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Friday, March 16, 2018

Congratulations to Frank Lin, Winner of the $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE Event

After Shirley Rosario busted in third place, Frank Lin and Gregory Brainos decided to look at the numbers. They quickly agreed to the deal that saw them both take home over $20,000. Lin had the chip lead, so he will take home the trophy, and the lion's share of the prizepool.

Frank Lin - $22,440
Gregory Brainos - $20,715

Congratulations to both players, and thanks to everyone who played this Quantum HORSE Event!

Exact Counts From the Final Three

After Marco Johnson busted out in fourth place, the final three players took a look at the numbers. They couldn't agree to a deal, so we play on. One benefit of the process is we know exactly how many chips players have. Look down to see those counts as we press on in this three handed battle.

Shirley Rosario - 2,790,000
Frank Lin - 2,740,000
Gregory Brainos - 1,845,000

Fresh Counts From the Final Four in HORSE

We were going to update the chips for you guys when we got down to the final three in HORSE, but four handed play has dragged on for over two hours, so we will update you guys now. Frank Lin still holds a small lead, but Shirley Rosario is breathing down his neck.

Frank Lin - 2.5 million
Shirley Rosario - 2.3 million
Gregory Brainos - 1.2 million
Marco Johnson - 950,000

Opening Mega Millions Session Now in the Money

We are down to the final 18 players in the first Mega Millions flight today, meaning they are all in the money with at least $400 locked up. Among the players still in are Kevin Song, former Mega Millions champion Sarkis Keshishain, and recent WSOPC Monster Stack two time winner, Hermilo Vargas.

Fresh Counts From the Final Six Horseys

We are down to just six players in the $100,000 Guaranteed HORSE final table, after losing Dale Phillips, Bob Chow, and Michael Lempkin in that order. Here is how the final six currently stack up, with the betting limits set at 40,000-80,000.

Frank Lin - 2.5 million
Marco Johnson - 1.5 million
Shirley Roasrio - 1.4 million
Qinghai Pan - 1.05 million
Gregory Brainos - 430,000
Ann Bloom - 150,000

By the Numbers: Afternoon $550 Flight

Today's $550 flight drew a crowd of 131 players, meaning that the top 13 will be bagging up for the finals, and taking home $1,000. You will have two more chances this weekend to play one of these $550 flights before they go away during the work week.

1-13. Advance to Day 2 + $1,000

By the Numbers: Opening Flight of the Mega Millions

The first of nearly three dozen starting flights in this latest Mega Millions drew a crowd of 184 players. That means that the final 18 will finish in the money, with the final table of nine players moving on to the Day 2 finals. Scroll down for a breakdown of the payouts, and don't forget that our second flight is in full swing now!

1-9th. Advance to Day 2 + $1,000
10-14. $500
15-18. $400

Cards in the Air: Third and Final Flight of the Day

Our final starting flight of the day on this opening Mega Millions XVIII day has just started up here at the Bike. Registration will be open until 7 PM, and re-entry will also be available in that time frame as well.

If you can't come out and play today, don't worry! We have starting flights going for the next week and a half, including three new flights tomorrow.

Photos and Stack for the Final Nine in HORSE

Seat 1: Frank Lin - 1.48 million
Seat 2: Bob Chow - 275,000

Seat 3: Gregory Brainos - 350,000

Seat 4: Dale Phillips - 600,000

Seat 5: Michael Lempkin - 90,000

Seat 6: Marco Johnson - 700,000

Qinghai Pan - 1.2 million
Seat 8: Shirley Rosario - 1.1 million

Seat 9: Ann Bloom - 1.15 million

Defending Champion Phuoc Nguyen Here on Day 1

Below you guys will see some of the players who are here in the afternoon $550. As the title indicates, the defending champion Phuoc Nguyen is here hoping to secure one of the very first Day 2 finals seats. We also spotted former WSOP Circuit Main Event chamipon Nikhil Gera, as well as Ryan Buckholtz, who is fresh off of winning the WSOPC Player of the Series during the ring events over the last two weeks. 

Phuoc Nguyen

Nikhil Geara

Ryan Buckholtz

Nipun Java

Lance Allred

Down to 11 In the HORSE Finals

We had 15 players come back for the Day 3 finals of the HORSE Event, and we are down to the final 11 now. Here is how the latest bustouts shook out.

12. "Lucky" Larry Kantor
13. Tony Ma
14. Adam Kipnis
15. Luis Concha

The big stack to start the day was none other than two time WSOP bracelet winner Marco Johnson. When we get down to the final table, we will snap photos and get updated counts from everyone still in.

Cards in the Air: First $550 Starting Flight

The second flight of the day has started up here on the opening day of the Mega Millions. This is the first $550 session, where the top 10% will be cashing for $1,000 and moving on to the Day 2 finals in two weeks. Registration for this flight will be open until 5 PM today. Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of Mega Millions XVIII

It's the time many of you have been waiting for. The 18th Mega Millions tournament has just kicked off here at the Bicycle Casino. This tournament gives players the rare opportunity to play for a quarter of a million dollar first place prize, for as little as $160. That is how much this opening flight today costs, as well as the 4 PM flight later on today. All players will have a $100 optional add-on as well, and re-entry will be available until registration closes (2:30 PM).

Good luck everyone!