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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Congratulations to Pat Lyons, Winner of the $580 Turbo Event

Pat Lyons and Phuoc Nguyen got nearly every chip in the tournament in the middle preflop, with Lyons dominated holding Ace-Six to the Ace-Jack of Nguyen. However, the flop came down [6x][6x][4x], giving Lyons trips, and leaving Nguyen drawing dead on the turn.

Nguyen was left with just one big blind after that hand, and he would bust out right after, taking home $10,730. For his victory, Lyons will take home the ring, along with $17,365. Congratulations Pat!

Heads Up Between Pat Lyons and Phuoc Nguyen

It's two former big winners here at the Bicycle Casino who are battling it out for the final ring of the series: former Legends of Poker Main Event champion Pat Lyons, and the most recent Mega Millions winner Phuoc Nguyen. The two are virtually even in chips, with Nguyen holding a slight lead.

Stay tuned to find out who takes home the final WSOP hardware of the series!

Ryan Buckholtz With Nearly Half the Chips in Play Four Handed

Ryan Buckholtz started the final table as the big chip leader, and he has only added to his stack since then, as he has a monster lead right now with 650,000. Below you will see how the rest of the players left stack up compared to him.

Blinds: 6,000-12,000

Ryan Buckholtz - 650,000
Phuoc Nguyen - 270,000
Pat Lyons - 265,000
Dann Jones - 245,000

Seating Chart and Counts for the Turbo Final Table

We quickly got down to the final ten players in the Turbo Ring Event, and they are currently playing at the final table. It's a stack final table, including former Legends of Poker winner Pat Lyons, two time WPT champion Kevin Eyster, former Mega Millions winner Phuoc Nguyen, and Ryan Buckholtz, who has locked up the Player of the Series race with this final table run. Scroll down for the full list, and stay tuned to see who wins!

Seat 1: Ben Keeline - 27,000
Seat 2: Kevin Eyster - 91,000
Seat 3: Scott Stewart - 142,000
Seat 4: Romey McCullough - 109,000
Seat 5: Pat Lyons - 131,000
Seat 6: Phuoc Nguyen - 249,000
Seat 7: Brian Snell - 60,000
Seat 8: Ryan Buckholtz - 520,000
Seat 9: Dann Jones - 114,000
Seat 10: Sterling Savill - 45,000

Congratulations to Mike Shariati, Winner of the Bounty Ring Event

Mike Shariati held a nice lead four handed in the bounty event, and he never let it go from there, cruising to victory, and earning his first WSOP Circuit Ring. It's Shariati's third major win here after also taking down the Legends of Poker Main Event and the Mega Millions previously.

For his efforts Shariati will take home $17,405, while Deborah Sternberg will have to settle for the $10,755 as a runner up prize. Congratulations to both!

Heads Up in the Bounty Event

After losing Leo Araneta in 4th place, and Adam Swan in 3rd, we are now heads up in the $1,125 Bounty Ring Event. Former Legends of Poker and Mega Millions champion Mike Shariati has a nice lead with 1.3 million to the 435,000 of Deborah Sternberg. Stay tuned to see who takes down the ring!

Fresh Counts From the Final Four on Bounty

We have just four players left in the $1,125 Bounty Event, and it's Mike Shariati who has the big lead right now. David Lilien just busted in fifth place, while Roy Salter bowed out in sixth. Here is how the final four stack up, as they get ready to return for the 8,000-16,000 level.

Mike Shariati - 800,000
Adam Swan - 335,000
Deobrah Sternberg - 330,000
Leo Araneta - 255,000

By the Numbers: $580 Turbo Event

Today's $580 one day turbo Event drew a crowd of 124 players, creating a prizepool of $62,000. The final 15 players will finish in the money, all locking up at least $1,045. First place will take home $17,365, and the WSOP Circuit Ring. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good luck to everyone still in.

