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Friday, March 2, 2018

What's on Tap: $75,000 Guaranteed Ring Event

Tomorrow, we start the first of 12 ring events here in this March series at the Bicycle Casino. The buy-in will be $365, and the guarantee will be $75,000. Registration will be open until 4 PM, and this is a two day event, with the finals starting up at 1 PM on Sunday.

At 4 PM, we have another non ring side event, and this one is for all the bounty hunters out there. This one is a $240 buy-in bounty event, where all players will have a $50 bounty on their heads.

In addition, we will have our nightly $230 Main Event Mega Satellites, where at least three discounted seats to our Main Event will be handed out. Good luck all!

By the Numbers: Opening $50,000 Guaranteed Event

The opening event of series drew a total of 544 players, creating a prizepool of $105,536. The final 54 spots will get paid, all earning at least $435. First place will take home $27,246. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and don't forget that tomorrow at 11:30 AM, we kick off the ring events with a $365 buy-in $75,000 Guaranteed Event!

1. $27,246
2. $16,005
4. $8,990
5. $6,860
6. $5,215
7. $3,165
8. $2,460
9. $1,845
10-12. $1,310
13-15. $1,065
16-18 $920
19-21. $800
22-24. $705
25-27. $625
28-36. $560
37-45. $495
46-54. $435

Over 400 Players Entered into our Opening Event

Thanks to another great turnout here at the Bicycle Casino, we have smashed another guarantee in our opening event, as 430 players have come out so far. That means the prizepool is over $85,000 and still growing, as registration doesn't close until 4 PM.

Come join us, and try to win some extra cash before the ring events begin tomorrow!

WSOP Circuit is back!

Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Bicycle Casino for another exciting poker series! Once again, it's time to hunt for some rings in Bell Gardens, as the WSOP Circuit is back!

The ring events won't start until tomorrow, but we are kicking things off with a huge opening event, the $245 buy-in $50,000 Guaranteed Event. Players start with 25,000 in chips, and this is a one day event.

 Registration will be open until 4 PM. Good luck all!