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Monday, December 17, 2018

The Final Four Chop it Evenly, Anthony Kim Takes Home the Title

With the blinds about to go to 200,000-400,000, and everyone fairly close in chips, the final four began to discuss the possibility of chopping the prizepool evenly. Everyone agreed, so the deal was struck! Anthony Kim had the chip lead at the time, so he gets the winner's photo, and the first place designation, but all four players will be taking home $51,038. 

Congratulations to Anthony Kim, Kate Shin, Adi Ben Ami, and Massoud Mazhari, on their fantastic showings!

Four Handed Chip Counts on Break

Blinds: 150,000-300,000

Kate Shin - 10,200,000
Anthony Kim - 8,400,000
Adi Ben Ami - 7,100,000
Massoud Mazhari - 3,200,000

Kim Doubles Through Mazhari

Anthony Kim raised to 600,000 preflop, and he was called by Massoud Mazhari and Kate Shin. The flop of [10d][7d][7h] saw the action checked to Kim, who moved all in for 2.45 million. Mazhari thought for about 90 seconds before calling, and Shin quickly folded.

Mazhari: [Qd][8d]
Kim: [Ac][7c]

Kim held the lead with trips, but would need to fade a diamond to double up. The board finished out with spades, [Ks] and [3s], and Kim scored the double up to over six million, while Mazhari is now on the short stack.

Barbara Enright Crippled, Eliminated in 5th Place ($21,835)

Action started with Massoud Mazhari moving all in. Barbara Enright quickly moved all in behind for just a few hundred thousand more, and everyone else folded.

Enright: [Jh][Jd]
Mazhari: [Kh][Js]

The flop of [10s][8h][4c] brought no help for Mazhari, but the [9c] brought some chop outs, and a queen for a winning straight. Sure enough, the [Qh] hit the river, giving Mazhari the unlikely double up, while knocking Enright down to her final two big blinds.

Enright would be all in two hands later, and bust at the hands of Adi Ben Ami. This leaves us with just four players.

Marc Robinson Eliminated in 6th Place ($17,250)

Marc Robinson moved all in from under the gun for his final 1.85 million, and Kate Shin moved all in after, having everyone covered.

Robinson: [Qs][Qh]
Shin: [Ac][Ah]

The board ran down [Kd][7d][7c][7s][8c], and the aces stayed in the lead, getting us down to the final five. Shin holds a dominating chip lead, with 12 million of the 30 million in play. As of yet, there haven't been any talks of a chop.

Emad Bastawros Eliminated in 7th Place ($13,430)

"Alright this is it," Emad Bastawros said as he slid his final 1.1 million into the middle. Massoud Mazhari would call and put him at risk with [As][Jh], and he was ahead of the [Kc][Qs] of Bastawors. The board ran down [4s][2s][2h][10s][9d], and neither player improving meant that Mazhari took the hand to score the knockout.

Fresh Counts From the Final Seven on Break

We didn't lose anyone in those two levels, as the chips were mostly moved around the table. Kate Shin still holds a big lead on the field, with Emad Bastawros the only player who comes back severely short stacked.

Blinds: 100,000-200,000

Kate Shin - 8,200,000
Marc Robinson - 4,600,000
Massoud Mazhari - 4,100,000
Anthony Kim - 4,100,000
Adi Ben Ami - 3,800,000
Barbara Enright - 3,300,000
Emad Bastawros - 1,300,000

Robinson Doubles Through Bastawros

Marc Robinson raised to 350,000, and Massoud Mazhari called next to act. Action folded to Emad Bastawros, who moved all in. Robinson rechecked his cards, then announced call.

Robinson: [As][Ac]
Bastawros: [Ad][Qh]

Bastawros was in terrible shape, but he would slightly improve through the [Kh][10c][6h] flop, and [3h] turn. A jack or heart would work for Bastawros now, but the [7d] completed the board.

Robinson doubled up to over 3.5 million, while Bastawros tumbled down to 1.25 million.

Enright Doubles Through Ben Ami

Barbara Enright has been riding one of the short stacks throughout this final table, but her patience has just paid off, as she was able to double through Adi Ben Ami. Eiright got it in preflop with [As][Ah], and she was dominating the [Ad][Qd] of Ben Ami. The flop of [Kd][Ks][Qc] gave Ben Ami some help, but he wouldn't catch another queen, as the board finished out [6h] and [Kc].

Enright doubled to over four million, while Ben Ami falls just below that marker.

