We Care Commitment

Friday, June 15, 2018

Final Flight of the Day Underway

We are kicking off the third and final starting session of the day here at the $500,000 Guaranteed opening day! The buy-in is back down to $85 for this one.

If you can't come out for this flight, we have three more flights starting tomorrow. Come join us!

Cards in the Air: Friday Afternoon Flight

It's time to start up the first $240 flight of this $500,000 Guaranteed Event! These flights will be running on the weekends over the next two weeks. For these, players start with 20,000 in chips, and the top 10% are moving on to the finals in two weeks.

Good luck all!

The $500,000 Guaranteed Event is Underway!

It's time to start up the Main Event here at the 2018 Summer Series! The buy-in this morning is just $85, and first place will be taking home over $100,000!

Registration for this flight is open until 3:00 PM, and we have a $240 flight starting at 2 PM. Good luck all!