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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Congratulations to Jared Jaffee, Winner of the WSOP Circuit Main Event!

On the final hand of the tournament, Brandon Baksh moved all in, and Jared Jaffee looked down and found that he woke up with [Kh][Kc].  Baksh was in trouble with [Jh][10d], and it got worse on the flop of [8c][5d][2s]. The [4d] on the turn ended the event, as Baksh was drawing dead.

For his efforts, Baksh will take home $130,720, but the night belongs to Jared Jaffee! He will take home $211,220, a WSOP Circuit Main Event Ring, and a seat to the Global Casino Championship next year.

Thanks to everyone who came out to play this event, and congratulations again to Jared Jaffee on his win!

Baksh Gets One Double Back

After both players traded all in hands, Jared Jaffee moved all in from the button. Brendan Baksh looked at his hand, then made the call.

Jaffee: [Kh][6h]
Baksh: [Kc][10h]

The flop of [Qh][9s][5d] gave Jaffee some backdoor outs but that was about it. The [2d] on the turn meant only a six would do now, and the river came the [Jc], giving Baksh an unnecessary straight.

Jaffee still holds a big lead with 11.2 million to the 2.3 million of Baksh.

Jaffee Scores Massive Double Up

Brandon Baksh had battled his way back in this heads up match, and had taken the lead before the biggest pot of the tournament played out. Baksh raised to 275,000, and Jaffee reraised to 910,000. Baksh thought it over for a bit before shoving, and Jaffee didn't take long to drop chips in for the call.

Baksh: [Ad][8h]
Jaffee: [Ah][Qc]

Jaffee was in great shape to double up, and the hand was all but over after the flop came [Qh[Js][Jc]. A king on the turn gave Baksh outs to a miracle chop, but another king came instead, giving Jaffee the win.

After that pot, he has a commanding lead with 12.4 million to the 1.1 million of Baksh.

Congratulations to Andrew Wisdom, Winner of the High Roller Event

It's been quite an impressive run that young Andrew Wisdom has been on recently here at the Bike. In October, Wisdom defeated a field of 550 players to win the Card Player Main Event, taking home $165,025. Now, he has won his second major event here at the Bike, winning the $3,250 High Roller Event for $72,420. He defeated Brandon Zuidema heads up.

Scroll down for a full list of the players who cashed in the high roller, and congrats again Andrew!

1. Andrew Wisdom - $72,420
2. Brandon Zuidema - $44,810
3. Ryan van Sanford - $29,495
4. Shawn Busse - $20,650
5. Adam Geyer - $15,300
6. Jesse Yaginuma - $11,965
7. Armen Zadoyan - $9,850
8. Jake Reeser - $8,510

Baksh Doubles Through Jaffe

Brandon Baksh was knocked down to 2.4 million when he moved all in from the button. Once Jared Jaffee got a good idea of the count, he made the call.

Jaffee: [Ac][4d]
Baksh: [Js][7s]

Jaffee held the lead, but that didn't last too long, as the flop came [7c][7h][5h], giving Baksh the massive lead. A queen on the turn ended things, and Baksh doubled up to 4.8 million the same stack that he started heads up play with.

Kelly Minkin Eliminated in 3rd Place ($95,880)

Brendan Baksh raised to 300,000, and Kelly Minkin moved all in for her final 1.2 million. Once Baksh got a rough idea of the count, he dropped in chips for the call.

Baksh: [Ac][Jh]
Minkin: [10d][10h]

Baksh shot out to the lead on the flop of [Ah][7h][6c], and Minkin needed a ten now to win. The [6h] gave both players flush draws, but Baksh had the bigger heart. The [3h] completed the board, sending Minkin to the rail in 3rd.

That means we are heads up, with Jared Jaffee holding a lead of 8.7 million to 4.8 million.

Chip Counts on Dinner Break

The final three players are taking a 45 minute dinner break. The action will resume again at 9 PM.