1. $17,365
2. $10,730
3. $7,745
4. $5,690
5. $4,255
6. $3,235
7. $2,500
8. $1,965
9. $1,570
10-12. $1,270
13-15. $1,045

Details on the Day 2 HORSE Buy-in Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Mixed Game players who haven't had a chance to qualify for the Day 2 finals of the $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event will be given the chance to buy-in directly for $1,700. They will get a starting stack of 100,000, and play will start at 300-800-1,500, with 1,500-3,000 limits. All levels will be 60 minutes long, and Day 2 registration and re-entry will be available for the first six levels.

Click here for the Day 2 structure, and good luck to all who enter tomorrow.

By the Numbers: Fifth HORSE Flight

The first starting session of the day, and fifth overall of the $100,000 Guaranteed Event, drew a total of 42 players. The final six will be moving on to tomorrow's finals to play for a first place prize that should be at least $20,000. The final starting flight is in full swing now, so come on down and play if you don't have your seat yet!

1-6. Advance to Day 2 + $450

Cards in the Air: Final $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Flight

We have one final starting flight in the $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event, and it's just now starting up here in the tournament room. Registration will be open until 7 PM today, and the top 15% will be earning the final tickets to the Day 2 finals tomorrow.

Don't forget that if you don't win your seat to the finals tomorrow, you can still come in and enter on Day 2 for $1,700. Good luck all!

Deborah Sternberg Leads the Final Six in the Bounty Event

We have lost three players in the Bounty Final Table so far today: Avo Melkonyan in 9th, Kyung Min Lee in 8th, and Joseph Cheong in 7th. Right now, Deborah Sternberg has a healthy lead on the rest of the field, having nearly double the stack of her closest competitor. Stay tuned to find out who takes home this ring!

Deborah Sternberg - 590,000
Adam Swan - 330,000
Mike Shariati - 330,000
David Lilien - 220,000
Leo Araneta - 190,000
Roy Salter - 53,000

Congratulations to Jonathan Tamayo, Winner of the Pot-Limit Omaha Ring Event

Jonathan Tamayo came in as the big short stack of three returning players, but he ran through the bottom two on the way to claiming his fourth WSOP Circuit Ring. He will also take home $10,120 for his efforts. Funny enough, Tamayo said that he hasn't played PLO in two years, and only played this because he busted out of the Bounty Event yesterday.

Congratulations Jonathan!

Heads Up in the PLO Event

Vincent Moscati started the day as the slight chip leader in the PLO Event, but it looks like it was all downhill for Moscati, as he just busted in third place. Jonathan Tamayo, who was the short stack to start with, was the biggest beneficiary, as he is now virtually even with Paul Lui as they start heads up play.

Photos of the Final Three in the PLO Event

Seat 1: Vincent Moscati - 283,000

Seat 2: Jonathan Tamayo - 93,000

Seat 3: Paul Lui - 272,000

Photos and Counts From the $1,125 Bounty Ring Event

The final nine are coming back today in the Bounty Ring Event, with former Legends of Poker and Mega Millions Champion Mike Shariati looking to win another big title here. He has a tough final table including former November Niner Joe Chung, local regular Kyung Min Lee, and Adam Swan, who just final tabled the Main Event yesterday. Check out their photos and seating setup below.

Seat 1: Mike Shariati - 265,000
Seat 2: Leo Araneta - 140,000

Seat 3: Kyung Min Lee - 239,000
Seat 4: Deborah Sternberg -165,000

Seat 5: Joseph Cheong - 73,500

Seat 6: Roy Salter - 195,000

Seat 7: Adam Swan - 205,000

Seat 8: Avo Melkonyan - 200,000

Seat 9: David Lilien - 151,000

Cards in the Air: First of Two HORSE Flights Today

We are wrapping up the final day of qualifying in our $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event with the first of two final $350 flights. Players will start with 15,000 in chips, and the top 15% will be moving on to the finals tomorrow to battle it out for a first place prize that should be at least $20,000. Registration for this flight will be open until 3 PM, with the final flight starting up one hour later.

Good luck mixed game players!

Cards in the Air: $580 Turbo Ring Event

As always, the WSOP Circuit Ring Events wrap up with the always popular one day turbo event. The buy-in for this one is $580, with registration open until about 3:10 PM today. All levels will be 20 minutes long.

Good luck players!