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Sunday, March 25, 2018

By the Numbers: Final Flight of the Day

The third and final flight drew a total of 248 players. That means that the top 12 will be advancing to the finals on Tuesday to battle it out for a first place prize that should be around $300,000! Scroll down for a breakdown of these payouts, and don't forget that tomorrow is the last day of Day 1 qualifying sessions!

1-12. Advance to Day 2 + $1,000
13-19. $400
20-25. $300

The First Flight is in the Money

We just heard some applause from the opening flight today, and that is because we are down to the final 28 players. All of them are now at least $300 richer, but they are still trying to get down to the final 14 before the day will be done.

What's on Tap: Final Day of Mega Millions Qualifying

As you can tell by the title, time is running out for those who have yet to punch their tickets to the Day 2 finals of this 18th installment of the Mega Millions. You will have three more chances tomorrow, at 11:30 AM, 2 PM, and 4 PM. Registration for all three flights will be open for three hours, and players may also re-enter in that time.

Don't miss out on it!

By the Numbers: Sunday $550 Flight

Today's afternoon $550 flight drew a crowd of 199 players, meaning 20 more Day 2 tickets will be punched from there. The final $550 session will be tomorrow at 2 PM, so if you don't have your ticket yet, or you want to try to double qualify, that will be one of your chances!

1-20. Advance to Day 2 + $1,000

Cards in the Air: Final Starting Session Today

We are ready to kick off the third and final flight of the day here on Mega Millions Sunday! The buy-in is back down to $160, but all players will have an optional $100 add-on. Registration for this flight will be open until 7 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

Some Snapshots From Our $550 Session

Below you guys will see just a few of the familiar faces who are here trying to get one of the last few dozen tickets to the Day 2 finals. We spotted former Mega Millions and Legends of Poker Champion Mike Shariati, as well as recent WPT final tablist Peter Hengsakul. Scroll down for those photos, and a few more! 

Thu Nguyen

John De La Garza

Mike Shariati

Peter Hengsakul

Randy Holland

By the Numbers: Opening Session Today

We had another great weekend crowd in the opening session today with a grand total of 275 players. That means that the top 28 will be in the money, with 14 moving on to Tuesday's finals.

The $550 session is in full swing right now with plenty of time to register, while the final flight starts at the top of the hour. Come join us!

1-14. Advance to Day 2 + $1,000
15-21. $400
22-28. $300

The $550 Starting Session now Underway

It's 2 PM here at the Mega Millions, which means it's time for another $550 starting session! The top 10% will be moving on to the finals from this session. Registration is open until 5 PM today. Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: Opening Sunday Flight

We have just two more days of qualifying heats in this 18th Mega Millions Event, and the first of three flights today has just started. Registration will be open until 2:30 PM today, and the buy-in is just $160, with an optional $100 add-on. The top 5% will be locking up $1,000, and will move on to Tuesday's finals to play for a first place prize of over $250,000!