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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Hermilo Vargas Wins Back-to-Back Monster Stack Events

Hermilo Vargas dominated heads up play, taking pot after pot until his opponent was down to just a few big blinds. On the final hand, Vargas and his opponent got it in on the turn of a board showing [8c][7s][5s][8s]. Vargas had [Ah][5c] for two pair, while his opponent had [Qs][Jc] for over cards and a flush draw. The river was a blank, and Vargas took it down!

Vargas secures his biggest live score, $86,270, which tops his previous high score that he got when he won this very event in December. This is Vargas's second WSOP Circuit ring, and will surely go down as one of the more amazingly poker accomplishments in recent memory.

Congratulations to Vargas on his truly unbelievable accomplishment, and thanks to everyone who came out to play in our latest Quantum Event!

Alex Farahi Eliminated in 3rd Place ($40,000)

Alex Farahi took a huge hit to his stack when he snap called a 5 million chip bet from Hermilo Vargas on the river, only to be shown the nut straight. That knocked him down to under 20 big blinds, and a few hands later, he would shove from the small blind with Jack-Eight, only to be called by the big blind with Ace-Jack.

The board didn't improve either player, knocking Farahi out in third. The final two players have taken an unscheduled break.

Vargas and Farahi Pulling Away

Much like five handed play, three handed play has dragged on for quite some time, as players are trading chips back and forth. Hermilo Vargas and Alex Farahi have both started to edge ahead in this three handed battle, with Vargas holding around 15 million at the 120,000-240,000 level.

Greg Gibson Eliminated in 4th Place ($30,150)

Greg Gibson was the short stack when he shoved all in with [Kh][Qs] after a flop of [10d][5c][4h]. He was called by Hermilo Vargas, who had flopped a big hand with [10h][5h]. Gibson was drawing dead by the turn, and he would have to settle for fourth place.

It's been quite an unbelievable start to the series for Gibson, who had been playing for five days without being knocked out after winning Event #1 and making this run. Gibson has already opened up a nice lead in the Player of the Series race.

Chen Yu Hung Eliminated in 5th Place ($22,840)

Not long after losing a big chunk of his stack in a full house vs. quads cooler against Alex Farahi, Chen Yu Hung moved all in preflop holding [As][10c], but he was dominated by the [Qc][Qd] of Hermilo Vargas. The fop of [Qh][9d][8d] gave Vargas top set, and while Hung could still catch a jack for a straight, he wouldn't end up getting it.

With that, we are down to four. Improbably, the defending champion Hermilo Vargas is the big chip leader with over 12 million in chips.

Slow Going From the Final Five

After a steady wave of eliminations in the first half of this Monster Stack final table, we have hit a wall, with no eliminations in the last 90 minutes. Everyone is very deep at the moment. The average stack is over 40 big blinds, and the "short stack" right now has nearly 35 bigs. Here is how the final five stack up right now.

Blinds: 80,000-160,000

Hermilo Vargas - 9.6 million
Alex Farahi - 6.8 million
Michael Itaev - 6.7 million
Greg Gibson - 5.6 million
Chen Yu Hung - 5.4 million

By the Numbers: $580 Ring Event

Today's $580 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em Event drew exactly 100 players, creating a nice even prizepool of $50,000. The final 12 players will finish in the money, all locking up at least $1,045. First place will earn $15,000 and the WSOP Circuit Ring.

1. $15,000
2. $9,270
3. $6,600
4. $4,795
5. $3,550
6. $2,680
7. $2,065
8. $1,615
9. $1,290
10-12. $1,045

Joe Marcal Eliminated in 6th Place ($17,515)

Joe Marcal and Hermilo Vargas get all the money in after a flop of [10c][9s][8s]. Marcal held [Ah][Qc], while Vargas had the same hand, except for the fact that it was [As][Qs]. Vargas was freerolling on the knockout, and the dealer ended things quick with the [3s] on the turn.

The chips were counted down, and Vargas just had Marcal covered. Here is how the final five stack up right now.

Alex Farahi - 9.5 million
Hermilo Vargas - 8.1 million
Chen Yu Hung - 7.2 million
Michael Itaev - 6.5 million
Greg Gibson - 2.9 million

Jason Nguyen Eliminated in 7th Place ($13,560)

After a raise from Chen Yu Hung, Jason Nguyen three bet shoved all in. Hung got the count, then made the call with [9c][9s]. He was in great shape against the [Ah][5d] of Nguyen, and the nines would hold on the runout of [Qd][6d][10h][Jh][4h].

This gets us to six handed play. We have one more elimination to report, then we will post fresh counts for the final five.

Romik Vartzar Eliminated in 8th Place ($10,600)

Romik Vartzar was all in preflop holding [2d][2c], and he was dominated by the [Jd][Js] of Greg Gibson. The board would run down [Qh][4d][9d][7h][8c], and after the chips were counted down, Gibson had Vartzar barely covered.

