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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The Final Eight Chop It Up, Linh Truong Takes Home the Title

The final eight took a look at the numbers, and after moving some money around, a deal was struck! Linh Truong was the chip leader at the time, so she will take home first place, as well as $57,932. Below you will see a full breakdown of the eight handed chop. Congratulations to all eight players, and thanks to everyone who made the Summer Series Main Event so huge!

Linh Truong - $57,932
Emil Mactal - $56,424
Rubin Chappell - $50,000
Frank Corrales - $48,700
Robert Waterman - $36,404
Gregg Manston - $31,889
Henry Fong - $27,829
Jeff Friedman - $23,096

Jesus Jimenez Eliminated in 9th Place ($9,225)

Action folded around to Frank Corrales, and he raised to 1.2 million. In the small blind, Jesus Jimenez moved all in for 1.5 million more, and Corrales made the call.

Corrales: [Ac][7c]
Jimenez: [Jh][Js]

Jimenez held the lead, but it wouldn't last long, as the flop came down [Ad][Qh][8h]. Jimenez now needed a two outer, but the board finished out [2d] and [Kh].

This leaves us with eight players, and those eight are taking their break now.

Official $500,000 Guaranteed Final Table Photo

Top Row (Left to Right) - Robert Waterman, Jesus Jimenez, Jeff Friedman, Henry Fong, Rubin Chappell, Frank Corrales

Bottom Row (Left to Right) - Emil Mactal, Gregg Manston, Linh Truong

Austin Yoo Eliminated in 10th Place ($6,665)

Austin Yoo lost over half his stack when he shipped a double up over to Gregg Manston, and not long after that, he was all in against Robert Waterman in a blind vs blind situation. Manston held [Qs][10d], and he was trailing against the [Ac][7s] of Yoo. The flop of [Jc][6h][2d] didn't bring Manston much help, but the [8s] on the turn did give him some extra outs. He wouldn't need them though, as the [10h] came on the river to give Manston the winning hand.

This gets us down to our final nine players.

Fong Hits Runner Runner to Double

Action folded to chip leader Robert Waterman, and he raised to 1.2 million on the button. Short stack Henry Fong was in the big blind, and after some thought, he moved all in for just a bit more. Waterman got the count, and made the call, though he didn't look thrilled about it.

Waterman: [4s][3s]
Fong: [Ad][7c]

Fong loved the window card, [7s], but he didn't love what came after it, [6d] and [5h]. That gave Waterman a flopped straight, and would leave Fong needing running cards to fill up. The [Ac] on the turn was one of those, and the [7h] on the river was another. The runout drew gasps from everyone at the table, as well as most of the rail birds, as Fong doubled up to nearly 5 million.

Unofficial Final Table Photos and Counts

Seat 1: Linh Troung - 9,600,000
Seat 2: Frank Corrales - 12,000,000 

Seat 3: Rubin Chappell - 5,650,000

Seat 4: Jesus Jimenez - 2,200,000

Seat 5: Jeff Friedman - 7,500,000

Seat 6: Robert Waterman - 16,200,000

Seat 7: Austin Yoo - 7,600,000

Seat 8: Henry Fong - 2,300,000

Seat 9: Emil Mactal - 13,500,000

Seat 10: Gregg Manston - 4,800,000

Just Two Bustouts From the Final Table

We are down to the final 12 players, meaning with two more eliminations, we will be down to our unofficial final table of ten players. The following three players each won $5,645 for their efforts.

13. Carlos Chu
14. Alexander Hoang
15. Alex Hua

And these three all won $4,985.

16. Dung Nguyen
17. Marshall Hall
18. Nelson Mediavilla

Latest Round of Eliminations: 19-27th Places

We are down to just two tables left in the Main Event. Here are the players who just missed out on it. The following players took home $4,380.

19. Thomas Kim
20. Patrick Chan
21. Saritza Stevens

These three all won $3,800.

22. Dong Le
23. Alvin Yue
24. Danny Geyser

And lastly, these three took home $3,250.

25. Humberto Martinez
26. Yuchen Chen
27. Robert Neuman

Some Counts From the Final Two Tables

We are down to the final 18 in this Summer Series Main Event, and the big payouts are around the corner. Once we get down to the final table, we will grab photos and chip counts for everyone still in. In the meantime, here is how a few of the remaining players are faring.

Blinds: 100,000-200,000 Average: 5,000,000

Robert Waterman - 10,200,000
Linh Troung - 9,000,000
Rubin Chappell - 5,400,000
Jesus Jimenez - 4,300,000
Carlos Chu - 3,300,000

Latest Round of Bustouts

The final 27 just completed a full three table redraw. Below you will see the players who just missed out on the redraw, taking home $2,700.

