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Monday, September 3, 2018

The Final Two Agree to a Deal, Adam Miller is the Champion!

After Javid Javani busted in third place, Adam Miller and Jim Collopy did some discussions before a deal was made. Jim Collopy will take home $166,000, while Miller $199,024, the trophy, and the title of Quantum Million winner!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Quantum Million Event and the 2018 Legends of Poker! We will see you again in October for the Big Poker Oktober!

1. Adam Miller - $199,024
2. Jim Collopy - $166,000

Javid Javani Eliminated in 3rd Place ($92,320)

Adam Miller raised to four million, and Javid Javani moved all in for 33 million and change. Miller slapped down a plaque for the call, and the cards were tabled.

Javani: [Kh][5c]
Miller: [7h][7c]

The window card was the [7s] on the flop of [Ah][7s][2c], leaving Javani all but dead. The board finished out [5d] and [Ks], rubbing some salt in the wounds for Javani's who's two pair was no good.

This leaves us heads up.

Javani Doubles Through Collopy

Javid Javani limped in from the small blind, and Jim Collopy moved all in, having Javani covered. Javani called with [Qd][9s], and he was surprisingly dominating the [9d][3d] of Collopy. The flop of [10s][7s][4s] gave Javani a flush draw, but he wouldn't need it, as the board finished out [Ac] and [Ad].

Collopy is down to 23 million after that hand, while Javani doubled up to 33 million.

Collopy Doubles Through Javani

From the small blind, Javid Javani raised to 3,350,000, only to see Jin Collopy move all in for 11.1 million. Once Javani got the official count, he made the call.

Collopy: [Ad][6s]
Javani: [Qc][Jc]

The flop of [Ac][10s][4s] shot Collopy out to a big lead, but Javani could still in with a king or running cards. The [Qd] on the turn paired up Javani, and meant that any face card would do now. Instead, the [9s] came, and Collopy doubled up to over 22 million.

Amir Turkzadeh Eliminated in 4th Place ($68,020)

Amir Turkzadeh did a commendable job on the short stack for most of the day, but his magic finally ran out at the hands of Javid Javani. Turkzadeh was all in preflop holding [Ac][4c], and he was well behind the [Jh][Jc] of Javani. The flop of [8c][6h][4s] gave Turkzadeh a pair of fours, and the [10c] on the turn brought him a flush draw as well.

However, the [Qh] completed the board, giving Javani the victory, and getting us to three handed play.

Exact Counts For the Final Four on Break

Blinds: 600,000-1,200,000

Adam Miller - 67,700,000
Javid Javani - 35,950,000
Jim Collopy - 17,300,000
Amir Turkzadeh - 11,250,000

Jordan Cristos Eliminated in 5th Place ($54,295)

Jordan Cristos fought valiantly with the short stack for quite some time, but his time finally came at the hands of Jim Collopy. Cristos got his short stack in holding [6c][6s], but he was dominated by the [10h][10d]. The flop of [As][Qc][8h] was clean for Collopy, and though the turn and river were close, they were the [7d] and [5c].

That leaves us with the final four. They talked for a few minutes about a potential chop, but a deal couldn't be struck, so we play on!

Steve Potashnick Eliminated in 6th Place ($43,380)

Steve Potashnick got his final chips in preflop holding [5c][5d], and he was well behind the [10c][10s] of Adam Miller. The board would run down [Ad][7d][7h][8h][7c], and the tens held up for Miller, who sent Potashnick to the rail.

This leaves us with just five players. As of yet, there haven't been any talks of a potential chop.

Cristos Catches Unlikely Double on River

Jordan Cristos was back down to two big blinds when he shoved with [Ks][10s], and he was behind but live against the [Ac][9c] of Steve Potashnick. The flop of [Qd][5s][3c] whiffed both players, but hte [Ah] on the turn gave Potashnick top pair. Cristos could only win with a jack now, and sure enough, the [Jh] peeled off on the river.

Cristos was still very short, but he has since found another double up, and is close to becoming a potential threat once again.

Jordan Cristos Crippled, Then Triples

After a raise to two million from Steve Potashnick, Amir Turkzadeh moved all in for just under nine million. Two seats over, Jordan Cristos moved all in, having Turkzadeh covered by one big blind. Potashnick folded pocket three face up, and the cards were tabled.

