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Sunday, March 4, 2018

What's on Tap: Monday, March 5th

The Monster Stack event rolls on tomorrow with the third and fourth flights. Registration for those flights will be open for three and a half hours. At 8 PM, it will be time for another Mega Satellite for the Main Event, where at least three discounted seats will be handed out to the Main Event this upcoming weekend.

By the Numbers: Second Flight of the Day

The second flight today drew a total of 247 players, meaning that the final 37 players will be moving on to the finals on Tuesday. The next flight for this event will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM, with the fourth and final flight starting tomorrow at 4 PM.

1-37th. Advance to Day 2

Some Chippies From the Morning Flight

Blinds: 1,200-2,400 Average: 92,000 Players Left: 81

Sameer Aljanedi - 240,000
Jon Peck - 205,000
Jordan Warkol - 95,000
Massoud Eskandari - 90,000
Duey Duong - 80,000
Hermilo Vargas - 60,000
Vadim Baranovsky - 55,000
Marcel Sabag - 35,000

Congratulations to Greg Gibson, Winner of Event #1

The final hand of Event #1 was a classic coin flip situation. Chris Herrin held [Ad][9s], while Greg Gibson had [3d][3h]. The flop of [9c][4c][4h] shot Herrin out into the lead, and left Gibson drawing rather thin. The [Jh] on the turn changed nothing, but the [3s] on the river changed anything.

Both players expressed opposite emotions when that card hit, and it was Greg Gibson who was the happy one. He takes home $24,705, and the first ring of the series. Congratulations Greg!

Double Knockout Gets Us to Heads Up

After an unscheduled break, the final four players continued to play, and they got the money in quickly. There was a three way all in preflop between Scott Stone, Naydeev Bayer, and chip leader Greg Gibson.

Stone: [Qd][5d]
Bayer: [Jc][5s]
Gibson: [Ks][4h]

The flop of [9c][8h][5c] gave Stone and Bayer bottom pair, but it would be no good after the [Kc] came on the turn. The river was the [Jc], and Gibson scored the double knockout to get us heads up.

Gibson has 2.7 million to the 700,000 of Chris Herrin.

Bayer Calls his Card to Double

After shoving all in on the previous hand and not getting called, Nadeev Bayer shoved once again, this time holding [Kd][7h]. Scott Shone put him at risk holding [5h][5c], and the pair would hold on the [Qs][8h][3h] flop, and the [4c] turn.

Before the river came out, Bayer, who was quiet throughout the all in, said "seven!" Sure enough, the [7s] came on the river to give Bayer the double up.

He would double up on the next hand as well when his Ace-King held against the Ace-Queen of Chris Herrin. Bayer is suddenly back up to over 900,000, while Herrin is down to under 400,000.

Gibson Doubles Into the Chip Lead

Greg Gibson was cruising along at this final table until he had his aces cracked by Chris Herrin. That made him one of the short stacks, but Gibson has just notched back to back double ups to retake the lead.

First, his pocket queens held against the pocket deuces of Scott Shone. Then, a couple of hands later, Gibson would be heads up with Nadeev Bayer on the turn of a board reading [As][Ah][6d][4d]. Gibson would get his stack all in with [Ac][Qs], and he was dominating the [Ad][10s] of Bayer.

The river was a jack, and Gibson's kicker played to launch him up to over 1.6 million, while Bayer is left with just five big blinds.

Travis Tachibana Eliminated in 5th Place ($6,225)

After a raise from Scott Shone, Travis Tachibana three bet shoved all in. Shone got the count, then made the call.

Shone: [Js][Jd]
Tachibana: [9h][9d]

Shone was in great shape to score the knockout, but the story quickly changed after the flop came [9s][8c][7c]. Shone was now needed a jack or ten, and while he wouldn't get it on the [3d] turn, he did hit it on the [Jc] river.

That leaves us with just four players vying for this first ring of the series!