28. Armen Nazaryan
29. Edward Eng
30. George Adjamoglian
31. Quincy Weekley
32. Edward Pickens
33. Paul Emata
34. Anthony Marquez
35. Christopher Taylor
36. Steven Daly

Fresh Counts From the Final 27

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 Average: 3,270,000

Linh Troung - 9,700,000
Robert Waterman - 6,200,000
Jesus Jimenez - 5,250,000
Rubin Chappell - 4,300,000
Patrick Chan - 3,300,000
Dong Le - 2,800,000
Danny Geyser - 1,900,000
Alvin Yue - 1,900,000

Some Fresh Chippies From the Final 36

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 Average: 2,400,000

Jesus Jimenez - 5,450,000
Alvin Yue - 4,100,000
Dong Le - 3,900,000
Danny Geyser - 2,700,000
Patrick Chan - 2,400,000
Rubin Chappell - 2,250,000

First Round of Day 3 Bustouts

We are down to the final four tables now, meaning it's time to start listing off all of the eliminations. The following players each took home $2,185 tonight.

37. Adam Martel
38. Jonathan Dominguez
39. John Walker
40. Antonio Flores
41. Nestor Hernandez
42. John Sharou
43. Konstadinos Georgopulos
44. Larry Serebryany
45. Mehrdad Shelechi

Start of Day Chip Leader Out

John Walker came into the day in the poll position today as the only player over three million in chips, but he was stuck in reverse all day, and he has just been eliminated here on this Day 3.

The final 41 players are taking their second break of the day. We will start listing off the names of all players eliminated once we get down to the final four tables. Stay tuned!

Cards in the Air: $130 Survivor Event

The $500,000 Guaranteed Event might be getting it's way to a final table, but over on the other side of the room, there is plenty of other poker being played. The $130 Survivor Event just started up, where the top 10% will all be taking home $1,000 cash. Registration is open until 7 PM tonight. Good luck all!

Some Updated Counts From the Final 45

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 Average: 1,900,000

Danny Geyser - 4,500,000
Dong Le - 3,600,000
Jesus Jimenez - 3,300,000
John Walker - 2,600,000
Rubin Chappell - 2,600,000
Alvin Yue - 2,200,000
Patrick Chan - 1,900,000

Updated Counts From the Final Six Tables

Blinds: 30,000-60,000 Average: 1,570,000 Players Left: 54

Jesus Jimenez - 5,100,000
John Walker - 3,100,000
Rubin Chappell - 2,000,000
Alvin Yue - 1,800,000
Danny Geyser - 1,600,000
Patrick Chan - 1,050,000
Larry Serebryany - 910,000

Some Fresh Chippies From the Final 63

Blinds: 25,000-50,000 Average: 1,350,000

John Walker - 3,300,000
Jesus Jimenez - 2,500,000
Rubin Chappell - 2,200,000
Alvin Yue - 1,900,000
Patrick Chan - 1,200,000
Larry Serebryany - 1,100,000
Danny Geyser - 880,000

The Top Stacks to Start the Day 3 Finals

John Walker - 3,130,000

Jesus Jimenez - 2,900,000

Dong Le - 2,805,000

Anthony Marquez - 2,650,000

Robert Waterman -  2,300,000

Carlos Chu - 2,225,000

Ruslan Evloev - 2,150,000

Linh Truong - 1,945,000

Cards in the Air: Big O/Stud 8 or Better

We move back to the Mixed Games for our next event here at the 2018 Summer Series. This one is a mix of Big O and Stud 8 or Better. The buy-in is just $130, and registration will be open until 3 PM today. Good luck players!

Summer Poker Series Event #12 Return List

Play Ends With 82 Players and John Walker Leading the Way

After 11 levels of play, a starting field of 426 players has been whittled down to the final 82 players. There was a heated race for the top spot, with multiple players vying for the top spot, but when the dust settled, it was John Walker who bagged the most chips with 3,130,000. Other big stacks are Jesus Jimenez (2,900,000) and Dong Le (2,805,000).

The action resumes tomorrow at 1 PM, and the plan is to play down to the final table of nine players. We will be here for all of the updates, so make sure you come back and join us for all the fun!

John Walker - 3,130,000

Jesus Jimenez - 2,900,000

Dong Le - 2,805,000

Updated Counts In the Final Level

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 Average: 888,000 Players Left: 95

Larry Serebryany - 1,300,000
Michael Ung - 800,000
Rubin Chappell - 780,000
Patrick Chan - 600,000
Danny Geyser - 600,000
Erich Karle - 540,000
Brandon Zuidema - 300,000
Duey Duong - 260,000

Final Break of the Evening

The clock says 99 players left as they are taking their final ten minute break of the night. When they return, they will play one more level before bagging up for the night.

We will post a fresh round of notable chip counts shortly, and be sure to stay tuned to find out who bags the overnight chip lead!