Robinson Doubles Through Bastawros

Emad Bastawros raised to 300,000, and Marc Robinson reraised to 480,000. It folded back around to Bastawros, who shoved after a few seconds. Robinson instantly called with [Kd][Ks], and he was well ahead of the [Ac][Kc] of Bastawros.

No ace would come on the [9d][8h][6s][Qc][5d] board, and Robinson doubled to nearly four million, while Bastawros dropped to 2.1 million.

Fresh Counts From the Final Seven on Break

Blinds: 60,000-120,000

Kate Shin - 8,950,000
Massoud Mazhari - 5,800,000
Anthony Kim - 4,050,000
Emad Bastawros - 3,950,000
Adi Ben Ami - 3,950,000
Barbara Enright - 2,400,000
Marc Robinson - 1,500,000

Bastawros Doubles Through Kim

Emad Bastawros and Anthony Kim got all the chips in lightning quick after a flop of [9c][7d][4d]. Kim held pocket queens, but Bastawros got the best of him on the flop with [7s][7c]. Kim wasn't able to spike a two outer of his own, and Bastawros doubled to 3.2 million, while Kim fell to about the same mark.

Viet Tran Eliminated in 8th Place ($10,175)

The eliminations are coming fast at this final table, as we weren't even able to type out the last bustout before we spotted Viet Tran gathering his things and leaving the table. Tran lost to Adi Ben Ami, who made a flush with [Kh][Jc] on a runout of [Ac][6c][7c][9c][2s] to send Tran to the rail in 8th place.

Ubaid Habib Eliminated in 9th Place ($7,325)

Ubaid Habib and Kate Shin saw a flop of [Jc][9d][2d]. Habib got his stack in good holding pocket queens against the [Ad][9s] of Shin. However, the [Ac] on the turn gave Shin the lead, and drew a gasp from most of the table. The [6d] completed the board, and Shin took out another player, upping her stack to over nine million, more than double her closest competitor.

Joe Schulman Eliminated in 10th Place ($4,775)

On the second hand of the final table, Joe Schulman raised to 180,000, and Kate Shin three bet it. Schulman called, and after the flop of [7c][7s][3h], he moved all in . Shin instantly called with [Ac][As], and she was well ahead of the [Qc][Qs] of Schulman. The turn [3d] changed nothing, and the [Ks] river got a couple small reactions from the table, as some thought it was a queen at first.

Shin extends her chip lead with that pot, as she is up to nearly seven million.

Final Table Photos and Updated Counts

We came into the day with 13 players, and we lost Martin Edwards in 13th, Ira Friedman in 12th, and William Collins in 11th. This leaves us with the final table of 10, and they have just combined to one table. Below you will see how they stack up. Stay tuned to find out who takes home the $90,000 first place prize!

Seat 1: Joe Schulman - 2,300,000

Seat 2: Kate Shin - 4,550,000

Seat 3: Ubaid Habib - 1,850,000

Seat 4: Emad Bastawros - 2,050,000

Seat 5: Anthony Kim - 3,650,000

Seat 6: Adi Ben Ami - 3,100,000

Seat 7: Marc Robinson - 3,700,000

Seat 8: Massoud Mazhari - 4,100,000

Seat 9: Barbara Enright - 2,300,000

Seat 10: Viet Tran - 1,200,000

WSOPC Event #16 $250,000 GTD Day 3 Return List

Adi Ben Ami Leads the Final 13

Adi Ben Ami - 3,755,000 
Anthony Kim - 3,585,000

After 12 hours of play, only 13 players remain for this final massive first place prize of the calendar year here at the Bike! Adi Ben Ami leads the way with 3,755,000, but he has a few players who are close on his heels. Scroll down for a full breakdown of the final 13, and remember to come back at 1 PM tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of this event! 

Adi Ben Ami - 3,755,000
Anthony Kim - 3,585,000
Ubaid Habib - 3,450,000
Marc Robinson - 3,370,000
Massoud Mazhari - 3,175,000
Kate Shin - 2,205,000
Joe Schulman - 2,150,000
Emad Bastawros - 1,985,000
Martin Edwards - 1,685,000
William Collins - 1,570,000
Viet Tran - 1,330,000
Barbara Enright - 1,150,000
Ira Friedman - 1,040,000

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Fresh Counts From the Final 18

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 Average: 1,660,000

Joe Schulman - 2,800,000
Ubaid Habib - 2,500,000
William Collins - 2,300,000
Barbara Enright - 1,500,000
Ed Alikhani - 1,000,000
Ira Friedman - 725,000

Next Round of Bustouts: 19-27th Places

We are at the moment in the tournament where we have a pay jump for every three eliminations. The following three players took home $3,150.

