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Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Poker Series Leaderboard List

What's on Tap: WSOP Main Event Satellite Day

Tomorrow is the last day of the Summer Series, and it is all about giving you guys opportunities to get into the $10,000 WSOP Main Event on the cheap. First at 12 PM, we have a $550 Mega Satellite guaranteeing at least 15 $10,000 cash packages. At 4 PM, we will have a $1,100 Survivor Event, where the top 10% will all be taking home a cool $10,000 cash.

It's going to be an action packed day, so don't miss it!

Time for the Final $75 Mega Satellite

The last event of the day is another $75 Mega Satellite guaranteeing five seats to tomorrow's WSOP Main Event Mega. Registration for this satellite will be open until 8:35 PM tonight.

Tomorrow's satellite will start up at 12 PM sharp. Don't miss it!

Guaranteed Already Met In the Afternoon Event

Players are returning from their first break of the day in the $20,000 Guaranteed Event, and so far, 146 players have entered. Registration will be open until 7:30 PM tonight, so you still have plenty of time to come join us for this event, which already has over $25,000 in the prizepool!

Cards in the Air: $20,000 Guaranteed Event

It's time to start up another $20,000 Guaranteed Event here at the Summer Series. Yesterday's $20,000 Guaranteed passed the guarantee, and the winner took home over $6,000. The buy-in today is just $200. Come join us!

By the Numbers: Opening $75 Satellite

The first satellite of the day drew a crowd of 52 players, meaning that the top five will earn seats to tomorrow's WSOP Main Event Satellite. Sixth place will also take home $370. The second satellite of the day will take place at 7 PM tonight. Good luck all!

1-5. $550 Seats
6. $370

Cards in the Air: First $75 Satellite of the Day

It's time to start up the first of two $75 satellites on this penultimate day of the 2018 Summer Series. These satellites are guaranteeing five seats to tomorrow's $550 WSOP Main Event Mega Satellite, meaning that you have the opportunity to turn $75 today into over $8 million in Las Vegas in two weeks!

Registration for this satellite is open until about 1:35 PM. Don't forget that we also have a $200 buy-in $20,000 Guaranteed Event at 4 PM, and our final $75 satellite at 7 PM tonight. Good luck all!