Jared Jaffee - 9,000,000
Brendan Baksh - 2,810,000
Kelly Minkin - 2,000,000

Congratulations to Harry Arutyunyan, Winner of Event #12

Lost in all of the excitement with the Main Event and the High Roller was the $580 Turbo Event. That event got 60 players, and it just wrapped up with none other than former Legends of Poker Champion Harry Arutyunyan winning the event! He will take home $11,250, and his second WSOP Circuit Ring. Congratulations Harry!

Heads up in the High Roller Event

Over in the tournament ballroom, there are just two players remaining: Brandon Zuidema, and Andrew Wisdom, who won the Card Player Main Event in October. Right now, Wisdom holds a nice lead on Zuidema, 1.7 million to 525,000, but with the blinds at 12,000-24,000, Zuidema still has plenty to play with.

Stay tuned to find out who takes down that ring, as we continue three handed action in the Main.

Minkin Doubles Through Jaffe

Kelly Minkin moved all in preflop, and once Jared Jaffee got the count, he moved all in over the top.

Minkin: [Ad][Kc]
Jaffee: [9s][9c]

The flop of [As][Qc][Qd] gave Minkin two pair, and left Jaffee drawing thin. The [10s] turn didn't help Jaffee, nor did the [6s] on the river.

Minkin doubled up to 3.4 million, while Jaffe dropped to just under 8 million.

Aaron Frei Eliminated in 4th Place ($71,300)

Aaron Frei raised it up to 1 million from the small blind, leaving behind just a few chips. Brendan Baksh moved all in, and Frei called.

Frei: [Kh][4d]
Baksh: [7d][7c]

Baksh's mid pair would hold up on the runout of [Qh][8h][2c][5s][2h], and we are down to just three players now.

Edward Liu Eliminated in 5th Place ($53,740)

After a raise from Jared Jaffee, Edward Liu moved all in for just a few big blinds. Jaffee quickly called with [Ad][Qh], and he was in good shape against the [Jh][9s] for Liu. The flop of [Ks][Kc][Qc] left Liu drawing dead to a ten, but that card would never come, as Jaffee would end up catching another queen on the river to fill up.

With that, we are down to the final four players. Jaffee has over half of the chips in play right now.

Jared Jaffee - 6,250,000
Brendan Baksh - 3,755,000
Kelly Minkin - 2,360,000
Aaron Frei - 1,080,000

Baksh Doubles Through Liu

After a raise to 200,000 from Aaron Frei, Brandon Baksh moved all in from middle position. It folded around to Edward Liu in the big blind, and after about 30 seconds of thought, he moved all in over the top. Frei quickly folded, and we were off to the races.

Baksh: [Qc][Qs]
Liu: [Ad][Kc]

The flop of [9d][7s][3c] kept Baksh out in front, and the ladies would hold up on the [10d] turn and the [Jd] river.

Liu is down to just 300,000 after that pot, while Baksh is up to over three million.

Massoud Eskandari Eliminated in 6th Place ($41,045)

In a battle of the blinds, Jared Jaffee and Massoud Eskandari get it all in, with Jaffee easily having Eskandari covered. Jaffee held [6c][6s], while Eskandari had [Kc][Qs]. The board ran down [Ad][8h][5c][8d][4s], and the sixes held for Jaffe, who extended his chip lead with the knockout.

That gets us down to just five players left.

Chahn Jung Eliminated in 7th Place ($31,760)

On the last hand before the break, action folded around to Kelly Minkin in the small blind, and she limped in. From the big blind, Chanh Jung moved all in for about 1.5 million. Minkin tanked for quite some time going into the break before she dropped a few chips in for the call.

Minkin: [Ad][2c]
Jung: [Ah][Js]

Minkin was in big trouble, but that quickly turned around when a deuce popped into the window on a flop of [5s][5d][2d]. The [9c] turn brought no help, and the [2s] on the river rubbed some salt into the wounds.

Here is how the final six players sit on break.

Jared Jaffee - 3,610,000
Kelly Minkin - 3,520,000
Brendan Baksh - 1,950,000
Edward Liu - 1,750,000
Massoud Eskandari - 1,650,000
Aaron Frei - 1,300,000

Brian Small Eliminated in 8th Place ($24,895)

Brian Small moved all in from middle position, and he was called by the blinds: Brendan Baksh and Kelly Minkin. The flop came down [Kc][7c][4d], and Baksh checked to Minkin, who fired 250,000. Baksh called, and both players would check the [2s] turn and [2d] river.