19. Dayron Huertascarballo
20. Gladys Landegger
21. Lucas Foster

These three won $2,690

22. Alfredo Pacheco
23. Andrew Banoub
24. Jared Griener

And finally, these three won $2,315.

25. Armand Muratoglu
26. Gary Sewell
27. Marcus Norman

Last Break of the Evening

We are down to just 20 players remaining here in the Day 2 finals, and those players are taking their final 10 minute break of the night. When they return, they will play two more levels before bagging and tagging for the night.

Stay tuned for the next round of bustouts once we get down to 18, as well as another round of notable chip counts then. We will also have photos of the top stacks to end the night, so don't go anywhere yet!

Fresh Counts From the Final Three Tables

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 Average: 1,200,000

Ubaid Habib - 2,900,000
William Collins - 2,300,000
Barbara Enright - 1,300,000
Joe Schulman - 1,250,000
Ed Alikhani - 1,000,000
Jared Griener - 820,000
Ira Friedman - 800,000
Gladys Landegger - 210,000

Latest Round of Bustouts: 28-36th Places

Below you will see the players who just missed out on the three table redraw. The following players took home $1,940.

28. Marcos Exterkotter
29. Robert Kervin
30. Mesbah Khaffaji
31. Tuan Nguyen
32. Ali Hasan
33. John Nugent
34. Thuy Nguyen
35. Erick Lee
36. Lasean Wills

Fresh Counts From the Final Four Tables

Blinds: 12,000-24,000 Average: 930,000

William Collins - 2,480,000
Ubaid Habib - 1,780,000
Jared Griener - 1,550,000
Ed Alikhani - 1,340,000
Gary Sewell - 775,000
Joe Schulman - 735,000
Barbara Enright - 550,000
Gladys Landegger - 160,000

First Round of Bustouts: 37-45th Places

We are down to the final four tables, which means we are going to start posting the eliminations as they come. The following players each took home $1,565 for their efforts tonight.

37. David Carver
38. Kenneth Riha
39. William Zaiss
40. Daniel Strelitz
41. Ilan Ramati
42. Jesse Vilchez
43. Mu Hyun Cho
44. Guy Taylor
45. Jay Helfert

Some Fresh Stacks Now In the Money

Hand for hand play lasted about 20 minutes before Phil Laak burst the bubble when his Ace-Nine failed to catch up to the Ace-Queen of his opponent. This leaves the 55 remaining players $1,255 richer. Below you will see a few of the notables who have made the money tonight.

Blinds: 8,000-16,000

William Collins - 2,000,000
Ed Alikhani - 1,440,000
Ubaid Habib - 1,200,000
Joe Schulman - 900,000
Daniel Strelitz - 800,000
Jared Griener - 465,000
Brandon Zuidema - 265,000
Cody Bell - 80,000
Gladys Landegger - 65,000

The Money Bubble Nears

We are down to  just 59 players left in this Day 2 finals, meaning the money is just around the corner. The final 55 players will be in the money today, so just four more players will be going home empty handed. Stay tuned for a fresh round of notable chip counts once we reach the money.

WSOPC Event #16 Payouts

Fresh Counts From the Final 90

Blinds: 4,000-8,000 Average: 340,000

Ohpir Atar - 590,000
Cody Bell - 560,000
Jared Griener - 480,000
Joe Schulman - 400,000
Daniel Strelitz - 380,000
Phil Laak - 360,000
Brandon Zuidema - 345,000
Ed Alikhani - 320,000
Peter Hengsakul - 230,000
Frank Lin - 180,000
Massoud Eskandari - 120,000
Gladys Landegger - 80,000

Second Break of the Day

Players are taking their second break of the day today, and we are down to the final 98 players. Only the top 55 will be in the money today, and we still have quite some time before we get to that marker. Stay tuned for a fresh round of counts to be posted shortly.

Final Payouts For the $250,000 Guaranteed Event

After the 45 Day 2 buy-ins today, the prizepool swelled up to $478,695. The final 55 players will be in the money today, all locking up at least $1,255. First place will take home $90,820 in the final massive guaranteed event of 2018 here at the Bike! Thank you to everyone who came out for this final event, and good luck to the remaining 98.