The flop of [Kh][10c][8h] paired both players, but kept Cristos in the lead. However, the [10d] rolled right off on the turn, giving Turkzadeh the huge lead now. Neither player reacted throughout the hand as the [8d] completed the board, giving Turkzadeh a big double up, while leaving Cristos with fumes.

Cristos was all in on the next hand, and tripled up when he flopped a full house against Potashnick and Javid Javani. Cristos is still left with just a few big blinds.

Potashnick Doubles Through Javani

Steve Potashnick has been the most inactive player of the final table so far, but his patience has just paid off, as he has secured a big double up to take over the chip lead. Potashnick got his final chips in with [Jh][Jc], and he was dominating the [8h][8d] of Javani. The flop of [Jd][6s][5c] all but ended the hand, and a deuce on the turn officially did.

Potashnick is up to over 30 million now, while Javani falls to around the same number.

Guiseppe Catalano Eliminated in 7th Place ($34,235)

Javid Javani raised to two million, and Guiseppe Catalano moved all in for 7.5 million. Once Javani got the count, he made the call.

Javani: [8s][8h]
Catalano: [As][Ks]

The hand was all but over after the flop came down [Kh][8c][2d], giving Catalano top pair, but also giving Javani a set of eights. The [9s] on the turn left Catalano drawing dead, and Javani added to his chip lead, pushing him over 40 million.

Exact Chip Counts From the Final Seven

Blinds: 400,000-800,000

Javid Javani - 33,000,000
Jim Collopy - 30,250,000
Adam Miller - 27,250,000
Steve Potashnick - 13,850,000
Amir Turkzadeh - 10,250,000
Jordan Cristos - 9,900,000
Guiseppe Catalano - 7,700,000

Tyler Dickinson Eliminated in 8th Place ($26,245)

Tyler Dickinson got his stack in from the button holding [As][Ks], and Adam Miller put him at risk from the big blind with [6c][6d]. The board ran down [Qd][8s][4h][Qc][3h], and the sixes would hold for Miller to send Dickinson to the rail.

With that, we are down to the final seven players!

Updated Chip Counts From the Final Eight

Blinds: 300,000-600,000

Javid Javani - 30,300,000
Jim Collopy - 28,300,000
Adam Miller - 13,500,000
Jordan Cristos - 13,000,000
Steve Potashnick - 11,300,000
Amir Turkzadeh - 11,000,000
Guiseppe Catalano - 10,300,000
Tyler Dickinson - 7,300,000

Jeffery Bati Eliminated in 9th Place ($19,560)

Action started with Jeffery Bati moving all in for 5.6 million from under the gun. Two seats over, Amir Turkzadeh moved all in for 8 million total. Everyone else folded, and the cards were tabled.

Bati: [Kd][Jd]
Turkzadeh: [As][Qc]

The flop was about as good as Bati could have hoped for, coming down [Jh][9d][5d]. Turkzadeh now needed a non diamond ace or queen, and while the [3c] on the turn wasn't that, the [Ah] on the river sure was.

This gets us down to the final eight players.

Slow Play So Far

There have been a handful of all in shoves, but only one time was there a call, the earlier double up we mentioned. With the blinds going to 300,000-600,000 soon, the all ins will be flying shortly.

Turkzadeh Doubles Through Bati

The action started early, beginning with Jordan Cristos getting a one hand penalty for using his phone at the table. After that settled down, the table action picked up when short stack Amir Turkzadeh moved all in from under the gun. It folded around to Jeffery Bati in the small blind, and he moved all in over the top.

Bati: [Jc][Jh]
Turkzadeh: [Ad][Qh]

The flop of [Qc][10s][3c] shot Turkzadeh into the lead, and that was good enough to give him the hand by the end.

With that is now the severe short stack.

Cards in the Air: Final Day of the Quantum Millions

It's time folks! The final day of the Legends of Poker has just kicked off here in the Bicycle Casino. Play ended last night around 11 PM with Javid Javani narrowly bagging the chip lead over Jim Collopy.

Below you guys will see a breakdown of the final table today. We will be posting updates live as they are happening at the table. If you would like to watch this final table on a 30 minute delay, you can view that here.