Baksh announced he had jacks, Minkin tabled [Ks][8h], and Small chuckled, saying he had nothing with [9h][8d].

This gets us down to our final seven players.

Jared Jaffee Doubles Into the Chip Lead

Jared Jaffeee bumped it up from under the gun, and it folded around to Chahn Jung in the big blind, who made the call. The flop came down [Kc][10c][4d], and Jung check called a bet of 185,000. The [5c] hit the turn, and Jung led out for 270,000 this time. Jaffee called, and the [4s] hit the river. Jung moved all in, having Jaffe covered, and he snap called, revealing [Ac][Jc] for the nut flush. Jung shook his head as he flashed [9c][8c] for an inferior flush, and a massive double was sent to Jaffee, who is the first player over the three million chip mark.

Down to Five Players in the High Roller

We are set up in the Live at the Bike room to give you guys updates on the Main Event, but we did also want to give you guys an update on the High Roller Event. They are down to five over there after the recent elimination of Jesse Yaginuma, who won this event last December. At the moment, Andrew Wisdom, who won the Card Player Main Event here in October, is the current chip leader, according to the live updates squad at wsop.com. Here is how the final five stack up right now, with the blinds currently at 5,000-10,000

Andrew Wisdom - 710,000
Brandon Zuidema - 565,000
Shawn Busse - 450,000
Ryan Van Sanford 320,000
Adam Geyer - 110,000

Tuan Phan Eliminated in 9th Place ($19,765)

After a raise to 110,000 from Edward Liu, Tuan Phan moved all in for this final 390,000. Once Liu got the count, he made the call.

Liu: [6d][6c]
Phan: [Ks][Jc]

The board would run down all low cards, coming [8s][8d][3s][9d][6h]. Liu made an unnecessary full house on the river to send Phan home in 9th place.

Chip Counts for the Final Nine

Here is how the final nine players are looking as we get ready to start the final table. We will be posting live updates ahead of the stream here on the blog. Good luck to the final nine!

1. Chahn Jung - 2,630,000
2. Brendan Baksh - 2,590,000
3. Kelly Minkin - 2,440,000
4. Edward Liu - 1,520,000
5. Massoud Eskandari - 1,400,000
6. Jared Jaffee - 1,050,000
7. Aaron Frei - 810,000
8. Brian Small - 710,000
9. Tuan Phan - 520,000

Frank Stepuchin Eliminated in 10th Place ($15,890)

After a raise from Brendan Baksh to 100,000, Frank Stepuchin moved all in for 450,000. Baksh quickly called, and we were off to the races.

Baksh - [Ad][Ks]
Stepuchin: [Qs][Qh]

Baksh quickly shot out to the lead on the flop of [Kh][5s][2d], and Stepuchin wasn't able to catch a miracle queen from there.

That gets us down to the final nine players. They are heading over to the Live at the Bike stage now.

By the Numbers: $3,250 High Roller Event

The High Roller Event drew 71 total entries, creating a prizepool of $213,000. The final eight players will get paid out tonight, with a min cash locking up $8,510. First place will take home the Circuit ring, and $72,420. Read below for all of the payouts, and stay tuned to find out who makes it to the end!

1. $72,420
2. $44,810
3. $29,495
4. $20,650
5. $15,300
6. $11,965
7. $9,850
8. $8,510

Pictures and Counts For the Final Ten Players

Seat 1: Jared Jaffee - 750,000

Seat 2: Massoud Eskandari -  1,280,000

Seat 3: Edward Liu - 2,325,000

Seat 4: Brian Small - 385,000

Seat 5: Aaron Frei - 1,300,000

Seat 6: Tuan Phan - 900,000

Seat 7: Brendan Baksh - 1,910,000

Seat 8: Kelly Minkin - 2,575,000

Seat 9: Frank Stepuchin - 580,000 

Seat 10: Chahn Jung - 1,600,000

Jordyn Miller Eliminated in 11th Place ($15,890)

After a late limp in from Aaron Frei, Jordy Miller moved all in for half a million. Kelly Minkin looked down at her cards in the big blind, and made the call. Frei folded, and the cards were tabled.