1. $90,820
2. $50,720
3. $35,070
4. $27,545
5. $21,835
6. $17,250
7. $13,430
8. $10,175
9. $7,325
10-12. $4,775
13-15. $4,165
16-18. $3,615
19-21. $3,150
22-24. $2,690
25-27. $2,315
28-36. $1,940
37-45. $1,565
46-55. $1,255

First Round of Notable Chip Counts

Blinds: 2,500-5,000 Average: 257,000 Players Left: 116

Jared Griener - 565,000
Daniel Strelitz - 550,000
Massoud Eskandari - 460,000
Phil Laak - 410,000
Ophir Atar - 375,000
Ed Alikhani - 350,000
Brandon Zuidema - 245,000
Gladys Landegger - 205,000
Peter Hengsakul - 180,000
Cody Bell - 170,000
Frank Lin - 125,000
Chris Demaci - 120,000

A Total of 45 Day 2 Entries Today

Registration has officially closed for the Day 2 finals here in this $250,000 Guaranteed Event, and a total of 45 players came out today to buy-in directly for $2,600. That puts the overall prizepool at over $475,000! We will post the official numbers once we get them from the floor staff.

40 Day 2 Entries So Far

We are nearing the halfway point of registration for these Day 2 finals, and the clock says 161 players total, meaning that 40 people have come in today to buy-in on Day 2. Registration for these finals are still open until the end of the first break, or about 2:50 PM. Good luck all!

The Top Stacks to Start the Day 2 Finals

Qing Lu - 561,000

Charles Rose - 521,500

Erick Lee - 517,000

Hunter Moss - 430,500

Lee Yang - 410,000

WSOPC $250,000 GTD Event #16 Return List

Saturday, December 15, 2018

By the Numbers: Final Starting Session

The final starting session of the day and of this tournament drew a crowd of 294 players, meaning that the top 35 players will be cashing, with the top 29 moving on to the Day 2 finals tomorrow.

If you haven't qualified yet, you can come in tomorrow at 1 PM for the finals, and buy-in for $2,600 until 2:40 PM. Click here for a full structure to the Day 2 finals. Good luck all!

Time for the Final $250,000 Guaranteed Flight

It's time to start up the final flight of this $250,000 Guaranteed Event. Registration for this flight will be open until 7 PM tonight, and it's your last chance to qualify for the Day 2 finals from these flights. Of course, players can also buy-in directly tomorrow for $2,600, so you still have a chance to get in even if you don't qualify today.

Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: Saturday Morning Flight

We had a massive turnout for the opening flight here today, with 308 players total. The final 37 players will be in the money, with the top 31 advancing to the Day 2 finals. The final starting flight for this massive event will start at 4 PM today. Good luck all!

1-31. Advance to Day 2 + $600
32-37. $450

Cards in the Air: Saturday Morning Flight

It's time to get the final day of qualifying going here in the $250,000 Guaranteed Event. The buy-is is $350, and the top 10% will be moving on to the finals tomorrow, where first place should be taking home over $50,000!

Registration is open until 2:30 PM. Good luck all!

Friday, December 14, 2018

By the Numbers: Friday 4 PM Flight

The latest flight in the $250,000 Guaranteed Event drew a crowd of 156 players, meaning that 16 more Day 2 tickets will be punched from that flight. Your last two chances to qualify for the Day 2 finals on Sunday will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM and 4 PM. Don't miss it!

1-16. Advance to Day 2 + $600
17-19. $450

What's on Tap: Final Day of $250,000 Guaranteed Qualifying

Tomorrow is your final chance to get into the Day 2 finals of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event through the $350 Day 1 starting flights. Just like the last two days, the flights will start at 11:30 AM and 4 PM, with registration open for three hours each.

The top 10% will be moving on to the finals on Sunday, where first place should be taking home over $50,000!

The 4 PM Session is Now Underway

We are ready to start up the latest $250,000 Guaranteed session here at the Bicycle Casino! Registration for this $350 buy-in flight is open until 7 PM today, and re-entry is also allowed in that time.

If you can't make it out for this flight, your last two chances to qualify will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM and 4 PM. If you can't play in those, you can come in on Sunday, and buy-in directly for $2,600.

There's no reason for you to miss this Day 2 final, so come join us!

