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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Congratulations to Ari Engel, Winner of Event #5 Omaha 8-or-Better Event

Ari Engel came into the final table as one of the big stacks, and he never left the top part of the counts, steadily building his stack in a dominating victory. On the final hand, Engel turned the nut flush after already making the nut low on the turn.

For his efforts, Engel will take home $9,730, along with his ninth WSOP Circuit Ring. This puts him tied with Alex Masek, and only behind Maurice Hawkins and Valentin Vornicu. Congratulations to Engel on his impressive victory!

What's on Tap: Friday, March 9th

The final day before the Main Event is tomorrow, and we will have two more events and a satellite for you guys. First at 11:30 AM, we are giving you guys some extra leg room in the $365 Six Handed Event. Registration will be available until 4 PM for that one, and the finals will be on Saturday.

At 3 PM, we have a $180 buy-in $30,000 Guaranteed event with a special no ante structure. Players will have a starting stack of 20,000, and the button will have an additional small blind.

Heads Up in the Omaha 8 Event

Ari Engel just knocked out James Woods in third place to get heads up with Don Halpern. Engel has a nice lead right now, holding 750,000 to the 250,000 of Halpern.

Stay tuned to find out who takes home the ring!

By the Numbers: Event #6 $365 Ring Event

Today's $365 Ring Event drew a total of 150 players, creating a prizepool of $45,000. The final 15 players will finish in the money, with first place taking home $12,585 and the Ring.

1. $12,585
2. $7,790
3. $5,620
4. $4,130
5. $3,090
6. $2,350
7. $1,815
8. $$1,425
9. $1,140
10-12. $925
13-15. $760

Fresh Counts From the Final Six in Omaha 8

Blinds: 10,000-15,000 Average: 180,000

Ari Engel - 330,000
Don Halpern - 240,000
James Woods - 145,000
Frankie O'Dell - 140,000
Jesse David - 90,000
Darryl Mann - 85,000

Congratulations to John De La Garza, Winner of the $580 Event

For John De La Garza, the fifth time was the charm, as he was finally able to finish off his tough opponent, Kathleen Solowitz. On the final hand, De La Garza would put her at risk holding [Kh][4d]. He was ahead of the [Qs][Jc] of Solowitz, and he would hold on the runout of [7s][8c][6s][7h][6h]. 

De La Garza will take home his first ring, along with an even $15,000. Congratulations John!

Cards in the Air: $365 Survivor Event

It's time for another Survivor Event here at the latest WSOP Circuit stop here at the Bike. The buy-in today is $365, meaning the top 10% will be taking home $3,000. Registration will be open until 7 PM tonight.

Good luck all!

Solowitz Hanging Around in the $580 Event

John De La Garza has had Kathleen Solowitz on teh brink of elimination a number of times, but she keeps getting saved on the river to extend the match. On the latest hand, Solowitz was all in an behind with [Ac][2h], but she flopped two clubs, and caught two more on the turn and river. At first, she didn't even see it, and started to congratulate De la Garza.

They continue on, with Solotwitz and De la Garza now nearly even with 600,000 each.

Final Table of the Omaha 8 Event

We are down to the final nine in the Omaha 8 Event, after losing short stack Lynda Tran in 10th place. Below you will see where everyone is sitting, along with the stacks they had at the start of the final table.

Seat 1: Ari Engel - 197,500
Seat 2: Don Garrett - 170,500
Seat 3: Jesse David - 173,500
Seat 4: James Woods - 67,000
Seat 5: Frankie O'Dell - 155,000
Seat 6: Darryl Mann - 137,000
Seat 7: Lynda Tran - 20,500 (now eliminated)
Seat 8: Valentin Vornicu - 38,000
Seat 9: Todd Gonzales - 63,500
Seat 10: Don Halpern - 54,000

Some Photos From Today's $365 Ring Event

All three of the Ring winners in the series so far: Greg Gibson, Hermilo Vargas, and Ryan Buckholtz, are here hoping to add some points to their series total as they chase the Player of the Series. We also spotted regulars Mark Jun and Alan Myerson.

Scroll down to see all of those pictures.

Event #1 Winner  Greg Gibson

Mark Jun

Alan Myerson

Event #2 Winner Hermilo Vargas

Event #3 Winner Ryan Buckholtz

Omaha 8 Is in the Money

Over in the Omaha 8 restart, we are down to the final 12 players, meaning we are now in the money. Among the players who are still alive for the ring are Frankie O'Dell, James Woods, Lynda Tran, Ari Engel, and Valentin Vornicu.

Stay tuned for a final table seating chart, as well as results from this event as it plays out!

Cards in the Air: Pot-Limit Omaha 8/Big O 8 Event

We are switching back to the Mixed Games for our afternoon event. It is a non-ring half Pot-Limit Omaha-8 half Big "O" 8 event. Registration will be open until 5 PM, and there is a guarantee of $10,000 on the prizepool.

Good luck all!

Garza One Card Away From Ring

Over in the $580 Event, John De La Garza had pulled further ahead of Kathleen Solowitz, and he had her all in and dominated just now. Garza held pocket kings, while Solowitz had Ace-Nine. The flop and turn were clean for Garza, but the river brought an ace to ship the double up over to her.

Despite that lucky double, Solowitz is still down big vs. Garza, who has a 900,000 to 250,000 lead on her.

Heads Up in the $580 Restart

The $580 Day 2 has just kicked off, and there are only two players coming back: John Garza and Kathleen Solowitz. Garza has commentated on Live at the Bike regularly in the past, while Solowitz is on her third cash of the series already.

Stay tuned to find out who takes home the $15,000 and the ring!

John De La Garza - 705,000

Kathleen Solowitz - 495,000

Cards in the Air: Event #6 $365 Ring Event

We are ready to start up another $365 ring event here at the Bicycle Casino. This is the same type of event that Ryan Buckholtz just won yesterday, where he took home over $10,000! Registration will be open until 4 PM today. Good luck everyone!