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Monday, December 11, 2017

Eliminations 16-18th Places ($10,655)

Nick Phoenix - 16th Place 

Vuong Do - 17th Place

Steve Firestone 

Photos and Updated Counts For The Final 18

Seat 1: Jordyn Miller - 1.23 million

Seat 2: Massoud Eskandari - 880,000

Seat 3: Tuan Phan - 250,000

Seat 4: Frank Stepuchin - 460,000

Seat 5: Jared Jaffee - 260,000

Seat 6: Tony Phan - 1.3 million
Seat 7: Chahn Jung - 830,000

Seat 8: Vuong Do - 250,000

Seat 9: Nick Phoenix - 190,000

Seat 1: Mike Hauptman - 555,000

Seat 2: Brian Small - 340,000

Seat 3: Peter Lipton - 1.2 million

Seat 4: Kelly Minkin - 1.83 million

Seat 5: Edward Liu - 1.28 million

Seat 6: Brendan Baksh - 1.1 million

Seat 7: Steve Firestone - 300,000

Seat 8: Jesse Vilchez - 350,000

Seat 9: Aaron Frei - 700,000

Next Round of Bustouts: 19-27th Places

The final 18 are doing a full two table redraw right now. We will be posting photos and chip counts for the remaining players once they have taken their seats. In the meantime, here are the latest bustouts. These people took home $8,885 tonight.

19. Nichoel Jurgens
20. Matt Schultz
21. Yi Chi Li

These three won $7,490.

22. Chris Asatrian
23. Dathan Kuppin
24. Jonathan Dahlberg

And lastly, these three earned $6,400 for their efforts.

25. Adam Volen
26. Scott Stewart
27. Anil Jadavi

Some Fresh Local Stacks From the Final Three Tables

Blinds: 8,000-16,000 Average: 530,000

Jordyn Miller - 1.15 million
Massoud Eskandari - 740,000
Brendan Baksh - 630,000
Jesse Vilchez - 460,000
Edward Liu - 440,000
Nick Phoenix - 330,000
Adam Volen - 300,000
Matt Schultz - 260,000
Scott Stewart - 235,000
Nichoel Jergens - 140,000

Next Round of Main Event Bustouts

We have reached the point in the event where there is a pay jump after every three eliminations. These three players each took home $5,525 tonight.

28. Michael Nia
29. Alex Farahi
30. Jeffrey Yarchever

These three won $$4,825.

31. Jesse Jaurigue
32. Michael Wasserman
33. Simon Brooks

And lastly, these three all won $4,265.

34. Daniel Bailey
35. Chester Burnett
36. Vahin Hannani

Some Early Big Stacks in the High Roller Event

Over in the High Roller Event, we have 57 entries so far, and one player seems to have separated himself from the rest of the pack, according to the live updates team at wsop.com.  Jacque Lavadour is up to 127,000, and is the only player in the six figures right now. Below you will see a few other players who have started to rise to the top as we are halfway through play so far today.

Jacque Lavadour - 127,000
Chuanhao Zhang - 87,500
Mohsin Charania-  67,500
Adam Geyer - 64,500
Rainer Kempe - 62,500
Mike Leah - 60,000

Back From Dinner in the Main

The 30 remaining players in the Main Event are back from their dinner break. Leading the way right now is Jordyn Miller with 1.4 million, the only player who appears to be in the seven figures. Miller started this series by chopping the $75,000 Guaranteed Event, and he is hoping to bookend the series with another big result. Stay tuned to find out if he does!

By the Numbers: Event #19 $565 Survivor Event

Today's $565 Survivor Event drew a total of 104 players, meaning that the top 10 players will all be taking home $5,000. The player in 11th will receive a decent consolation prize of $2,000. Good luck to the players still alive!

1-10th. $5,000
11th. $2,000

Counts for Some of the Locals Still Alive

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 Average: 404,000

Nichoel Jurgens - 910,000
Jesse Vilchez - 800,000
Matt Schultz - 755,000
Scott Stewart - 740,000
Jordyn Miller - 710,000
Edward Liu - 700,000
Michael Nia - 390,000
Massoud Eskandari - 375,000
Chester Burnett - 220,000
Adam Volen - 145,000

First Round of Eliminations: 37-45th Places

We are down to the final four tables in this Main Event, meaning that we will start listing off every player eliminated. We start with the players who were recently knocked out, all earning $3,815.