By the Numbers: Friday Morning Flight

Today's opening $250,000 Guaranteed Flight was the biggest one yet with a crowd of 169 players. The top 20 will finish in the money, with the final 17 advancing to the Day 2 finals on Sunday.

Remember that the next flight today starts up at 4 PM. Good luck everyone!

1-17. Advance to Day 2 + $600
18-20. $450

Cards in the Air: Friday Morning Session

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! We are ready to get another day of poker action going here in the $250,000 Guaranteed Event, as the first of two starting flights today has just kicked off! Registration will be open until 2:30 PM today, so you have plenty of time to come join us. The top 12% will be cashing, but only the final 10% will be taking home $600 cash, and advancing to Sunday's finals, where first place should take home over $50,000.

Good luck all!

Thursday, December 13, 2018

What's on Tap: Friday, December 14th

Tomorrow we have the same schedule as we did today, with two more starting flights for this $250,000 Guaranteed Event. The buy-in will be $350, and the flights start at 11:30 AM and 4 PM. Registration will be open for three hours in each, and the top 10% will be moving on to the finals. Good luck all!

First Break of the Afternoon Flight

Players are returning now from their first break of the day, and we have 88 players registered so far. You have until 7 PM today to come down and join us, so make sure you don't miss out on this latest massive prizepool here at the Bike!

Time for the Afternoon Flight

It's 4 PM, so you know what that means. It's time for more poker here at the Bike, as the second flight of the day, and the third flight of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event, is now underway. Just like the first two, the buy-in is $350, and the top 10% will be moving on to the Day 2 finals on Sunday.

Registration is open until 7 PM today. Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: $350 Morning Flight

The first flight of the day drew a crowd of 126 players. The final 15 will finish in the money, with the top 13 advancing to the finals. Remember the second flight of the day starts at 4 PM. Good luck all!

1-13. Advance to Day 2 + $600
14-15. $450

Nearly 100 Players Registered on First Break

Players are returning from their first break here in the $250,000 Guaranteed morning flight, and we have 90 players registered so far. You still have 90 minutes to come down and join us, as registration is closing at 2:30 PM.

If that is too early for you, the second flight of the day starts at 4 PM, with registration open until 7 PM. Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: First $250,000 Guaranteed Flight of the Day

Welcome back everyone. The action in this final 2018 series of the year here at the Bike rolls on with the first of two starting flights today in the $250,000 Guaranteed Event. The buy-in is $350, and while the top 12% will be in the money, only the top 10% will be advancing to the Day 2 finals. Registration will be open until 2:30 PM today, and the second flight will be starting up at 4 PM today.

Good luck all!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Congratulations to Aaron Messmer, Winner of the High Roller Event

Aaron Messmer - Photo Courtesy of WSOP.com 

Andrew Wisdom was hoping to make history by winning the same High Roller Event for the second year in a row, but local player Aaron Messmer denied him that opportunity, defeating him heads up to take home $57,600. Below you will see the full final table breakdown. Congratulations to Messmer on his fantastic victory, and to Wisdom on an impressive title defense!

1. Aaron Messmer - $57,600
2. Andrew Wisdom - $35,600
3. Alex Massman - $24,920
4. Adam Hendrix - $18,150
5. Todd Rebello - $13,335
6. Brandon Butler - $9,975
7. Timothy Telliard - $8,000
8. Erhart Edquist - $6,670
9. Beau Winn - $5,730

Congratulations to Steven Spunt, Winner of the WSOP Circuit Main Event!

Not long after that big double up, Steven Spunt would call an all in from David Lambard holding [As][9c]. Once again, he was behind Lambard, who had [Ks][Kh], but Spunt would once again flip the script. The flop of [9s][7s][6s] gave him a pair and the nut flush draw, and he would hit the [Js] on the turn to hit his flush.

David Lambard will take home $107,640 for his efforts, but the winner of the event is Steven Spunt, who will take home the Circuit Ring, $174,055, and a seat into the National Championship next year.

Thank you to everyone who came out for this latest WSOP Circuit stop. Remember that the $250,000 Guaranteed Event just started up today, and will conclude here on Monday. Happy Holidays everyone!

Spunt Doubles Through Lambard to Take a Big Lead

David Lambard jumped out to a nice lead in this heads up battle, but Steven Spunt was able to claw back a bit before winning the biggest pot of the tournament to take a massive lead.

Action started with a raise to 400,000 from Lambard, and Spunt called to see a flop of [Jc][8h][7h]. Spunt checked to Lambard, who bet out 800,000. Spunt check raised all in for 6,400,000, and Lambard thought for a bit before calling.