Seat 1: Jordan Cristos -9,275,000

Seat 2: Guiseppe Catalano - 11,625,000

Seat 3: Tyler Dickinson - 15,475,000

Seat 4: Jim Collopy - 29,050,000

Seat 5: Adam Miller - 12,650,000

Seat 6: Jeffery Bati -  6,800,000

Seat 7: Steve Potashnick - 16,400,000

Seat 8: Amir Turkzadeh -  2,850,000

Seat 9: Javid Javani - 30,050,000

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Late Surge Sees Javid Javani Lead the Final Nine

Thanks to a timely double up that we mentioned earlier with the flush draw, and the last knockout of the day against Rebecca Wooten, Javid Javani has bagged a slight chip lead here at the final table of the Quantum Million event! He has pro Jim Collopy just edged out by one million chips.

Below you guys will see photos and chip counts for our final nine. They will be returning tomorrow at 2 PM to battle it out for the title, along with over $226,000 for first place. We will be back tomorrow to bring you the updates, so be sure to come back then for all the action!

Seat 1: Jordan Cristos -9,275,000

Seat 2: Guiseppe Catalano - 11,625,000

Seat 3: Tyler Dickinson - 15,475,000

Seat 4: Jim Collopy - 29,050,000

Seat 5: Adam Miller - 12,650,000

Seat 6: Jeffery Bati -  6,800,000

Seat 7: Steve Potashnick - 16,400,000

Seat 8: Amir Turkzadeh -  2,850,000

Seat 9: Javid Javani - 30,050,000

Still Ten Handed After Two Double Ups

Play has slowed down at this 10 handed final table, but we still had a couple of chances to get down to the official final table of nine. First, Javid Javani got it all in on the flop with a flush draw against the top pair of chip leader Steve Potashnick, and he made his flush on the river.

Just now, it was Jeffery Bati who was all in with Ace-King against the pocket tens of Rebecca Wooten. Bati flopped a king, turn an ace, and held up on the river.

Stay tuned to find out who is able to move on to the finals tomorrow!

Seating Chart and Counts For the Unofficial Final Table

After losing Samuel Provino in 12th place, and John Simonian in 11th place, we have reached the unofficial final table of ten players. You can view the seating chart of that table below. Stay tuned to find out who just misses out on the final table, and who will be back tomorrow to compete for the $226,424 first place prize!

Seat 1: Jordan Cristos - 6,700,000
Seat 2: Guiseppe Caralans - 6,000,000
Seat 3: Tyler Dickinson - 21,000,000
Seat 4: Jim Collopy - 26,000,000
Seat 5: Adam Miller - 13,200,000
Seat 6: Rebecca Wooten - 11,500,000
Seat 7: Jeffery Bati  - 6,200,000
Seat 8: Steve Potashnick - 27,200,000
Seat 9: Amir Turkzadeh - 5,300,000
Seat 10: Javid Javani - 4,900,000

Updated Counts From the Final 11

Once again, we lost a player in the process of collecting everyone's updated counts, as we just lost Samuel Provino in 12th place. Here is how the final 11 players currently stack up, based on their current seats.

Blinds: 125,000-250,000

Table 1

Seat 1: Adam Miller - 4,300,000
Seat 2: Javid Javini - 7,700,000
Seat 3: Jim Collopy - 24,000,000
Seat 4: Jordan Cirstos - 6,800,000
Seat 5: John Simonian - 6,100,000
Seat 6: Amir Turkzadeh - 7,700,000

Table 2:

Seat 1: Guiseppe Caralans - 7,000,000
Seat 2: Tyler Dickinson - 21,200,000
Seat 3: Jeffery Buti - 5,600,000
Seat 4: Steve Potashnick - 27,000,000
Seat 5: Rebecca Wooten - 13,600,000

Next Round of Bustouts: 13-15th Places

The latest round of boustouts can be viewed below. These three players each took home $10,925.

The final table is just around the corner. Stay tuned to find out who makes it!

Scott Vener - 13th Place 

Tyler Cormney - 14th Place 

Andy Phan - 15th Place 

Fresh Counts From the Final 14

Below you guys will see how the final 14 players stack up, after Andy Phan was just eliminated in 15th place. Steve Potashnick still holds the lead with over 23,000,000, but Jim Collopy and Tyler Dickinson are both close to chasing him down.

 Don't forget that we are playing down to the final nine players tonight. Stay tuned to find out who makes it there!