37. Sasha Liu
38. Alan Bittikofer
39. William Watchman
40. Ryan Hemmel
41. Jared Griener
42. Vadim Baranovsky
43. Robert Miller
44. Peter Hengsakul
45. Jeremy Joseph

The Top Stacks in the Main Event With 50 Left

The eliminations haven't slowed down since we've hit the money, as we are down to just 50 players left. Below you will see some of the big stacks leading the field at the moment. The blinds are 4,000-8,000, with an average stack of 280,000.

Edward Liu - 780,000

Jesse Vilchez - 695,000
Vuong Do - 680,000
Kelly Minkin - 660,000

Scott Stewart - 605,000

Phuoc Nguyen is the Bubble Boy

After a raise from Nichoel Jurgens, Phuoc Nguyen moved all in with [Jh][Js]. Jurgens called to put him at risk with a dominating [Qh][Qc]. The flop brought three hearts, and a fourth heart on the turn gave both players a flush. However, Jurgens's queen meant that she had Nguyen drawing dead.

The final 72 players are now in the money. Good luck to them all!

Some Photos From the High Roller Event

While the Main Event is nearly in the money, the High Roller Event is just getting started, with 18 players registered so far. On this list is Andrew Wisdom, who won the Card Player Main Event here in October. We also spotted Ryan Van Sanford, one of our ring winners this series. We also have one of the biggest names in poker right now, former Super High Roller Bowl Champion Rainer Kempe, in the field today. 

Andrew Wisdom

Adam Geyer

Rainer Kempe

Arkadiy Tsinis

Ryan Van Sanford

The Bubble Approaches in the Main Event

The clock says 77 players remaining in the Main Event, meaning the money is just around the corner, as the top 72 will be making the money today. We will be sure to post when the bubble bursts, and get the details on the key hand if we can.

Cards in the Air: $3,250 High Roller Event

The Main Event Day 2 might be going on right now, but the biggest buy-in event of the series is just now kicking off here at the Bike! It's the $3,250 High Roller Event, and past winners of this event include Jesse Yaginuma, Craig Chait, and Gal Yifrach, who is the defending champion having won this event in March. Yifrach defeated a field of 100 players to take home $90,000!

Registration for this event will be open all day long, so come on down and join us!

Some Local Chip Counts With 90 Players Left

Blinds: 2,000-4,000 Average: 148,000

Scott Stewart - 360,000
Gal Yifrach - 355,000
Matt Schultz - 250,000
Nichoel Jurgens - 235,000
Jordyn Miller - 230,000
Behzad Javadzadeh - 220,000
Adam Volen - 145,000
Michael Nia - 145,000
Jared Griener- 115,000
Vadim Baranovsky - 105,000

By the Numbers: Final Payouts For the Main Event

After 14 players brought in this morning at 12 PM, the prizepool was pushed up to over $1 million, landing at $1,030,500. The final 63 players today will finish in the money, all earning at least $3,145. Everyone at the final table will lock up nearly $20,000, and first place will take home the ring, $211,220, and a seat to the Global Casino Championship next year. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good luck to all the survivors still in!

1. $211,220
2. $130,720
3. $95,880
4. $71,300
5. $53,740
6. $41,045
7. $31,760
8. $24,895
9. $19,765
10-12. $15,890
13-15. $12,935
16-18. $10,655
19-21. $8,885
22-24. $7,490
25-27. $6,400
28-30. $5,525
31-33. $4,825
34-36. $4,265
37-45. $3,815
46-54. $3,440
55-63. $3,145
64-72. $2,885

Cards in the Air: $565 Survivor Event

It's time to kick off another Survivor event here in the penultimate day of the series. This time, the buy-in is $565, meaning that the top 10% will be taking home an even $5,000. Players will start with 12,000 in chips, and registration is open until 4 PM today.

Good luck players!

Cars in the Air: Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit Main Event

After two days of play, 133 players are here to battle it out for the next WSOP Circuit Main Event title. Leading the way is Kelly Minkin, who rose to stardom in 2015 when she was the last woman standing in the Main Event, finishing 29th. Speaking of rising to stardom in the Main Event, local player Scott Stewart is fourth in chips to start the day, fresh off of his 13th place finish this summer. Click here for a full list of survivors coming into the day.

Registration has just closed in the event, so let's get started!