Lambard: [Js][3d]
Spunt: [10c][8c]

Spunt was well behind, but the [9c] on the turn completely flipped the script, giving Spunt the straight. Lambard could only chop now, but a three completed the board, and now Spunt holds a big lead.

Steven Spunt - 14,000,000
David Lambard - 2,450,000

Wisdom Eyeing a Second High Roller Title With Three Left

Switching back over to the High Roller for a minute, we are down to just three players over there, and Andrew Wisdom has reclaimed the chip lead in the same event that he won one year ago. You can view the updated three handed chip counts below, with the blinds at 10,000-20,000.

Andrew Wisdom - 1,070,000
Aaron Messmer - 800,000
Alex Massman - 750,000

Steven Forman Eliminated in 3rd Place ($78,710)

After getting lucky to double up a couple hands before, Steven Forman was on the other side of the coin in a hand that would bust him. After Forman raised to 350,000, David Lambard moved all in for over four million. Forman called with [10h][10d], and he was dominating the [Ac][10s] of Lambard. The flop of [As][6s][5h] gave Lambard the lead, and now Forman would need the case ten to win.

That card wouldn't come, and Lambard scored the knockout to get us to heads up play. Lambard and Steven Spunt are nearly dead even right now, with both players holding about 8.2 million in chips.

Forman Doubles Through Spunt

After a raise from Steven Spunt to 320,000, Steve Forman moved all in for his final two million. Spunt quickly called with [10h][10s], and he is well ahead of the [Ac][7c] of Forman. The flop of [7d][6d][6c] gave Forman a few more outs, and while the [2h] turn didn't do anything for him, the [7h] river did everything for him.

Forman doubled to 4.1 million while Spunt remains in the lead with 7.7 million.

Jason Bral Eliminated in 4th Place ($58,405)

After a raise from Steven Spunt, Jason Bral moved his short stack all in with [4d][4c]. Spunt called with [8d][7s], and was happy to see that he was flipping. The flop of [3d][2s][2c] was safe for Bral, as was the [6s] turn, but the river brought the [8h], giving Spunt the win, and the knockout.

That leaves us with just three players left. Below you will see how they currently stack up. Stay tuned to find out who wins!

Steven Spunt - 6,100,000
David Lambard - 5,650,000
Steven Forman - 4,050,000

Forman Doubles Through Bral

Steven Forman raised to 250,000 on the button, and Jason Bral moved all in from the big blind, having Forman covered by only a few hundred thousand. Forman snap call with [As][Ad], and he was in fantastic shape against the [Ac][Qd] of Bral.

Bral got some help on the [Qh][6h][4c], but a third queen didn't come on the turn and river, giving Forman the double up to over four million.

Alex Massman Leads the Final Five in the High Roller

Over in the High Roller Event, local regular Alex Massman has opened up a nice lead over the rest of the field, as five players remain. Below you will see the updated chip counts for the remaining five, as well as the finishing places for those who were knocked out at the final table already.

1. Alex Massman - 1,100,000
2. Andrew Wisdom - 695,000
3. Aaron Messmer - 350,000
4. Adam Hendrix - 350,000
5. Todd Rebello - 235,000

6th. Brandon Butler - $9,975
7th. Tim Telliard  - $8,000
8th. Erhart Edquist - $6,670
9th. Beau Winn - $5,730

Marcos Exterkotter Eliminated in 5th Place ($43,495)

After a raise from David Lambard, Marcos Exterkotter moved all in for over 2.8 million. It folded around to Lambard, who made the call with [Ah][Qs]. He was dominating the [As][Js] of Exterkotter, and he would keep that lead throughout the runout of [Ad][4d][2h][3h][4h].

Lambard is up to six million now, and is the neck and neck with Steve Spunt for the chip lead.

Bral Doubles Through Lambard

Jason Bral moved all in for over 1.1 million from under the gun, and David Lambard called next to act to put him at risk.

Bral: [6s][6h]
Lambard: [As][Kh]

The board ran down [Qd][9s][5h][Qc][Js], and the sixes held to send Bral north of 2.4 million, while Lambard dropped to 2.8 million.

