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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cards in the Air: Second $200,000 Guaranteed Flight

The second starting session of the day is underway here at the Bicycle Casino. The buy-in today is just $150, and first place in this event should be around $50,000, so make sure you don't miss out on this huge event.

Registration is open until 7:30 PM tonight. Good luck all!

The $200,000 Guaranteed Event is Now Underway!

It's time to kick off the second massiove guaranteed event here at the 2018 Summer Series. Our opening $100,000 Guaranteed Event ended up creating a prizepool of over $200,000, and that was won by Chester Burnett.

This is the first of eight starting flights in this event. The top 10% will take $250 home, and lock up their spots in Wednesday's finals. Registration is open until 3 PM today, with the second flight starting at 4 PM.

Good luck all!