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Thursday, June 7, 2018

What's on Tap: Friday, June 8th

Tomorrow we have a transition day between the end of the $100,000 Guaranteed Event, and the start of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event on Saturday. We start at 11:30 AM with a half Pot Limit Omaha half Big O High Only Event.

At 4 PM, we are bringing the bounties back out for the $240 buy-in $30,000 Guaranteed Event. All knockouts will be worth $100, and the buy-in will be $240.

It will be a fun day of poker, so don't miss out on it!

The Final Two Chop it Up, Chester Burnett is the Winner!

Chester Burnett started the final table as the chip leader, and he never fell too far from the top on his way to taking down this first massive Summer Series title. Burnett and David Chavez agreed to chop when they got heads up. Chavez will take home $29,031, while Burnett will earn $33,805, and the title!

Congratulations to Burnett on his huge win, and thank you to everyone who came out to play today. We will see you guys again on Saturday for the start of the $200,000 Guaranteed Event!

Henri Juutilainen Eliminated in 3rd Place ($14,195)

After a raise from David Chavez, Henri Juutilainen moved all in for his final five million. Chavez thought a bit before calling, and the hands were tabled.

Chavez: [8h][8s]
Juutilainen: [Ad][9h]

We were off to the races, but the race didn't last long, as the flop came down [Ks][Jh][8d]. A deuce on the turn ended the hand, and Chavez scooped the pot.

That leaves us heads up, with Chester Burnett holding a 23 million to 13 million lead over Chavez. Right now, the floor is crunching the numbers for a chop.

Juutilainen Doubles On Last Hand of Break

Just before the latest ten minute break, Henri Juutilainen got his last five million in preflop holding [Ad][7s]. He was slightly ahead of the [Kc][Js] of David Chavez. The board ran down [7d][5h][2d][Qh][6s], giving Juutilainen the double to ten million, while dropping Chavez down to 7.2 million.

Chester Burnett has the lead with 15 million.

David Chavez Makes the Fold of the Tournament

We caught up with the action between David Chavez and Chester Burnett on a flop of [Ad][8d][6c]. Burnett check called a bet of 1.5 million from Chavez, and the [7c] hit the turn. Burnett checked again, and Chavez fired four million. Burnett counted out the bet, then his stack, and after about 90 seconds in the tank, he announced all in.

The bet was for 12 million total, and represented nearly all of Chavez's remaining chips. Burnett got up to walk around as Chavez tanked for over two minutes. Eventually, he said "I'm going to show you respect," as he open folded [8c][8s] for second set.

Both Burnett and Henri Juutilainen's eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw the hand. Burnett repeatedly said "you folded a set?" in disbelief as the dealer started to scramble the deck. Burnett still had his cards, and eventually said "I have to show you," and revealed [10d][9d] for a turned straight.

Burnett stacked the chips to take the lead with 18 million, while Chavez was left relieved that the incredible fold he made was correct.

Cards in the Air: $20,000 Facebook Event

It's time to start up the afternoon event, and it's our always popular Facebook Event. This $75 buy-in tournament has a $20,000 Guarantee on it. All players will have one optional $50 add-on when registration is about to close.

Good luck players!

Bruce Greenberg Eliminated in 4th Place ($11,040)

Action folded to David Chavez in the small blind, and he asked Bruce Greenberg in the big blind how much be had. "Not much," Greenberg said as he moved his arms to show a stack of just under two million. Chavez shoved, and as soon as Greenberg saw his hand, he called.

Greenberg: [Ac][Kh]
Chavez: [As][3s]

Greenberg was well out in front, and the flop of [8c][7d][2s] was clean for him. However, the [3c] on the turn flipped the script, as Greenberg now needed a three outer to win. A five would come instead, and Chavez scored the knockout to get us to three handed play.

Ming Li Eliminated in 5th Place ($9,005)

David Chavez raised it up, and Ming Li three bet for most of his stack from the big blind. Chavez moved all in, and Li made the call for the rest of his stack.

Li: [Ah][10h]
Chavez: [Ad][Kd]

Li flopped some outs on the [Jh][8h][2s] flop. and turn a few more with the [7d] turn. However, the [8s] on the river brought no more help, giving Chavez the pot, and the chip lead.

Here is how the final four currently stack up.

David Chavez - 12,700,000
Chester Burnett - 9,500,000
Bruce Greenberg - 6,700,000
Henri Juutikainen - 6,500,000

Jason Bral Eliminated in 6th Place ( $7,170)

Jason Bral open shoved his final 3.8 million from under the gun, and it folded around to Chester Burnett in the big blind. Once he got the count, he made the call.

Burnett: [Jc][Jd]
Bral: [Ah][8h]

The board ran down [Qc][9h][4d][7s][3d], and the jacks held for Burnett to get us to five handed play.

