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Friday, August 3, 2018

By the Numbers: Final Flight Today

The third and final flight drew a crowd of 157 players, meaning that the top 16 will cash with the final eight advancing to the finals. Your next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM!

1-8. Advance to Day 2 + $1,000
9-12. $400
13-16. $300

What's on Tap: Saturday, August 4th

Tomorrow is the second day of the Mega Millions, and the schedule will be just like today. We kick things off with a $160 flight at 11:30 AM before upping the buy-in to $550 at 2 PM. However, we will dial it back down to $160 for the third and final session, which starts up at 4 PM.

The top 5% of the first and third flights will advance to the finals, while the top 10% will move on from the 2 PM flight. It will be an exciting day, so don't miss out on it!

Nearly 100 Players in the 4 PM Session

The final flight of the day is coming back from it's first break now, and we have a total of 96 entries. Registration is open until 7 PM, so you still have plenty of time to brave the Friday rush hour traffic and come join us.

If you can't come out today, your next chance to qualify will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM.

By the Numbers: Afternoon $550 Session

The first $550 starting flight of Mega Millions XIX drew a crowd of 96 players. That means that the final 10 players will be bagging and tagging tonight, locking up $1,000 as well. If you want to play another one of these higher buy-in flights where the top 10% advance, your next chance will be tomorrow at 2 PM!

1-10. Advance to Day 2 + $1,000

Some Snapshots From the $550 Session

It's time to show you guys a few of the players who are here for the afternoon $550 session! We spotted former Legends of Poker and Mega Millions champion Mike Shariati. We also found a funny duo sitting side by side: Mark Jun and Beau Winn. These two just went deep in the $200,000 Guaranteed Event, both finishing in the top 15 but falling short of the final table.

Peter Hengsakul

Mike Shariati

Alex Massman

Mark Jun and Beau Winn

Cards in the Air: Final Session of the Day

The third and final flight of the opening day of the Mega Millions has just kicked off. The buy-in is knocked back down to $160 for this one, and the top 5% will be bagging and moving on to the finals tonight. 

Registration will be open until 7 PM. Good luck everyone! 

By the Numbers: Opening Flight of the Day

The first starting session of this Mega Millions Event drew a crowd of 175 players. That means that the final table of nine players will be the first to move on to the Day 2 finals. The final 18 will finish in the money, and you can view a breakdown of the payouts below.

1-9th Advance to Day 2 + $1,000
10-13. $400
14-18. $300

First Break of the $550 Session

The second flight of the day is on it's first break right now with a total of 69 players registered. When they come back, they will play three more levels before taking another break. After that, registration will be closed, and the top 10% will be moving on to the Day 2 finals.

Come join us!

Some Photos From Our Opening Flight

Below you guys will see the first round of player photos from Mega Millions XIX! We spotted a former champion Boris Goldstein, who is surely hoping he will become the first ever two time champion of this event in a couple of weeks. We also spotted Hermilo Vargas fresh off his final table finish in the $200,000 Guaranteed Event last night!

Boris Goldstein

Hermilo Varagas

Gladys Landegger

Danny Illingworth

Cards in the Air: First $550 Starting Session

It's time to start up the first $550 flight of this Mega Millions XIX event! For these flights, players will start with more chips, 25,000, and the top 10% will be bagging up and moving on to the finals in two weeks.

We will have these $550 flights tomorrow and Sunday as well, before taking a break during the work week. Good luck all!

Over 150 Players in on the First Break

We are off to a hot start in the 19th installment of the Mega Millions, with 152 players on first break of the opening flight. Registration is open today until 2:30 PM, so you still have plenty of time to come on down and join us!

The 19th Mega Millions Is Now Underway!

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! It's the day that many of you have been waiting for, the start of the 19th Mega Millions. This tournament provides the unique opportunity for one player to turn a buy-in as low as $160 into a payday of around $300,000!

We have three flights starting up today, and the first one has just kicked off! As mentioned above, the buy-in is just $160, but all players have an optional $100 add-on at anytime before registration closes, which will be 2:30 PM.

The second flight of the day starts at 2 PM, and for that one, the buy-in will be up to $550. But don't worry guys! The buy-in goes right back down to $160 for the 4 PM flight.

We look forward to you coming down to take part in one of the biggest tournaments of the year in Southern California!