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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Just Three Tables Left in the Morning Flight

It has taken us just over seven hours to whittle a field of 183 players down to just 27. That means that the money bubble is looming, as only the top 18 players will be finishing in the money tonight.

Don't forget that registration is still open for nearly an hour in the afternoon flight, so don't miss it!

What's on Tap: Wednesday, June 20th

The schedule tomorrow is a carbon copy of today's as the $500,000 Guaranteed Event approaching the halfway point of Day 1 play. You know the drill by now. The buy-in for the two flights tomorrow will be $85, and registration will be open for three and a half hours.

Remember that the top 10% will be cashing, but only the final 7% will be moving on to the finals next week, where one player will be taking home around $100,000!

First Break of the Afternoon Event

The second flight today just came back from the first break, and we have another big flight brewing with 118 players entered so far. Registration will be open in this flight until 7:30, so you still have plenty of time to come join us!

By the Numbers: Tuesday Morning Session

We had a great turnout for our morning event with a total of 183 entries. That means that the top 18 will finish in the money, with the final 13 moving on to the finals next week. The second flight of the day is in full swing now. Come join us!

1-13. Advance to Day 2 + $400
14-18. $250

Cards in the Air: Tuesday Afternoon Flight

It's time to start up the second flight of the day here at the Summer Series Main Event. The buy-in stays the same at $85, and the top 7% will be bagging up tonight and moving on to the finals next Tuesday.

Registration is open until 7:30 PM. Good luck all!

Some Snapshots From the Floor Today

We have a few photos for you guys form the action today. Former Mega Millions fourth place finisher Larry Serebryany is here hoping to score another huge deep run here at the Bike. We also spotted one of the successful Le siblings, Hai Le. Scroll down for those photos, and a few more! 

Hai Le

Larry Serebryany

Mark Roguel 

Andy "Shooter" Stracuzzi

Over 100 Players in Morning Flight

We are halfway through the registration period as players are coming back from their first break here in the Tuesday morning flight, and we have 109 players registered so far. Players will still have until 3 PM today to come join us, so you still have plenty of time!

Cards in the Air: Tuesday Morning Flight

It's time to start up another flight here in this $500,000 Guaranteed Event. This is the first of two flights today. Registration will be open until 3 PM, and the buy-in is just $85. Good luck all!