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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

By the Numbers: Final Starting Session for the $100,000 Guaranteed Event

The eighth and final flight for this first massive guaranteed Summer Series event drew a total of 177 players. That means that the prizepool is now up to over $150,000, with the Day 2 buy-ins tomorrow still to be added to this massive prizepool.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for all of the updates as this event moves on to the Day 2 finals at 1 PM tomorrow!

1-18. Advance to Day 2 + $250

Final Three Tables In the Morning Flight

The 11:30 flight just returned from break, and they are also down to the final three tables now. That means that we are seven eliminations from finishing out this penultimate Day 1 starting session of this $100,000 Guaranteed Event.

The afternoon flight is just about to close it's doors to registration, so if you are near the area be sure you don't miss out on this final chance to qualify through a Day 1 session!

What's on Tap: Day 2 Finals of the $100,000 Guaranteed Event

As we mentioned earlier, tomorrow is the Day 2 finals of our $100,000 Guaranteed Event, which will be up to over $150,000 by the time the Day 2 buy-ins start rolling in tomorrow. In addition to the finals starting up at 1 PM, we also have a $245 survivor event tomorrow, where the top 10% will all be taking home $2,000 each. That tournament will be starting up at 4 PM tomorrow.

It should be a pack day of poker action, and we will be here the whole day to give you all the updates!

First Break of the Final Flight

The opening flight of the day drew a massive crowd of 197 players, and it looks like we will be getting close to that in this second flight, as exactly 100 have come out to play so far.

Registration for this final flight will close at 7:30 PM tonight, so you still have still have plenty of time to brave the rush hour traffic and take your shot at this first place prize that should be over $30,000!

Some Details on Tomorrow's Day 2 Buy-in

The first of three Day 2 buy-in finals will be kicking off tomorrow in the $100,000 Guaranteed Event. All you need to get in on the action is $1,100. That will get you a stack of 200,000 in chips, and with the blinds rolling back to 1,500-3,000, you will be starting with 66 big blinds!

The finals start at 1 PM tomorrow, and registration for the Day 2 buy-in will be open until the end of the first break, or until about 2:40 PM. Click here for a full structure tomorrow, and good luck to everyone!

Cards in the Air: Final $100,000 Guaranteed Starting Session

The time is now ladies and gentlemen! This is your final chance to qualify for tomorrow's massive Day 2 finals through one of our $150 starting session. Just like all the rest before it, registration will be open until 7:30 PM tonight, and the top 10% will be bagging and tagging.

The prizepool should pass the $150,000 marker in this flight, so be sure you don't miss out on it. Of course, you can still get into the action tomorrow for $1,100 by buying in directly to Day 2. Good luck everyone!

Some Snapshots From the Floor Today

Below you guys will see a few of the player photos from this second to last $100,000 Guaranteed flight. We spotted Greg Gibson, who stormed onto the scene at the WSOP Circuit stop in March, winning one ring, and nearly winning Player of the Series. We also spotted Bike regulars LD Gray and Joe Schulman in the crowd! 

Joe Schulman

Greg Gibson

LD Gray 

Prizepool Over $130,000 After Morning Flight

The 11:30 AM flight drew a tournament high 197 players, pushing the prizepool up to over $130,000. We still have our final flight today, along with the Day 2 buy-ins tomorrow, so there's a good chance we nearly double the posted guarantee when registration finally closes tomorrow.

The last flight starts at 4 PM today. Don't miss it!

1-20. Advance to Day 2 + $250

Final Day of $100,000 Guaranteed Qualifying Now Underway

Time is running out for this $100,000 Guaranteed Event, which has already passed the posted guarantee today. Registration for this flight will be open until 3 PM, with the final flight of the event starting up at 4 PM tonight.

Remember that the Day 2 finals are tomorrow, and you can come in and register for $1,1000 when the action starts at 1 PM!