Table 1

Seat 1: Adam Miller - 5,100,000
Seat 2: Tyler Cormney - 3,900,000
Seat 3: Javid Javini - 5,800,000
Seat 4: Jim Collopy - 19,000,000
Seat 5: Scott Verner - 6,800,000
Seat 6. John Simonian - 5,500,000
Seat 7: Amir Turkzadeh - 8,500,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Guiseppe Caralans - 7,800,000
Seat 2: Tyler Dickinson - 18,950,000
Seat 3: Jeffery Bati - 8,200,000
Seat 4: Steve Potashnick - 23,500,000
Seat 5: Rebecca Wooten - 10,500,000
Seat 6: Samuel Provino - 5,800,000
Seat 7: Jordan Cristos - 6,100,000

Next Round of Eliminations: 16th-18th Places

The three players below just took home $9,475. We will post updated counts on the final 15 shortly.

Rafael Oliviera - 16th Place 

Dathan Kuppin - 17th Place 
David Yoon  - 18th Place 

Latest Round of Bustouts 19-27th Places

These are the players who just missed out on the final two tables. The following three each won $8,290.

19. Mark Hamilton
20. Alison Salehi
21. Steven Sartori

These three each won $7,210.

22. Nick Phoenix
23. Eric Baldwin
24. Dan Klien (start of day chip leader)

And lastly, these three all won $6,145.

25. Ben Gilbert
26. Lawrence Ma
27. Matthew Elsby

Seating Chart and Updated Counts for the Final 18

Table 1

Seat 1: Adam Miller - 4,700,000
Seat 2: Rafael Oliviera - 5,100,000
Seat 3: Tyler Cormney - 1,100,000
Seat 4: Javid Javini - 3,400,000
Seat 5: Jim Collopy - 14,700,000
Seat 6: Scott Vener - 6,800,000
Seat 7: David Yoon - 700,000
Seat 8: John Simonian - 6,300,000
Seat 9: Amir Turkzadeh - 4,000,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Andy Phan - 4,200,000
Seat 2: Guiseppe Caralans - 8,100,000
Seat 3: Tyler Dickinson - 13,400,000
Seat 4: Jeffery Bati - 9,500,000
Seat 5: Steve Potashnick - 14,800,000
Seat 6: Rebecca Wooten - 10,100,000
Seat 7: Samuel Provino - 6,500,000
Seat 8: Jordan Cristos - 5,800,000
Seat 9: Dathan Kuppin - 7,300,000

Next Round of Bustouts: 28-36th Places

The following players each took home $5,085 today for their efforts.

28. Bobby Suer
29. Victor Pang
30. Mark Leblanc
31. Aaron Ho
32. Derek Kwan
33. Victor Crisostomo
34. Lam Dang Nguyen
35. Deepinder Singh
36. Hunter Moss

Fresh Counts From the Final 27

The 27 remaining players have just done a full three table redraw. Once we are down to the final 18 players, we will post a seating chart for both tables, along with updated counts for everyone left. In the meantime, here's how the notables currently stack up right now.

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 Average: 4,200,000

Steve Potashnick - 11,000,000
Jordan Cristos - 9,700,000
Jim Collopy - 9,400,000
Andy Phan - 6,100,000
Dathan Kuppin - 4,800,000
Nick Phoenix - 3,500,000
Eric Baldwin - 2,700,000
Mark Hamilton -2,600,000
Scott Vener - 2,500,000
Lawrence Ma - 1,400,000
Matthew Elsby - 1,400,000

Most Recent Eliminations: 37-45th Places

The following players each took home $4,120 today.

37. Shawn Busse
38. Neil Vacchiano
39. Chahn Jung
40. Julian Chung
41. Augustine Escobar
42. Jason Bral
43. Adam Swan
44. Marlon Nonales
45. Alex Nguyen

More Fresh Counts From the Final Four Tables

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 Average: 3,700,000

Jordan Cristos - 8,000,000
Jim Collopy - 6,800,000
Dathan Kuppin - 6,7000,000
Eric Baldwin - 3,900,000
Mark Hamilton - 3,250,000
Scott Vener - 2,350,000
Lawrence Ma -2,000,000
Bobby Suer - 1,900,000
Matthew Elsby - 1,750,000
Deepinder Singh - 770,000

Latest Round of Bustouts: 46-54th Places

The next round of players who busted out can be viewed below. They all took home $3,460 tonight for their efforts.

