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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Last Break of the Evening

As the title indicates, this is the last break of the night for players in the Main Event. It also marks the end of registration, and as the break is starting, we have 303 players.

Players will come back and play three more levels before bagging up for the night. All survivors will come back on Monday at 12 PM, while anyone who doesn't make it to the end of the night can come back tomorrow for Flight 1B at Noon.

By the Numbers: $1,100 Survivor Event

This afternoon's $1,100 Survivor Event drew a crowd of 67 players. That means that the top six players will all walk home with an even $10,000 in cash, while seventh place will earn $7,000. There are 37 players still alive. Good luck to them all!

1-6. $10,000
7. $7,000

Players Back From Dinner

The staggered dinner break has completed, and all 137 players still remaining are back together playing the 500-1,000 level. Registration will be open for over an hour more, so you still have time to come register right now.

Some of the big stacks in the room right now are Clint Powell, Ryan Van Sanford, Michael Katz, Adam Geyer, and 2015 Main Event Champion Joe McKeehen.

Dinner Time...For Some of the Field

We are calling a bit of an audible here due to the poor weather we've had in Los Angeles today. Originally, the players buffet was going to be held in an outdoor area, but due to bad weather, it had to be moved inside to a smaller location. As a result, half of the field will be taking their one hour dinner break now, while the second half of the field will play out the next level. Once the hour is done, the first  half of players will come back and play that hour while the second half will take their dinner break.

Right now, the clock says 291 players, with registration open for another three hours today. If you can't play today, the second starting flight starts tomorrow at 12 PM.

Cards in the Air: $1,100 Survivor Event

It's time for us to start up the biggest Survivor Event of the series so far, the $1,100 Survivor! Today, the top 10% will be walking home with an even $10,000, which will provide for plenty of bullets to the Main Event for anyone who wants to fire tomorrow.

Registration for this Survivor Event will be open until 8 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: First $350 HORSE Flight

The first of six flights in this $350 buy-in $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event drew a total of 40 players. That means that the final six will be moving on to the finals on Thursday to battle it out.

Your next chance to play in this event will be 1 PM tomorrow. Good luck all!

1-6. Advance to Day 2 + $450

Congratulations to Adam Singer, Winner of Event #7!

Adam Singer started heads up with a bit of a chip disadvantage, but it didn't take him long to overtake the lead, and he never looked back from there. Singer would make two pair with the mighty hand of [6s][4c] on the final hand of the tournament. 

For his efforts, Singer will take home his first WSOP Circuit Ring, along with one of the biggest first place prizes of the series so far, $17,175.

Congratulations Adam!

More Photos From the Main Event Flight

Our next round of photos from the latest WSOP Circuit Main Event flight will highlight some recent big winners here at the Bike. Last year, Andrew Wisdom took down two huge events here at the Bike. First he won the Big Poker Oktober Main Event for over $165,000, then followed that up with a victory in the WSOPC High Roller here in December.

We also spotted former WSOP Circuit Champions here Dylan Wilkerson and Valentin Vornicu, as well as Eddy Sabat, who finished third in this event in December of 2016.

Dylan Wilkerson

Andrew Wisdom

Valentin Vornicu

Eddy Sabat

Andre Busato de Oliveira Eliminated in 3rd Place ($7,435)

Andre Busato de Oliveira got his final chip in preflop holding Ace-King, but he was dominated by the pocket kings of Justin Chauvin. The board would keep Chauvin's kings in the lead the whole time, and he was able to score the knockout.

This gets us to heads up play between Chauvin and Adam Singh. Chauvin holds a slight advantage, with 1.1 million to the 900,000 of Singh.

Ryan Buckholtz Eliminated in 4th Place ($5,245)

Ryan Buckholtz was all in preflop holding pocket eights, but he was dominated by the pocket jacks of Adam Singer. The board would bring out a couple of teases with a ten and a nine on the river, but nothing that was able to save Buckholtz.

On the bright side for Bukcholtz, he has taken the lead in the Player of the Series race thanks to this result.

Rajesh Jagannadham Eliminated in 5th Place ($3,725)

Not long after losing a big chunk of his stack, Rajesh Jagannadham was all in and ahead, holding [8s][8h] to the [As][7h] of Justin Chauvin. The flop of [Ks][10s][7s] gave Chauvin spade outs, and while the turn was a blank, the river brought another seven, giving Chauvin trip sevens and the win.

With that, we are down to the final four.

Two Big Flips for Andre Busato de Oliveria

We are still five handed over at the six max final table. Ryan Buckholtz started the day as the chip leader, but he is now one of the short stacks after losing a big flip to Andre Busato de Oliveria. Oliveria had pocket nines, while Buckholtz had King Jack. Oliveria would flop a full house, and though Buckholtz would turn some straight flush outs, he wouldn't hit them.

Not long after that, Olivieria held pocket eights against the [Ac][Jc] of Rajesh Jagannadham. Jagannadham would flop a flush draw on the [10c][3c][10h] flop, but those outs would be useless after a third ten hit the turn. Jagannadham could still win with an ace, jack, or the case ten, but none of those hit the river.

Oliveria now has a nice chip lead over the rest of the players still in.

First Break of the Main Event

Over in the Main Event, we are two hours into play, meaning players are on their first break of the day. So far, 175 players have entered. Registration will be open until the end of Level 12, or until about 9:20 PM tonight, so come on down  to join in on the action.

If you can't play today, you will have another shot tomorrow at 12 PM!

Day 2 of the Six Max Now Underway

Action is resuming in the last ring event before the Main Event here in the six handed event. Leading the way is none other than Ryan Buckholtz, who is looking for his second ring this week. He has the chip lead with 620,000. Scroll down for the rest of the names, pictures, and counts, and stay tuned for updates from this and the Main Event.

Seat 1: Ryan Buckholtz - 620,000

Seat 2: Andre Busato de Oliveira - 414,000

Seat 3: Justin Chauvin - 588,000 (not pictured)

Seat 4: Adam Singer - 152,000

Seat 5: Rajesh Jagannadham - 345,000

Cards in the Air: $350 HORSE $100,000 Guaranteed Event

For those who don't want to play the Main Event today, we have just kicked off the latest HORSE Quantum Event with a guarantee of $100,000. This is the first of six Day 1 flights before the Day 2 finals on Thursday.

Players start with 15,000 in chips, and the top 15% will be moving on to the Day 2 finals. Registration will be open until 4 PM today. Good luck all!

Three Winners From This Series Here Early

We spotted three people who have already taken home some hardware at this series who are here early on in the Main Event. It's likely that another ring winner, Ryan Buckholtz, would be here, but he is at the six handed final table that is starting up at the top of the hour. 

The ring winners that are here can be seen below. Ari Engel won the Omaha 8 Ring Event, Greg Gibson won the opening ring event, and Matthew Elsby was our latest ring winner from yesterday. 

Ari Engel

Greg Gibson

Matthew Elsby

Cards in the Air: Flight 1A of the Main Event

It's time to start up the next WSOP Circuit Main Event here at the Bicycle Casino! This the first of two starting flights here at this Main Event. Registration today and tomorrow will be open until the end of Level 12, or about 9:20 PM.

We will be here all day to provide you guys with pictures, numbers updates, and more, so don't go anywhere!