 players registered. The cards will be back in the air around 7:20 PM local time, and registration for the day will close at that time.

Some Local Players Off to a Good Start

We are just about to finish the fifth hour of this tournament so far, and there are a few local players who have more than doubled their original 20,000 starting stacks. You can view some of those players below. Stay here for more chip count updates as the sun is setting here in Los Angeles.

Blinds: 200-400

Nichoel Jurgens - 58,000
Larry Quang - 53,000
Thomas Zanot - 52,000
Nipun Java - 44,000
Sohale Khalili - 39,000
Peter Hengsakul - 36,000

Congratulations to Calvin Roberts, Winner of Event #9 ($16,970)

Calvin Roberts took the chip lead five handed, and never looked back from there, as he knocked out every remaining player on his way to winning the ring. On the final hand, Roberts over shoved on the turn of a board reading [Kd][5s][4s][Qd].  The bet was for about 650,000 effective, and the pot only had 200,000 in it. Boris Kasabov thought it over for quite some time before making the call.

Kasabov: [Ks][10s]
Roberts: [Kc][5d]

Kasabov needed a ten, queen, or spade to win the pot, but the [3c] came instead. For his efforts, Kasabov will take home $10,475, and for his victory, Roberts will earn $16,970, the ring, and 50 points in the WSOP Circuit standings.

Kasabov Doubles With Quads

Boris Kasabov and Calvin Roberts saw a flop of [Jc][Jd][9h]. Roberts attempted to put pressure on Kasabov my moving all in with pocket sixes, but Kasabov quickly called, and when he turn over his hand, it was obvious why: [Js][9d].

Kasabov flopped a full house, and to rub salt in the wounds, he caught the case jack on the turn to give him quads. Kasabov scored a big double up to over 800,000, and he is right back in this heads up matchup.

Time for Another Main Event Satellite

The first Main Event flight is in full swing right now, and you have over three hours to come on down and buy-in if you can make it today. However, if you are looking to get in on a discounted rate, the satellite that just kicked off would do the trick for you. The buy-in is $230, and at least five Main Event seats will be given out.

Registration will be open until 5:30 PM. Good luck everyone!

Jesse Capps Eliminated in 3rd Place ($7,625)

We missed the action as it happened, but Jesse Capps was the next player to bow out in the $365 restart, meaning we are now heads up between Calvin Roberts and Boris Kasabov. It looks like Roberts was once again responsible for the knockout, as he has 1.8 million to the 400,000 of Kasabov.

More Photos From the Main Event

Below you will see some more photos from today's Main Event, which is up to 217 entries according to the tournament clock. Listed below is Nikhil Gera, who won this event last December. We also spotted Mike Leah, who fell short of another ring here at the Bike when he finished third in the Turbo Event. Also on this list is local pro Jesse Yaginuma, who won the High Roller Ring Event here in March.

Mike Leah

Sean Yu
Jesse Yaginuma

Nikhil Gera

Nipun Java

Roma Labelle Eliminated in 4th Place ($5,640)

It looks like it will be tough to beat Calvin Roberts at this final table, as he has just claimed another victim. This time, Labelle was heads up with Roberts on a [Js][6d][5h] flop. Labelle got his money in holding Jack-Three for top pair, but he was in rough shape, as Roberts held pocket sixes for middle set. Labelle got no help on the turn, and Roberts extends his chip lead three handed.

Roberts currently has 1.5 million in chips, with Boris Kasabov and Jesse Caps both having around 350,000.

David Plaskett Eliminated in 5th Place ($4,235)

David Plaskett and Calvin Roberts got into a massive preflop confrontation that would decide who the big chip leader would be. Plaskett held [10c][10d], while Roberts had [Ah][Kh]. A king came right on the flop, and Plaskett wasn't able to catch up.

Plaskett will take home $4,235, while Roberts is now the massive chip leader four handed.

First Round of Main Event Photos

Below you will see the first round of player photos at our Main Event first flight. The common theme among these players is they've found big success at this series. Michael Nia kicked off the series by chopping the $75,000 Guaranteed Event three ways. We also spotted three of our ring winners over the last two weeks: Hermilo Vargas, Edward Liu, and Ryan Van Sanford. 

Michael Nia

Macradij Yacoubian

Ryan Van Sanford

Hermilo Vargas

Edward Liu

First Break of the Main Event

We have a great turnout so far in the opening Main Event flight, as there are nearly 200 players registered on the first break of the day. Registration will remain open today until about 7:20 PM. Remember that if you get knocked out, you are allowed one re-entry per flight.

Stay tuned for some photos from today's play, as we start the journey to find out who the next Circuit champion will be at the Bike!

Photos From the Final Five of Event #9

While most of the tournament ballroom is playing the Main Event, the far corner table is playing out the final preliminary final table. We are down to five players over there, with Edward Liu busting in 7th place, and Alan Myerson in 6th. Below you will see photos of the final five. Stay tuned to find out who wins the ring!

Seat 1: Jesse Capps

Seat 2: Roma Labelle 

Seat 3: David Plaskett 

Seat 4: Boris Kasabov

Seat 5: Calvin Roberts 

Cards in the Air: Flight 1A of the WSOP Circuit Main Event

Ladies and gentlemen, the eagerly anticipated day has arrived, as the next WSOP Circuit Main Event has just started up here at the Bike! In March, two of the best young pros in the business got heads up, as Dylan Wilkerson defeated Toby Lewis heads up. Wilkerson took home over $216,000 for his efforts. That final table also included local players Lance Allred (4th) and Frank Lin (7th), as well as former WSOP Main Event Champion Juan Carlos Mortensen.

This is the first of two starting flights for this event, with the second one starting up at the same time tomorrow. One re-entry is allowed in each flight, and players will also be able to buy-in at the beginning of Day 2.

We will be here all day to provide you guys with player photos, number updates, and so much more, so be sure you don't go anywhere!