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Monday, March 12, 2018

Owen Crowe Leads the Final 11 In the Main

Thanks to a monster pot on one of the last hands of the night, where his middle set was able to hold against the nut flush draw of Francisco Fragoso, Owen Crowe has bagged the chip lead with xxx. BEhind him in second place is Tom Braband, who closed the night strong, with a stack of xx.

Below you will see where the final 11 are seated, along with their end of day counts. The final day will be starting up at 1 PM tomorrow. Good luck everyone!

Table 1

1. Adam Swan - 900,000
2. David Pham -  1.91 million
3. Adam Miller - 485,000
4. Nick Palma - 650,000
5. Scott Saunders - 295,000
6. Tom Braband - 2.53 million

Table 2

1. Owen Crowe - 2.7 million
2. Kristy Arnett - 520,000
3. Brett Murray - 1.935 million
4. Martin Carnero - 1.22 million
5. Kevin Gimble - 960,000

Next Round of Bustouts: 13-15th Places

We are just two eliminations away from the final table now. All of the remaining players have locked up $16,305. We will be playing 35 more minutes before ending play for the night.

These three players just busted out, taking home $13,270.

13. Andrew Wisdom
14. Ben Keeline
15. Dejuante Alexander

More Bustouts From the Main Event

The following three players just busted out, taking home $10,935.

16. Ping Liu
17. Michael Wasserman
18. Andy Hwang

Redraw and Seats For the Final 18

The final two tables have been redrawn. You can see the updated seating chart below, courtesy once again of the WSOP Live Updates team.

Table 1

1 - Ben Keeline
2 - Andy Hwang
3 - Owen Crowe
4 - Francisco Fragoso
5 - Kristy Arnett
6 - Adam Miller
7 - Brett Murray
8 - Martin Carnero
9 - Kevin Gimble

Table 2

1 - Andrew Wisdom
2 - Michael Wasserman
3 - Ping Liu
4 - Adam Swan
5 - David Pham
6 - Dejuante Alexander
7 - Nick Palma
8 - Scott Saunders
9 -Tom Braband

Next Group of Eliminations: 19-21st Places

We are down to the final two tables, and the top 18 have just done a two table redraw. These players just missed out on that mark, taking home $$9,115.

19. Mesha James
20. Matthew Elsby
21. Bobby Suer

Next Round of Bustouts: 22-24th Places

The following three players all busted out, taking home $7,690.

22. Sohole Khalili
23. Vincent Moscati
24. Henry Lu

Last Break of the Evening

The 23 remaining players are just now coming back from their last break of the evening. We will play two more hours before bagging up for the night around 11:45 PM tonight. Brett Murray, Francisco Fragoso and Nicholas Palma are the big stacks at the moment.

Stay tuned to find out who ends the day on top!

Next Round of Bustouts: 25-27th Places

The following players all took home $6,565. The remaining 24 players have all locked up at least $7,690.

25. Rep Porter
26. Joe Nalbandyan
27. Anuj Aragwal

Seating Chart for the Final Three Tables

The final 27 players have just completed a full three table redraw. Below you will see the seating assignments, along with fresh counts, thanks to the hard working folks of the WSOP Live Updates team.

Table 1

1 - Scott Saunders - 520,000
 2 - Vincent Moscati - 420,000
3 - Andy Hwang - 330,000
4 - Owen Crowe - 280,000
5 - Francisco Fragoso - 1,100,000
6 - Sohale Khalili - 210,000
7 - Matt Elsby - 640,000
8 - Kevin Gimble - 505,000
9 - Adam Miller - 450,000

Table 2
1 - Ping Liu - 510,000
2 - Kristy Arnett - 830,000
3 - Michael Wasserman - 165,000
4 - Tom Braband - 700,000
5 - Benjamin Keeline - 820,000
6 - Henry Lu - 300,000
7 - Andrew Wisdom - 610,000
8 - David Pham - 820,000
9 - Nick Palma - 1,050,000

Table 3
1 - Anuj Agarwal - 660,000
2 - Bobby Suer - 200,000
3 - Martin Carnero - 815,000
4 - Joe Nalbandyan - 330,000
5 - Mesha James - 210,000
6 - DJ Alexander - 530,000
7 - Brett Murray - 215,000
8 - Rep Porter - 145,000
9 - Adam Swan - 395,000

Next Round of Bustouts: 28-36th Places

The following players each took home $4,950 tonight.

28. Gal Yifrach
29. Peter Eichhardt
30. Artak Babayan
31. Jesse Yaginuma
32. Vijay Ramani
33. Randy Gil
34. Norman Garcia
35. Edwin Pairavi
36. Arkadiy Ekshtat

First Round of Main Event Bustouts

Below you guys will see the players who just busted out, taking home $3,915.

37. Andre Brasoleiro
38. Joe McKeehen
39. Adnan Mohammad
40. Tomer Daniel
41. Sampath Silva
42. Ben Ma
43. Paul Lee
44. Said El Harrak
45. Michael Hauptman

Some Fresh Counts on the Dinner Break

Players are now taking their 60 minute dinner break. We will post the first round of eliminations while they are eating. In the meantime, here is how some of the locals are faring at the moment.

When players return from dinner, the blinds will be 6,000-12,000.

