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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Congratulations to Matthew Lambecht, Winner of the High Roller Event

Heads up play didn't last too long, as it took a cooler flop, and ensuing suckout, to end the event. Action started with Matthew Lambecht raising to 75,000 preflop. Andy Park called, and the flop came out [8d][7d][7h]. Park led out for 100,000, and Lambecht raised to 250,000. Park moved all in, and Lambecht snap called.

Park: [9c][7s]
Lambecht: [7c][2c]

Both players flopped trip sevens, but Park was well out in front with his nine kicker. That all changed though when the [2s] hit the turn. To make matters worse, the river was as close to a nine as it could have been, the [10d], sealing the title for Lambecht.

Park will have to settle for $52,805, while Lambecht will take home $85,440, and the Circuit Ring!

HIGH ROLLER: Jim Collopy Eliminated in 3rd Place ($36,965)

Jim Collopy lost most of his chips in a blind vs blind confrontation with Andy Park. That left him with just four big blinds, and they would go in shortly after with [8h][6d]. He was up against the [Ad][3s] of Matthew Lambrecht, and the hand was all but over after the flop came [Jh][3h][3d]. Collopy's demise was confirmed on the turn, and he will have to settle for $36,965.

This gets us heads up, with Lambrecht holding a 1.6 million to 1 million lead over Park.

Congratulations to David Pham, Winner of the WSOP Circuit Main Event

David "The Dragon" Pham opened up a small lead in this heads up battle before the final hand of the tournament. Tom Braband raised to 280,000, and Pham three bet it to 820,000. Braband thought for a bit before moving all in, and once Pham got a good idea of the count, he made the call.

Pham: [10d][10c]
Braband: [3c][3d]

Pham was in great shape to secure the title, and while some low cards came that might have scared him, the board stayed clean, coming down [5s][2d][2c][8d][8c].

Braband will take home $134,415, but it's David Pham who will take home the Ring, $216,790, and the seat to the Global Casino Championship in August. Congratulations David!

By the Numbers: $580 PLO Ring Event

Today's Pot-Limit Omaha Ring Event drew a total of 54 players. The final six will finish in the money, all locking up at least $1,595. First place will earn the ring, along with $10,120.

1. $10,120
2. $6,265
3. $4,105
4. $2,835
5. $2,080
6. $1,595

MAIN EVENT: Owen Crowe Eliminated in 3rd Place ($98,390)

Owen Crowe had just gotten lucky to double up through David Pham, when his Ace-Nine cracked the pocket jacks of Pham, but his joy would be short lived. On the very next hand, Crowe would get his chips in with [4h][4s], but he was dominated by the [8d][8s] of Pham. The board ran down [Js][7d][6s][3s][7d], and Pham's eights held.

This gets us to heads up play between Pham and Tom Braband. The two players are virtually even in chips right now, with both holding seven million.

HIGH ROLLER: Ari Engel Eliminated in 4th Place ($26,925)

After a raise to 50,000 from Matthew Lambrecht, Ari Engel moved all in for his final 230,000. Lambrecht called with [Ad][Jd], and he was dominating the [Ah][4s] of Engel. The board came down [Ks][9c][7d][9d][Kd], and while it looked like a chopped pot at first, Lambrecht actually made a flush on the river to give him the knockout.

HIGH ROLLER: Mohsin Charania Eliminated in 5th Place ($19,810)

Mohsin Charania moved all in for his final 196,000, and Jim Collopy reraised to 500,000 from the small blind. The big blind folded, and they were off to the races. 

Charania: [4s][4d]
Collopy: [Ks][Qd]

The flop of [6h][5d][5c] was clean for Charania, but the [Qc] on the turn quickly changed the story. No miracle four on the river for Charania, who will have to settle for just under $20,000.

Here is how the final four currently stack up.

Jim Collopy - 1.08 million
Matthew Lambrecht - 1.05 million
Ari Engel - 305,000
Andy Park - 295,000

MAIN EVENT: Crowe Doubles Through Braband

After a raise to 180,000 from Tom Braband, Owen Crowe moved all in for his final 1.285 million. As soon as Braband found out the total, he dropped in chips for the call.

Braband: [Ac][9s]
Crowe: [As][10d]

Crowe was in great shape to double, and he would hold up on the [Qd][4h][Jh][8c][6c] runout.

Crowe is up to 2.6 million after that pot, while Braband takes a small hit to his monster stack, as he now holds six million.

MAIN EVENT: Nick Palma Eliminated in 4th Place ($73,170)

After a raise from David "The Dragon" Pham, Nick Palma moved all in for his final 1.7 million and change. Pham thought it out for quite a bit before calling, and we were off to the races.