Minkin: [Js][Jh]
Miller: [Ah][2d]

Miller picked up some extra outs after the [8c][5d][3c] flop, as a four would work for him now. However, the board would finish out [7h] and [Qd], giving Minkin the win, and the chip lead as we get down to the unofficial final table.

Tony Phan Eliminated in 12th Place ($15,890)

Following a raise from Massoud Eskandari, Tony Phan moved all in for his final 325,000. It folded back around to Eskandari, who thought for a bit before calling.

Eskandari: [4s][4h]
Phan: [Ah][Jh]

The hand was all but over after the flop came down [9c][4d][3d]. A seven on the turn ended things, and Phan hit the rail in 12th.

With one more elimination, we will combine to a single table of ten.

Peter Lipton Eliminated in 13th Place ($12,935)

Peter Lipton got his final chips in the middle preflop with two broadway cards, [Qs][Js], and once again the short stack was flipping against [8s][8d], this time held by Edward Liu. The board came down [7c][6s][5c][Kc][5s], and Lipton was sent to the rail in 13th place.

The remaining 12 have just hit a payjump, as they have now all locked up $15,890.

Michael Hauptman Eliminated in 14th Place ($12,935)

Michael Hauptman got his final 500,000 and change in the middle preflop holding [Ad][Qc], and he was flipping against the [10h][10c] of Brendan Baksh. The board ran down mostly low cards, coming [6d][4c][3h][6h][Jd], and Basksh took the pot to push his stack up to nearly 2.5 million.

Restarts for Main Event and High Roller Now Underway

The two big restarts of the day have just started up here in the tournament ballroom. Kelly Minkin leads the final 14 of the Main Event, while Shawn Busse is at the head of the pack in the High Roller.

We will mainly be focusing on the Main Event today, but we will be sure to sprinkle in some high roller updates here and there. Good luck everyone!

Cards in the Air: Events #12 and #20

We are kicking off two events at the same time this morning. One is a ring event, while the other is a $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event. That deepstack event will see players start with 30,000 in chips, and registration will be open until 4 PM today.

The Ring Event is a $580 Turbo, and it will be a one day event with 20 minute levels. Registration for this one will be open until 2 PM today. In addition to these events, we also have the restarts of the Main Event and High Roller starting at 1 PM.

Play Ends With Kelly Minkin Leading Once Again

It's deja vu all over again here at the Bicycle Casino, as Kelly Minkin is once again the chip leader as Day 2 of the WSOP Circuit Main Event ends. Minkin bagged up 2,405,000, a half million more than her closest competitor Brendan Baksh (1,925,000). Other players still alive include Edward Liu (1,085,000), who won a ring earlier in the series in the $365 Turbo Event, Jordyn Miller (915,000), who chopped the $75,000 Guaranteed to start the series, former Legends of Poker runner-up Massoud Eskandari (815,000), and former WPT Champion Jared Jaffee (625,000).

The 14 remaining players will be returning tomorrow at 1 PM to battle it out for the first place prize of $211,220. The winner will also receive a WSOP Circuit Ring, and an entry into next year's Global Casino Championship. The final table will be streamed on Live at the Bike, so make sure you don't miss out on the action tomorrow!

Kelly Minkin - 2,405,000

Brendan Baksh - 1,925,000

Tony Phan - 1,205,000

He is the full list of chip counts for tomorrow's final. 

1. Kelly Minkin - 2,405,000 
2. Brendan Baksh - 1,925,000 
3. Tony Phan - 1,205,000 
4. Chahn Jung - 1,150,000 
5. Edward Liu - 1,085,000
6. Aaron Frei - 1,000,000 
7. Jordyn Miller - 915,000 
8. Massoud Eskandari - 815,000 
9. Frank Stepuchin - 650,000 
10. Jared Jaffee - 625,000 
11. Mike Hauptmann - 620,000 
12. Tuan Phan - 565,000 
13. Brian Small - 390,000 
14. Peter Lipton - 370,000