Gibson scores the virtual double, and is right back in the mix of things for his second ring of this series.

Jon Peck Eliminated in 9th Place ($8,370)

Jon Peck would get his short stack in with [6d][6c], and he was racing against the [Jc][9c] of Chen Yu Hung. The flop of [10s][8s][5c] gave Hung some more outs, and he would bink them right away on the [7h] turn.

Peck was left drawing dead, while Hung extended his chip lead.

Michael Bailey Eliminated in 10th Place ($7,210)

We apologize for the delay in posts, as we were having internet issues here in the Casino. We had three eliminations in the Monster Stack Event, and this was the first one.

After an early position raise from Michael Bailey, Alex Farahi three bet it to 525,000 next to act. It folded back to Bailey, who four bet to 1.1 million. Farahi called, and the flop came down [Ks][8s][6h]. Bailey continued for 425,000, Farahi called, and the [10s] hit the turn. Bailey announced all in, and Farahi shrugged as he slid chips in for the call.

Farahi: [Ac][Kd]
Bailey: [Js][Jc]

Bailey was looking for a jack or spade to survive, but the [9c] came instead.

Congratulations to Ryan Buckholtz, Winner of Event #3

Over in the other ring event final table here today, Ryan Buckholtz made quick work of the rest of his opponents, closing the final table out in less than two hours. He defeated Shawn Walker heads up to take home $10,615, and the WSOP Circuit Ring.

Congratulations Ryan!

Photos and Counts From the Monster Stack Final Ten

Seat 1: Romik Vartzar - 2.15 million

Seat 2: Chen Yu Hung - 6.225 million (chip leader)

Seat 3: Jon Peck - 1.45 million (short stack)

Seat 4: Joe Marcal - 3.45 million

Seat 5: Jason Nguyen - 2.2 million

Seat 6 : Greg Gibson - 2 million

Seat 7: Hermilo Vargas - 4.4 million

Seat 8: Michael Bailey - 3.03 million

Seat 9: Alex Farahi - 4.5 million

Seat 10: Anonymous - 5.6 million (not pictured)

Cards in the Air: $365 Omaha 8 Event

It's time for our first non Hold'em Ring Event of the series so far, the $365 Omaha 8-or-Better Event. Players will be starting with 10,000 in chips today, with registration and re-entry available until 5:30 PM today.

Good luck mixed game players!

Down to the Final 12 In the Monster Stack

We have just reached another pay jump in the Monster Stack, as the final 12 have all locked up $7,210. Chen Yu Hung, who started the day second in chips, has taken the chip lead with over six million, while Hermilo Vargas is staying steady around five million in second. Here are the last three players to bust out.

13. Kenneth Garen
14. Amir Turkzadeh
15. Miki Murzi

Pay Jump in the Monster Stack

We have the first three eliminations of the day in the Monster Stack, which means all 15 players have now locked up $5,880. Here is who left us early today.

16. Tom Boone
17. Anthony Filipov
18. Aamir Latif.

Final Four Starting Up Again in Event #3

The other ring being handed out today will be in Event #3, which ended with four players last night. Local regular Ryan Buckholtz holds a nice lead on the rest of the field, as he has over half of the chips in play. Below you will see all four players, along with the chips they are bringing into play today.

Seat 1: Michael Kahn - 185,000

Seat 2: Fred Kurestian - 290,000

Seat 3: Ryan Buckholtz - 607,000

Seat 4: Shawn Walker - 98,000

Monster Stack Day 3 Finals Now Underway

All eyes will be on local player Hermilo Vargas today as he goes for an improbably repeat run in the Monster Stack Ring Event. In December, Vargas took down this event, earning over $71,000, and his first WSOP Circuit Ring. Amazingly, Vargas is back in with 18 left, and holds a hefty lead over the rest of the field.

Click here for a full return list, and stay tuned for live updates, including every elimination at the final table. 

Cards in the Air: $580 Ring Event

It's time to up the buy-ins for the first time here at this WSOP Circuit stop, as we have our first $580 buy-in event of the series. Players start with 12,000 in chips, and registration will be open until 4 PM today.

Click here fir a structure for this event. Good luck players!

Defending Champion Hermilo "Taxi" Vargas Leads the Final 18

We have quite a story brewing here at the Bicycle Casino. In December of last year, Hermilo Vargas topped a field of 1,150 players when he took down the Monster Stack Event for over $71,000. Improbably, Vargas is in the pole position again going into tomorrow's play, with a huge chip lead of 4,890,000. The only within shouting distance is Chen Yu Hung, who has 3,395,000

Vargas will have plenty of tough players to go up against. Amongst the players still alive are Jon Peck (1,950,000), Owen Crowe (1,625,000), and Greg Gibson (645,000), who just took down the first ring event of this series.

Be sure to come back in the morning for a full list of survivors for tomorrow's Day 3 finals. Good luck to the remaining players!