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Friday, March 23, 2018

WSOPC / Winning "O" Green Leaderboard List

Final Friday Starting Flight Underway

The third and final starting flight of the day has just kicked off in the tournament ballroom! Registration for this flight will be open until 7 PM tonight, and the final 5% will qualify fir the finals on Tuesday.

Good luck all!

Time to Bring Back the $550 Sessions

As the title indicates, we are raising the stakes on the second flight of the day here on this Mega Millions Friday. The buy-in is up to $550, and the top 10% will be cashing and moving on to the finals.

If you want to play this buy-in, but can't play today, don't worry! We are running this same flight everyday until the Tuesday finals.

Good luck everyone!

Cards in the Air: Friday Morning Session

We are kicking off the first of three starting flights here today at the Bicycle Casino! The buy-in as usual is $160 with an optional $100 add-on, and registration is open until 2:30 PM.

If you want to play a higher buy-in, our $550 session starts up at 2 PM today. Come join us!