Palma: [Ah][Qd]
Pham: [8h][8s]

Pham's pair would hold on the [Kd][9h][7c][Kh][3d] runout, and Palma hit the rail in 4th place. Hereis how the final three stack up right now

Tom Braband - 8.55 million
David Pham - 4.85 million
Owen Crowe - 1.83 milion

MAIN EVENT: Kristy Arnett Eliminated in 5th Place ($55,150)

Kristy Arnett moved all in from the small blind for 885,000, and Tom Braband thought for a bit before calling.

Braband: [Kh][2c]
Arnett: [Ac][6c]

Once again, the door card was key, as the flop came [Kc][Jc][7h]. It gave Braband top pair, but also gave Arnett a flush draw. The [Kd] on the turn mean that only a club would do for Arnett now, but the [6d] came instead.

This gets us down to the final four. Braband has a massive lead right now, holding over half of the chips in play.

MAIN EVENT: Pham Doubles Through Crowe

After a raise from Owen Crowe, David "The Dragon" Pham moved all in for 1.46 million. Crowe didn't take long to make the call with [10h][10d], and he was dominating the [Ad][4h]. However, an ace popped right in the window on the flop of [As][6s][2s]. Crowe needed a two outer now, or running spades to chop, but neither of those two things would occur, doublin g Pham up to over three million while Crowe drops to 1.8 millon.

HIGH ROLLER: Jonathan Tamayo Eliminated in 6th Place ($14,795)

After a limp from Andy Park, Jonathan Tamayo moved all in for his final 241,000. It folded back around to Park, who thought for a bit before calling.

Park: [Ac][Qc]
Tamayo: [7c][7s]

It was a classic coin flip, and while Tamayo's pair held on the [5d][2c][2s] flop, the [Ad] on the turn flipped the script. The river brought no miracles for Tamayo's who busts out in sixth place.

HIGH ROLLER: Jesse Yaginuma Eliminated in 7th Place ($11,870)

Jesse Yaginuma will have to wait for another day to get his second High Roller Circuit Ring here at the Bike, as he was just eliminated. After a raise from Yaginuma, Matthew Lambrecht moved all in from the big blind. Yaginuma called with [Qh][Qc], but he was dominated by the [Kh][Kd]. The flop of [As][Kc][4s] all but ended things, and another ace on the turn ended the hand to get them down to six players.

HIGH ROLLER: Ryan Van Sanford Eliminated in 8th Place ($9,890)

After a raise from Ari Engel, Ryan Van Sanford moved all in for his final 230,000. Engel called with [Ad][Qh], and he was well out in front of the [Ac][9c] of Van Sanford.

The board ran down [Jc][8d][3s][10c][Kh], and Engel made an unnecessary straight on the river to send Van Sanford to the rail in 8th.

MAIN EVENT: Adam Miller Crippled, Eliminated in 6th Place ($42,120)

Nick Palma moved all in for his final 710,000 from the cutoff, and in the small blind, Adam Miller shoved all in for just a bit more.

Palma: [Ac]{Qs]
Miller: [Ad][Jh]

Palma was in great shape to double up, and he would hold on the runout of [Ah][9d][6d][7s][9s]. Palma doubled up to over 1.5 million, while Miller was knocked down to just three big blinds.

Those chips would get in the middle not long after that, but he would run into pocket kings held by Tom Braband, who would flop a set to leave Miller drawing dead by the turn.

HIGH ROLLER: Yaniv Birman Eliminated in 9th Place ($8,500)

Yaniv Birman was in great shape to score a big knockout of Ari Engel, holding pocket aces to the King-Jack of Engel. However, Engel would flop trip kings, and river a full house to rub some salt in the wounds.

That left Birman with just 15,000, and he would go brought shortly after to Jim Collopy to get us down to the final eight.

MAIN EVENT: Adam Swan Eliminated in 7th Place ($32,590)

After David Pham raised to 120,000, Adam Swan moved all in for 525,000. Next to act, Tom Braband called from the small blind. Pham folded, and the cards were tabled.

Swan: [Ah][Jd]
Braband: [As][Ac]

Swan was in about as bad a shape as you can be in, but he got a ray of hope after the flop came [Jc][2s][2d]. Swan would need another jack to win, but the board finished out [Kc] and [2c].

This gets us down to the final six players. Owen Crowe still holds a nice lead, while Tom Braband is in second chip position.

Photos and Counts from the Final Nine in High Roller

Over in the High Roller Event, Tim Cramer just bubbled the money when he busted to Ryan Van Sanford. Below you will see who made the final table, and is now in the money over there.

We will be posting updates from both major final tables. We will be sure to label in the title whether the update is from the High Roller, or the Main Event, to avoid any confusion.

Seat 1: Matthew Lambrecht - 570,000

Seat 2: Yaniv Birman - 106,000

Seat 3: Ari Engel - 186,000

Seat 4: Mohsin Charania - 405,000

Seat 5: Ryan Van Sanford - 210,000

Seat 6: Jesse Yaginuma - 130,000

Seat 7: Jim Collopy - 530,000
Seat 8: Andy Park - 228,000

Seat 9: Jonathan Tamayo - 246,000

By the Numbers: Next $240 HORSE Flight

Today's HORSE flight drew a total of 58 players, meaning that the top six players will be bagging up for the finals on Thursday. Tomorrow there will be two final Day 1 flights in this $100,000 Guaranteed Event at 12 and 4 PM. Both will be $350 buy-ins, with the top 15% moving on to the finals.