Fresh Counts From the Final Five

Blinds: 40,000-80,000

Steve Spunt - 6,100,000
Steven Forman - 3,650,000
Marcos Exterkotter - 3,300,000
David Lambard - 2,750,000
Jason Bral - 1,250,000

Craig Varnell Eliminated in 6th Place ($33,520)

Craig Varnell moved all in under the gun for his final 1,250,000, and Marcos Exterkotter moved all in over the top. His [Ac][Qh] was dominating the [Ad][9h] of Varnell, and he would hold that lead on the runout of [4s][2s][2d][3h][7s].

That leaves us with just five players. We will post updated chip counts for those five shortly.

Vincent Moscati Eliminated in 7th Place ($25,920)

Vincent Moscati was severely short stacked when he moved all in with [6h][4s], and he was behind the [Ac][10h] of Steve Forman. The flop of [Qc][10c][5d] left Moscati drawing to runner runner, and a king on the turn sealed that fate.

That leaves us with just six players.

Seating Chart for the High Roller Final Table

Over at the High Roller Event, they have just reached the money and the final table, after Andrew Wisdom knocked out Bike regular Ben Chung in 10th place. Below you will see the seating chart with updated counts for all nine left. We will be focusing primarily on the Main Event, but will update on this High Roller occasionally. Good luck to the final nine!

1 - Alex Massman - 184,000
2 - Adam Hendrix - 577,000
3 - Beau Winn - 97,000
4 - Andrew Wisdom - 655,000
5 - Todd Rebello - 220,000
6 - Brandon Butler - 155,000
7 - Erhart Edquist - 95,000
8 - Tim Telliard - 75,000
9 - Aaron Messmer - 570,000

Ian Steinman Eliminated in 8th Place ($20,320)

Ian Steinman put up a valiant comeback effort, but it finally came to an end just now, as he has busted in 8th. Steinman was all in for nearly 300,000 preflop, and was called by Steven Forman and Steven Spunt. The flop of [Qd][8h][8c] was checked by both, and the [3s] came on the turn. Forman fired 300,000, Spunt folded, and the cards were tabled.

Forman: [Qs][Jd]
Steinman: [Kd][7h]

A six came on the river, changing nothing, and Steinman was sent to the rail in eighth.

Ian Steinman Crippled, But Mounting a Comeback

Marcos Exterkotter moved all in from the hijack, and Ian Steinman moved all in over the top for just 10,000 more.

Exterkotter: [Kc][10c]
Steinman: [Ah][Qs]

The flop of [10s][4s][2d] shot Exterkotter out to the lead, and a third ten on the turn would end the hand. This left Steinman with just one ante left, but he has somehow won a string of hands to spin it back up to over 300,000!

Jorge Leiva Eliminated in 9th Place ($16,145)

Jorge Leiva moved all in preflop for his final 850,000, and in the big blind, Jason Bral called with two black sevens. He was flipping against the [Qc][10c] of Leiva, but the hand was all but over after the flop came down [9h][9d][7h]. Leiva could only win with running full house cards, but he was dead after a deuce on the turn.

Leiva's bust gets us to the final eight players.

Moscati Doubles Through Varnell

Craig Varnell raised to 150,000, and Vincent Moscati moved all in for 370,000 total. Varnell called with [Ks][Jc], and he was behind the [Ac][8c] of Moscati. Both players hit the [Ad][Kd][6s] flop. but it kept Moscati out in front. He would hold that lead on the [9d] turn and [Qc] river, and Moscati scored a much needed double up to nearly 900,000.

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event

The Ring Events might be ending today, but that doesn't mean the poker is stopping here at the Bike. We are ready to kick off the latest massive guaranteed Quantum Event, the $250,000 Guaranteed Event. The buy-in today is $350, and the top 10% will be moving on to the finals on Sunday.

Click here for a full structure of the event, and good luck everyone!

Lambard Doubles Through Bral

David Lambard was all in preflop holding [8c][8s], and he was racing agains the [As][Qs] of Jason Bral. The board would run down with low red cards, and Lambard was able to double up to 1.85 million, while Bral dropped down to 1,320,000.

By the Numbers: $2,200 High Roller Event

Over at the High Roller Event, the payouts have just been released by the floor staff. A field of 90 players came out for this event, meaning the final table of nine will be getting paid tonight. First place will take home $57,000, and the latest High Roller Circuit Ring. They are down to 14 players over at the High Roller. Good luck to them all!