David "The Dragon" Pham - 1.05 million
Gal Yifrach - 640,000
Anuj Agarwal - 630,000
Andrew Wisdom - 390,000
Rep Porter - 330,000
Kevin Gimble - 295,000
Mesha James - 290,000
Owen Crowe - 175,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 60,000

Over 50 Players in the High Roller So Far

We are four hours into play in the $3,250 High Roller Event with 53 players registered so far. The last High Roller got 71 players, so we should easily pass that, given that registration is open until the start of play tomorrow. Scott Stewart is the early chip leader, with Doug Lee, Phong "Turbo" Nguyen, and Adam Weinraub also added a good portion to their stacks.

Come join us!

By the Numbers: Third $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Flight

Today's $240 HORSE Flight drew the exact same number of players as yesterday's $350: 51. However, since only the top 10% are advancing from this field, it will be just the final five who will take home $450, and move on to Thursday's finals.

Your next chance to qualify in this huge Mixed Game event will be tomorrow at 1 PM. 

1-5. Advance to Day 2 + $450

Some Fresh Local Counts in the Main

We are down to just 50 players left in the Main Event. Once we get down to the final 45, we will start listing off the names of every player eliminated. Until then, you can see how some of the locals are currently faring below.

Blinds: 4,000-8,000 Average: 287,000

Anuj Agarwal - 595,000
Rep Porter - 560,000
David "The Dragon" Pham - 440,000
Owen Crowe - 415,000
Gal Yifrach - 410,000
Andrew Wisdom - 275,000
Kevin Gimble - 260,000
Bobby Suer - 200,000
Jesse Yaginuma - 175,000
Mesha James - 160,000

Second Break of the Main Event

We are down to the final six tables in the Main Event, meaning everyone left has locked up $3,530. Once they return from break, we will get a fresh round of local counts up for you guys.

The current big stacks are Anuj Agarwal, Kristy Arnett, Michael Wasserman, Sohale Khalili, and 2015 Main Event Champion Joe McKeehen.

No Hand for Hand Play, We are in the Money!

The floor was getting ready for hand for hand play, but there would be no need after a short stack shoved with [Ah][9h], and ran into [Ad][Kd]. The board would bring no help, getting us down to the final 72 right away!

All players still remaining have locked up $2,960.

Snapshots From the High Roller Event

We have plenty of former big winners here at the Bike over in the High Roller Event. Tim Cramer won the SPCS in 2016 here for over $350,000. Dylan Wilkerson is a former WSOP Circuit Main Event champion here, while Daniel Strelitz is a former Mega Millions winner.

Check out their photos below, and a few more!

Tim Cramer

Sean Yu

Ryan Van Sanford

Dylan Wilkerson

Daniel Strelitz

WSOPC Event #21 100K GTD H.O.R.S.E Return List

Some Local Counts As the Money Bubble Approaches

We have 79 players left, which means we are less than one table away from the money, as only 72 will be paid. Below you will see some updated counts from just a few of the many locals who are still in hoping to keep this title in house.

Blinds: 2,500-5,000 Average: 178,000

David "The Dragon" Pham - 330,000
Kevin Gimble - 325,000
Owen Crowe - 320,000
Gal Yifrach - 265,000
Rep Porter - 23,0,000
Igor Zekstser - 220,000
Andrew Wisdom - 215,000
Mesha James - 200,000
Mike Shariati - 180,000
Nipun Java - 102,000
Marco Johnson - 80,000
Jesse Yagiuma - 70,000

Cards in the Air: $3,250 High Roller Event

The biggest buy-in event of the series is kicking off now here in the tournament ballroom, as the High Roller is now underway. Last December, Andrew Wisdom topped  field of 71 players to take home over $72,000. Wisdom is still in the Main Event right now, but with registration open until the start of Day 2 tomorrow, he'll have plenty of time to hop in and defend his title.

Good luck everyone!

First Break in the Main Event Today

We are two hours into play today in the Main Event, and the 89 remaining players are taking their first break of the day. Only the top 72 will be getting paid, which means the money bubble is just around the corner.

The current big stacks are Adam Miller, Kristy Arnett, Tom Braband, Gal Yifrach, and Dejuante Alexander. Stay tuned for more updates as the money bubble looms.

WSOPC Main Event Payouts

Cards in the Air: $240 HORSE Event

We are starting up another flight in this $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event, but we are switching things up a bit. Today the buy-in is down to $240, and only the top 10% will be moving on to Day 2, as opposed to the top 15% from this weekend.

Registration is open until 4 PM today, and the Day 2 finals will be on Thursday. Good luck players!

Day 2 of the Main Event Now Underway

It's time to start up the second day of the latest WSOP Circuit Main Event here at the Bicycle Casino! Adam Miller leads the way with 324,500. Other big stacks include Kristy Arnett, Nipun Java, Mohsin Charania, and Joe McKeehen. Click here for a full list of counts.

Registration has just closed, and we will be posting the final numbers shortly. We will be here all day to provide you guys with the updates, so don't go anywhere!

Kristy Arnett Bags the Big Stack in Flight 1B

The second day one of the WSOP Circuit Main Event is in the books, and as the dust settles, Kristy Arnett has bagged the big stack from the flight with 267,000 in chips.  Brett Murray, Nipun Java, and Phong "Turbo" Nguyen are other big stacks from this second flight.  Here are the chip counts from the two flights combined.

Registration will remain open until the start of play tomorrow. Be sure to come back at 12 PM for all of the updates on Day 2 of this Main Event!