46. Said El Harrak
47. Phillip Zangwin
48. Steven Forman
49. Vineet Chanhok
50. Daniel Kim
51. Lek Bunyaananta
52. Douglas Coull
53. John Chase
54. Mir Gaskari

Some Fresh Counts From the Final 45

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 Average: 3,000,000

Dan Klien - 7,900,000
Jordan Cristos - 6,700,000
Dathan Kuppin - 6,300,000
Jim Collopy - 5,500,000
Scott Vener - 3,900,000
Hunter Moss - 2,750,000
Lawrence Ma - 2,100,000
Deepinder SIngh - 1,600,000
Mark Hamilton - 1,250,000
Matthew Elsby - 1,100,000
Eric Baldwin - 1,050,000

First Round of Bustouts Today

We are down to the final 54 players here in this Quantum Millions Day 3. We will post the first round of updated notable counts when we get down to 45 players. In the meantime, these are the first eliminations of the day. All of these players took home $3,120.

55. Joe Nalbandyan
56. David Luong
57. Jung Soo Choi
58. Rigoberto Solano
59. Fereydoun Gholami
60. Min Zhang

LOP Event #18 Quantum Million Day 3 Return List

Quantum Million Day 3 Finals Underway

The final 60 players are in their seats, and we are ready to get the action going once again here today! We will be playing down to the final table of nine players today. Leading the way is Dan Klien, but he has some stiff compassion behind him, including former Legends of Poker winner Jordan Cristos, as well as WSOP bracelet winners Matthew Elsby and Eric "Basebaldy" Baldwin.

We will be here all day to bring you every elimination spot, as well as updated counts throughout the day, so don't go anywhere!

Dan Klien Bags the Overall Chip Lead Going Into Tomorrow

It was a competitive race for the chip lead at the end of the night, with a few players flirting with the  chip lead at the end of the night. Ultimately, it was Dan Klien (6,525,000) who bagged the most from both the Bike and Ocean's 11 Casinos. Also bagging a big stack are Matthew Elsby, and former Legends of Poker champion Jordan Cristos.

The final 60 players will come back tomorrow at 1 PM to play down to the final table of nine players. Be sure to come back tomorrow for a full list of survivors, and don't forget to come back here again tomorrow for all of the updates from Day 3 of the Quantum Million Event. Good night from Bell Gardens! 

Dan Klien - 6,525,000 (chip leader)

Matthew Elsby - 5,615,000

Jordan Cristos - 5,610,000
Dathan Kuppin - 5,465,000

Final Notable Counts For the Night

The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight tonight, as we have just 60 players left. That means that after a dozen more eliminations, we will be done for the night. We will post some of the top stacks when we reach that moment, and will have a full completed list of survivors up tomorrow.

Until then, check out the latest stacks from some of the notables still in the crowd tonight.

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 Average: 1,635,000 Players Left: 60

Dathan Kuppin - 4,700,000
Matthew Elsby - 4,500,000
Jordan Cristos - 4,300,000
Eric Baldwin - 3,000,000
Scott Vener - 2,300,000
Bobby Suer - 2,000,000
Lawrence Ma - 2,000,000
Nick Phoenix - 1,800,000
Deepinder Singh - 1,650,000
Mark Hamilton - 1,000,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 980,000
Frank Lin - 300,000

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Fresh Counts From the Final Nine Tables

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 Average: 1,260,000 Players Left: 81

Matthew Elsby - 4,900,000
Dathan Kuppin - 2,700,000
Lawrence Ma - 2,300,000
Bobby Suer - 2,200,000
Deepinder Singh - 1,600,000
Jordan Cristos - 1,600,000
Nick Phoenix - 1,300,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 1,050,000
Scott Vener - 900,000
Brian Gorman - 550,000
Vontray Gardner - 500,000
Mark Hamilton - 500,000
Frank Lin - 380,000

Some Updated Counts From the Final 100

Blinds: 12,000-24,000 Average: 1,045,000

Dathan Kuppin - 2,400,000
Bobby Suer - 2,320,000
Lawrence Ma - 1,750,000
Frank Lin - 1,100,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 1,050,000
Deepinder Singh - 950,000
Nick Phoenix - 830,000
Mark Hamilton - 710,000
Gal Yifrach - 610,000
Jordan Cristos - 585,000
Ryan Feldman - 580,000
Vontray Gardner - 450,000
Brian Gorman - 400,000

Final Payouts For the Quantum Million Event

Thanks to a whopping 285 Day 2 entries, the prizepool for this event ballooned up to $1.44 million! The final 60 coming back tomorrow will all have at least $3,120 locked up. Everyone at the official final table will have just under $20,000 locked up, and first place will take home $226,424, the second biggest first place prize of the series!

