We Care Commitment

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Time to Kick off the Afternoon Flight

The $200,000 Guaranteed Event rolls on here at the Summer Series with another starting session! For this flight, the doors of registration will close at 7:30 PM tonight. The top 10% will be bagging up, taking $250 home with them, and will know that they will be one of the players coming back on Wednesday to battle it out for this massive prizepool.

Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: Sunday Morning Session

The first session of the day has started up here in the $200,000 Guaranteed Event. Registration will be open until 3 PM, with the second session of the day starting just on hour later.

We will be passing the halfway point of starting flights in this massive Summer Series Event today. Remember that the top 10% from each flight will be moving on to the finals on Wednesday, where first place will be taking home over $40,000!