1. $57,000
2. $35,600
3. $24,920
4. $18,150
5. $13,355
6. $9,975
7. $8,000
8. $6,670
9. $5,730

Bral Spikes River to Double

Steven Spunt and Jason Bral went heads up to a flop of [Js][8h][5d]. Bral led for 150,000, Spunt called, and the [3s] hit the turn. Bral moved all in for 865,000, and Spunt called to put him at risk.

Spunt: [Ks][Jd]
Bral: [Qc][Jc]

Bral was in horrible shape, but the miracle [Qd] came on the river to give Bral the win. Bral was silent at the table, but walked out of the room and let out a "yes" yell as he doubled up to 2.3 million.

Brett Apter Eliminated in 10th Place ($12,995)

After a raise from Craig Varnell, Brett Apter moved all in for about 800,000. Varnell made the call with [As][Jd], and he was slightly ahead of the [Kc][Qc] of Apter. Neither player would connect with the [6h][5d][4s][6s][5h] board, and the ace high would win for Varnell.

The final nine are now setting up at the Live at the Bike stage. Cards will be in the air again shortly!

Final Table Photos and Seating Chart

Seat 1 - Jorge Leiva - 2,310,000

Seat 2 - Steven Spunt - 3,050,000

Seat 3 - Craig Varnell - 1,450,000

Seat 4 - Jason Bral - 1,300,000

Seat 5: Brett Apter - 856,000

Seat 6 - David Lambard - 1,295,000

Seat 7 - Vincent Moscati - 1,475,000

Seat 8 - Marcos Exterkotter - 830,000

Seat 9 - Ian Steinman - 1,575,000

Seat 10 - Steven Forman - 1,700,000

Down to the Final Ten in the Main Event

In the Main Event restart, we lost Sandeep Pulusani in 13th place, Alex Furahi in 12th, and Viet Vo just busted in 11th place. That leaves us with just ten players, and those ten are combining at one table now. When we lose one more, we will move over to the Live at the Bike stage.

Action Underway Again in the High Roller and Main Event

The final day of Ring Event action here at the Bike has just hit it's apex, as the two massive finals are now underway. Below you will see the return list for both the High Roller and Main Event. The High Roller just closed registration, and we will post the payouts shortly. In the Main Event, we will be playing on the Live at the Bike stage once they get down to the final table. Good luck everyone!

High Roller Return List

Main Event Return List

Cards in the Air: $40,000 Guaranteed Ring Event

It's time to kick off the final Ring event of this huge series here at the Bicycle Casino! This event has a guarantee of $40,000, and a buy-in of just $250. Registration today is open until 2:30 PM today, so come on down and try to earn the last piece of hardware to be handed out at this series!

Also don't forget that we have the restarts of the Main Event and the High Roller at 1 PM, and we will have all of the action for you guys here!

Steve Forman Bags Big Chip Lead for Day 3

A fast paced Day 2 of the latest WSOP Circuit Main Event ended with just 13 players still alive vying for the title. Leading the way by a healthy margin is Steve Forman, who bagged up 2,655,000. He has nearly one million more than his closest competitor, Jorge Leiva, who has 1,785,000. You can view a list of the rest of the chip counts here.

The final day of the Main Event starts tomorrow at 1 PM, and the final table will be streamed on Live at the Bike. As always, we will be here to bring you all the updates you need, so be sure to come back here then for all of the action. Until then, good night from the Bike!

Steve Forman - 2,655,000

Jorge Leiva - 1,785,000

Brett Apter - 1,675,000

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Andrew Wisdom Bags the Chip Lead in Quest for Another High Roller Title

Chip Leader Andrew Wisdom - Photo Courtesy of WSOP.com

Over at the High Roller Event, play has ended for the night with 22 players, and it's a familiar face to the Bike who bagged the chip lead. Andrew Wisdom won two big titles here last year, the Cardplayer Main Event last October, and this very High Roller event in December. He bagged up 252,500 thanks to a late night surge. 

Click here for a full list of High Roller survivors, and don't forget that registration will still be open tomorrow until cards are in the air again at 1 PM.

Table 2 Seating Draw and Counts

Seat 1: Viet Vo - 270,000

Seat 2: Angelina Rich - 1,150,000

Seat 3: Marcos Exterkotter - 640,000

  Seat 4: Alexander Farahi - 475,000 

Seat 5: Steven Spunt - 758,000 

Seat 6: David Lambard - 900,000 

Seat 7: Vincent Moscati - 475,000 

Seat 8: Brett Apter - 2,050,000 

Seat 9: Sandeep Pulusani - 1,450,000