Karlo Gharabegian Crippled, Eliminated in 6th Place ($4,760)

Karlo Gharabegian got into a huge coin flip preflop against Nadeev Bayer, where Gharabegian had [6s][6h] to the [As][10c] of Bayer. Bayer would flop an ace, turn another one, and Gharabegian wasn't able to hit a two outer on the river.

That left Gharabegian with just one big blind, and he would go broke on the next hand to Greg Gibson.

That leaves us with just five players left. Here is how the final five stack up right now.

Greg Gibson - 880,000
Nadeev Bayer - 860,000
Scott Shone - 830,000
Travis Tachibana - 525,000
Chris Herrin - 410,000

By the Numbers: Opening Flight of the Monster Stack Event

Today's opening flight in the Monster Stack Event drew a huge crowd of 375 players. That means that the final 56 players will all be moving on to the Day 2 finals on Tuesday.

If you would like to take your shot at this Monster Stack Event, the afternoon flight is in full swing now.

1-56th. Advance to Day 2

Cards in the Air: Second Session of the Day

This morning's flight drew a massive crowd of 375 players, and we are hoping for a similar turnout in the second flight today, which has just kicked off. Registration will be open until about 7:30 PM today, so you have plenty of time to come down and join us.

Good luck all!

Kathleen Solowitz Eliminated in 7th Place ($3,695)

After a raise from Travis Tachibana from early position, Kathleen Solowitz moved all in from the big blind. Tachibana couldn't call quick enough with [Ac][Ad], and Solowitz was in a world of hurt with [Ah][Ks].

The board ran down [Jc][8h][6c][4h][3c], and Solowitz hit the rail in seventh place.

Tom Hennekam Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,910)

Tom Hennekam got his short stack in preflop holding [Ah][4h], and he was dominated by the [As][Jd] of Scott Shone. It would go from bad to worse on every street for Hennekam, as the board came down [Ah][9s][Js][Ks][Jd].

This leaves us with just seven players now.

Tom Bochynski Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,320)

Tom Bochynski and Kathleen Solowitz were virtually even when they got their short stacks in preflop. Solowitz held [10s][10c], and she was well ahead of the [Ad][8c] of Bochynksi. The board kept Solowitz ahead the whole way, and she virtually doubles up, while Bochynki is out in ninth.

Seating Chart and Counts For the Final Nine

Seat 1: Karlo Gharbegian - 170,000

Seat 2: Greg Gibson - 1.1 million (chip leader)

Seat 3: Tom Bochynski - 140,000

Seat 4: Scott Shone - 620,000

Seat 5: Kathleen Solowitz - 105,000 (short stack)

Seat 6: Chris Herrin - 345,000

Sear 7: Travis Tachibana - 500,000
Seat 8: Tom Hennekam - 150,000 (not pictured)

Seat 9: Nadeev Bayer - 330,000

Unofficial Final Table of Ten Now

We are down to the final 10 players, and they have all redrawn for new seats. Once we lose one more player to get down to the official final table of nine, we will grab photos and updated counts for everyone.

Until then, here are the first few eliminations of the day.

11. Matthew Paoletti
12. Steven Curran
13. Jason Jung
14. Sam Weiss

Nearly 300 Players Already in First Monster Stack Flight

We are just two hours into play in the first of four Monster Stack flights, and we are already up to 280 players. Registration will be open until 3 PM, and the second flight of the day will be kicking off an hour after that.

Also starting up recently was the Day 2 finals of the $75,000 Guaranteed Event. Only 14 players remain. We will post pictures and updated counts once we get to the final nine players.

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of the Monster Stack Ring Event

It's only the third day of the latest WSOP Circuit series here at the Bicycle Casino, and we are already starting up the biggest preliminary event of the series, the $300,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Event. This is the first of four starting flights spreading over today and tomorrow.

Registration will be open until 4 PM today, and that is when the second flight will be starting as well. Click here for a structure, and good luck all!