1-6. Advance to Day 2 + $450

Martin Carnero Eliminated in 8th Place ($25,550)

Martin Carnero got his final chips in the middle preflop with [Qd][Qh], but unfortunately for him, David "The Dragon" Pham woke up with [As][Ad] behind him. The board ran down [9c][7h][2c][Kh][4d], and Carnero hit the rail in eighth place.

Miller Doubles Through Arnett

Adam Miller got his final 540,000 in the middle preflop holding [Ad][Js], and he was flipping against the [10c][10d] of Kristy Arnett. Miller shot out to the lead on the flop of [Ac][8c][5d], and Arnett wasn't able to catch a seat on the turn or river.

Miller doubles up to over 1.1 million while Arnett drops down to 1.4 million.

Kevin Gimble Eliminated in 9th Place ($20,285)

After a raise from Kevin Gimble, Kristy Arnett three bet shoved with [As][Qs]. Gimble quickly called with [Ks][Kc]. The two were close in chips, but Gimble was the one at risk.

The flop of [7s][6s][6d] gave Arnett the nut flush draw, but a [6c] on the turn ended hopes for that. Arnett would only win with an ace or the case six, and amazingly, the [6h] came on the river, meaning Arnett's ace played.

She virtually doubles up to two million, while Gimble hits the rail in brutal fashion.

Cards in the Air: $580 Pot Limit Omaha Ring Event

We are starting up our next Ring Event, and this time, the game will be Pot-Limit Omaha. The buy-in today is $580, and registration for this Ring Event will be open until 7:30 PM today.

The Day 2 finals resume tomorrow at 1 PM. Good luck all!

Main Event Final Table Seats, Photos, and Counts

Seat 1: Owen Crowe - 3,885,000

Seat 2: Kevin Gimble - 900,000

Seat 3: Adam Miller - 795,000
Seat 4: David "The Dragon" Pham - 2,275,000

Seat 5: Kristy Arnett - 740,000

Seat 6: Adam Swan - 655,000

Seat 7: Tom Braband - 2,735,000

Seat 8: Nick Palma - 690,000

Seat 9: Martin Carnero

Brett Murray Eliminated in 10th Place ($16,305)

On the turn of a board showing [5x][5x][4x][2x], Brett Murray is in the tank after chip leader Owen Crowe has set him all in. Murray counts out his chips, shakes his head for a few seconds, then drops in the call.

Crowe has pocket kings, just edging out the pocket queens of Murray. A three completes the board, and Crowe scores another monster pot to add to his chip lead.

There will be a short break down as the final nine move to the Live at the Bike stage.

Redraw For the Final 10

After losing Scott Saunders, the final ten combined at one table. After one more elimination, the final nine will be moving to Live at the Bike, where the final table will be streamed.

Below, you will see the seating chart for the final ten. Once we are at the final nine, we will post pictures and fresh counts for all.

Seat 1: Owen Crowe
Seat 2: Kevin Gimble
Seat 3: Adam Miller
Seat 4: David "The Dragon" Pham
Seat 5: Kristy Arnett
Seat 6: Adam Swan
Seat 7: Tom Braband
Seat 8: Nick Palma
Seat 9: Martin Carnero
Seat 10: Brett Murray

By the Numbers: $3,250 High Roller Event

The High Roller Event drew a total of 89 players after counting the six who brought in today. The final nine players will all finish in the money, locking up at least $8,500. First place will take home the ring, along with $85,440.

1. $85,440
2. $52,805
3. $36,965
4. $26,925
5. $19,810
6. $14,795
7. $11,870
8. $9,890
9. $8,500

John Hemme Leads As the High Roller Restarts

Our two major finals are now underway: Day 3 of the Main Event, and Day 2 of the High Roller. Owent Crowe leads the Main Event final 11, while John Hemme bagged the big stack in the High Roller. There were 20 players who finished last night, and according to the board, six more players have brought in today.

Stay tuned to find out who takes down both of these massive events today!

Cards in the Air: Next $240 HORSE Flight

We are kicking off another $240 HORSE Flight in that $100,000 Guaranteed Event. So far, 19 players have moved on to the Day 2 finals on Thursday, and your time to qualify is running out!

Registration for this flight will be open until 4 PM today. Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: $1,125 Bounty Ring Event

It's time for the bounty hunters to come back to the Bicycle Casino, as we are kicking off the $1,125 Bounty Ring Event. All players who enter will have a $500 bounty on their heads.

Registration will be open until 4:20 PM today. Good luck all!