Fresh Counts From the Final Six

Blinds: 60,000-120,000 Average: 6,000,000

Henri Juutilainen - 9,500,000
David Chavez - 8,400,000
Chester Burnett - 5,800,000
Jason Bral - 4,400,000
Ming Li - 4,125,000
Bruce Greenberg - 3,450,000

Li Scores a Big Triple Up

Ming Li had shoved a number of times before he got it all in from early position for his final 1.45 million. Chester Burnett quickly called, and a couple of seats over, Jason Bral moved all in over the top. Bral and Burnett were fairly close in chips, and Burnett tanked for about a minute before making a reluctant fold.

Li: [Qc][10h]
Bral: [Ad][Kd]

Li was very live for the triple up, and he would vault into the lead after the flop of [10d][9c][2s]. Bral had some backdoor outs, but the [7h] turn meant only an ace or king would do now. The river was the [Qs], and Li scored a huge pot to vault him back into the race.

Damien Dreyer Eliminated in 7th Place ($5,660)

Damien Dreyer had gotten a few shoves through before he was called by David Chavez, who had [Ac][8h] from the big blind. Dreyer held [Jc][10c], and Chavez's ace high would hold on the [Kd][3d][2s][9s][7s]. 

That gets us down to just six players. As of yet, there haven't been talks of a chop.

Gladys Landegger Eliminated in 8th Place ($4,340)

Gladys Landegger was short for a while before she shoved all in after a flop of [7d][4d][2d]. Jason Bral called to put her at risk with [Kd][3c], and Landegger was in the lead with [Kh][4h]. Bral could only win a with a diamond or running straight cards, and he would pick up both, as the board finished out [5c] and [6d].

Juutilainen and Burnett Battling for Chip Lead

There hasn't been much to report since the early elimination of Cody Bell. Chester Burnett has maintained his chip lead, but he has a new rival in Henri Juutilainen, who has ridden the momentum of the lone knockout of the day to vault himself into second chip position at this final table.

Cody Bell Eliminated in 9th Place ($3,150)

Cody Bell opened the action to 200,000 from early position, and Henri Juutilainen reraised to 665,000. It folded around to Bell, who didn't take long to shove all in for just over 2.3 million. After a few minutes in the tank, the clock was called, and halfway through that clock, Juutilainen dropped in the call.

Juutilainen: [Jd][Jc]
Bell: [As][Qd]

The flop of [Kc][8c][5c] was great for Juutilainen, as it took two of Bell's outs away. The board finished out [8d] and [2h], and Juutilainen won the flip to get him close to the top of the leaderboard.

Photos Of the $100,000 Guaranteed Final Table

Seat 1: Damien Dreyer - 3,085,000 (not pictured)

Seat 2: Cody Bell - 2,460,000

Seat 3: Jason Bral - 4,040,000

Seat 4: David Chavez - 5,140,000
Seat 5: Gladys Landegger - 3,170,000

Seat 6: Bruce Greenberg - 3,110,000

Seat 7: Henri Juutilainen - 3,690,000
Seat 8: Ming Li - 2,740,000

Seat 9: Chester Burnett - 9,155,000

Cards in the Air: $130 Big O/Omaha 8 Event

We start things off today with our first Mixed Game event of the Summer Series, the $130 buy-in Big O/Omaha 8 event. Registration for this event will be open until 2:30 PM today, and this is a one day event. Good luck everyone!

Chester Burnett Leads the Final Nine

Rising star Joey Deluca was crippled on one of the last hands of the night, and busted with just a few minutes left on the clock to get us down to the final table of ten. Chester Burnett saw his chip stack soar in the last level of the night, and he capped it off with an elimination on the final hand of the night to move his chip lead up with a monster stack of 9,155,000. Below you will see how the final ten are shaping up for tomorrow. The action resumes at 1, and we will be here to bring you all of the big updates, so come back then!

Seat 1: Damien Dreyer - 3,085,000
Seat 2: Cody Bell - 2,460,000
Seat 3: Jason Bral - 4,040,000
Seat 4: David Chavez - 5,140,000
Seat 5: Gladys Landegger - 3,170,000
Seat 6: Bruce Greenberg - 3,110,000
Seat 7: Henri Juutilainen - 3,690,000
Seat 8: Ming Li - 2,740,000
Seat 9: Chester Burnett - 9,155,000

The Final Table is Near

We are down to the final 11 players, which means we need to lose just one more before the unofficial final table is determined. Once we get down to the final ten, we will post the names and counts for all players remaining.

In the meantime, the following players each took home $1,805.

13. Michael Tzeiler
14. Noam Kashanian
15. Javier Olivares

And these three all won $1,565.

16. Linh Nguyen
17. Majid Asssil
18. Christopher Clark