Scroll down for a full breakdown of the payouts, and don't forget that the Day 3 finals kick off tomorrow at 1 PM. Good luck all!

1. $226,424
2. $138,600
3. $92,320
4. $68,020
5. $54,295
6. $43,380
7. $34,235
8. $26,245
9. $19,560
10-12. $13,530
13-15. $10,925
16-18. $9,475
19-21. $8,290
22-24. $7,210
25-27. $6,145
28-36. $5,085
37-45. $4,120
46-54. $3,460
55-60. $3,120

Some Fresh Counts Now In the Money

Blinds: 6,000-12,000 Average: 676,000 Players Left: 150

Dathan Kuppin - 1,800,000
Bobby Suer - 1,400,000
Jordan Cristos - 1,250,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 1,200,000
Lawrence Ma - 1,050,000
Brian Gorman - 920,000
Vontray Gardner - 850,000
Nick Phoenix - 800,000
Frank Lin - 750,000
Deepinder Singh - 730,000
Massoud Eskandari - 690,000
Paul Chauderson - 630,000
Gal Yifrach - 600,000
Hermilo Vargas - 350,000

The Money Bubble Looms

The clock says 173 players left, meaning we are just 12 eliminations from the money here today. Remember that we are playing down to the final 48 players here today.

Once we hit the money, we will post another round of notable chip counts for you guys.

Fresh Chippies From the Day 2 Finals

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 Average: 460,000 Players Left: 220

Jordan Cristos - 1,400,000
Lawrence Ma - 1,200,000
Frank Lin - 890,000
Vontray Gardner - 970,000
Brian Gorman - 820,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 820,000
Nick Phoenix - 780,000
Massoud Eskandari - 710,000
Bobby Suer - 705,000
Hermilo Vargas - 520,000
Mark Hamilton - 345,000
Paul Chauderson - 250,000

By the Numbers: Quantum Millions Day 2 Finals

As mentioned before, we ended up with a final field of 483 players today after the Day 2 buy-ins were included. The final 48 players will be advancing to tomorrow's finals. Below you will see a breakdown of the payouts for today.

1-48. Advance to Day 3
49-54. $2,770
55-63. $2,185
64-72. $1,765
73-81. $1,435
82-90. $ 1,230
91-99. $1,050
100- 108. $930
109-117. $865
118-126. $815
127-135. $780
136-144. $750
145-161. $720

Some Chippies From the Final 300

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Average: 338,000

Jordan Cristos - 1,150,000
Frank Lin - 1,080,000
Brian Gorman - 880,000
Bobby Suer - 840,000
Massoud Eskandari - 600,000
Hermilo Vargas - 560,000
Mark Hamilton - 520,000
Paul Chauderson - 480,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 450,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 420,000

Nearly 500 Players Total Today

Thanks to a massive turnout of Day 2 buy-ins today, we had a grand total of 483 players total today. That means that we will be playing down to the final 48 players tonight before bagging up and moving on to tomorrow.

Stay tuned for the full payouts of this event when we get them!

Over 200 Day 2 Entries So Far

We have had a massive turnout so far today in the Quantum Millions finals, as 210 players have entered today, with registration still open until 3 PM today.

That means that the prizepool is currently $1.4 million, and will continue to inch up over the next 30 minutes. Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: Quantum Millions Day 2 Finals

It is time to start up the eagerly anticipated Day 2 finals of the Quantum Millions, the final event here at the 2018 Legends of Poker. The prizepool is just over $1,000,000 now, but that number will be going up over the next two hours, as players will be coming in to buy-in directly for $2,200.

We will be playing down to the final 10% today before bagging up for the night. Those survivors will combined with the finalists from the Ocean's 11 flights to form the final field tomorrow, where they will play down to the final table.

We will be here to bring you all of the updates from this exciting event, so be sure you stay tuned here!

Final Day 2 Return List for Quantum Million