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Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Final Three Make a Deal, Danny Wong is the Mega Millions XIX Champion!

The final three players took a look at the numbers, and after some initial hesitation, a deal was struck. Danny Wong will take home the lion's share of the prizepool, $234,297. You can scroll down for a full breakdown of the payouts.

Congratulations to Danny Wong, DJ Alexander, and Tony Chu, and thanks to everyone who played in this latest addition of the Mega Millions!

1. Danny Wong - $234,297
2. DJ Alexander - $168,900
3. Tony Chu - $136,325

Bill Collins Eliminated in 4th Place ($77,025)

Three players saw a flop of [Qd][6h][3h]. Danny Wong bet 2.25 million, and only Bill Collins called. The turn brought the [2d], and Collins checked to Wong, who moved all in. Collins quickly called with [4c][3c], and he was trailing the [6c][5c] of Wong. The [6s] completed the board, improving Wong to trip sixes, and he scored the knockout.

That leaves us three handed, with Wong holding over half the chips in play.

Joseph Szegedy Eliminated in 5th Place ($58,655)

Joseph Szegedy open shoved all in for about nine million, and in the big blind, Danny Wong made the call.

Wong: [10h][10d]
Szegedy: [8s][8h]

The board ran down [Kh][4d][2s][3s][Ah], and the tens held for Wong, who increases his chip lead, with nearly 40 million.

Fresh Counts From the Final Five

Blinds: 300,000-600,000 Average: 18,350,000

Danny Wong - 28,500,000
Will Collins - 23,500,000
DJ Alexander - 21,000,000
Tony Chu - 11,200,000
Joseph Szegedy - 10,300,000

Szegedy Doubles Through Collins

Joseph Szegedy is using up all of his nine lives here, as he has just secured another double up. This time, Szegedy three bet shoved for about 6.5 million total after a raise from chip leader Bill Collins, who called the all in with [5h][5d]. He was flipping against the [Ah[[10s] of Szegedy, who would jump out to the lead after the flop came [Ac][8c][4d].

No fives or running straight cards came for Collins, who remains the chip leader, while Szegedy is back up to about 13,500,000.

Szegedy Doubles Through Chu

Joseph Szegedy shoved his final three million in preflop holding [Kc][Qc], and he was trailing the [Ac][Jc] of Tony Chu. The flop of [Qs][10c][3s] gave Szegedy top pair, but also meant a king would now give Chu the straight. The [7c] on the turn gave Chu a few more outs, and while the river was black, it was the [5s].

Szegedy is still the short stack with about seven million, while Chu is down to about ten million.

Wong Doubles Through Chu

After a flop of [Ac][5s][4c], Tony Chu fired 1,250,000. Danny Wong moved all in for just under eight million, and Chu called after a few moments of thought.

Wong: [Ad][10c]
Chu: [Ah][7s]

Chu picked up a few more outs on the [8s] turn, but he would whiff the river, sending the double up over to Wong, who has 18 million now. Chu is still doing fine with 14.5 million.

Alexander Doubles Through Szegedy

Joseph Szegedy and DJ Alexander got all of the chips in the middle preflop, with Alexander holding [Ac][Ad], and Szegedy holding [Qs][Qc]. The aces would hold on a runout of [10c][8s][5h][4s][5d], and Alexander scored a big double up to over 15 million, while Szegedy is now the short stack with 4.5 million.

Daniel Chung Eliminate in 6th Place ($45,670)

We missed the action as it happened, but Daniel Chung just got knocked out in sixth place. The last of his chips went to DJ Alexander, who made a straight with Jack-Ten. That leaves us with just five players, and you can view all of their updated counts below.

Bill Collins - 36,500,000
Tony Chu - 21,400,000
DJ Alexander - 15,500,000
Danny Wong - 11,000,000
Joseph Szegedy - 5,900,000

Shant Marshlian Eliminated in 7th Place ($35,915)

Action folded around to Shant Marshlian on the button, and he moved all in for 4.5 million. Next to act, Joseph Szegedy thought for over a minute before shoving all in for a bit more.

Marshlian: [Ad][8h]
Szegedy: [Ks][Qs]

The flop of [9d][4s][3h] was clean for Marshlian, but the [Qd] on the turn was not. The [7c] completed the board, and that gave us our third knockout in four all ins at this final table so far.

That leaves us with just six players. As of yet, there haven't been any talks of a chop.

Nicholas Ronyecz Eliminated in 8th Place ($28,125)

Daniel Chung raised to 900,000 from under the gun, and Bill Collins called next to act. Tony Chu also called from the button, and in the big blind, Nicholas Ronyecz moved all in for about 4.5 million.  Chung folded, but Collins was quick to announce the call.

Ronyecz: [Ks][Jd]
Collins: [Ah][Qc]

Ronyecz had two live cards, but the hand was all but over after the flop came down [Qh][Qd][2s]. Ronyecz would need running kings or straight cards now, but a jack on the turn ended things.

Collins strengthens his chip lead, going over 30 million now, while getting us down to the final seven.

Wong Doubles Through Marshlian

In a three way pot, Danny Wong open shoved after a flop of [8h][6d][2d]. Next to act, Shant Marshlian waited just a few moments before dropping in a call. The third player folded, and the cards were flipped.

Wong: [Ad][8d]
Marshlian: [Kh][Kc]

Marshlian's kings were in the lead, but Wong had a ton of outs, as an ace, eight, or diamond would do. The [Qh] on the turn changed nothing, but the [Jd] on the river changed everything.

Wong doubled up to over eight million while Marshlian dropped to five million.

Fresh Counts From the Final Eight

Blinds: 200,000-400,000 Average: 11,460,000

Bill Collins - 26,200,000
Tony Chu - 24,500,000
DJ Alexander - 11,300,000
Shant Marshlian - 8,200,000
Joseph Szegedy - 8,000,000
Nicholas Ronyecz - 5,400,000
Daniel Chung - 4,600,000
Danny Wong - 4,000,000

Overlay Alert in the Bounty Event

It looks like we are looking at an overlay in the $30,000 Guaranteed Bounty Event today. We need 100 players to reach the guarantee, and we have only 70 entered with 30 minutes left in registration. Remember that all players have a $100 bounty on their heads in this event, so don't miss out on the free money and bounty treasures!

Dathan Kuppin Eliminated in 9th Place ($21,410)

On the first hand of play today, chip lead Bill Collins limped in, then called an all in shove from Dathan Kuppin. Collins's [Ks][Qs] was in decent shape against the [As][10d] of Kuppin, but the flop of [5d][4c][3h] brought Collins no help. The [9s] turn was no help either, but the [Qh] on the river gave Collins top pair, good enough for the knockout.

With that, we are down to the final eight players. All of them have locked up at least $28,125.

Cards in the Air: Mega Millions XIX Final Table

The 19th Mega Millions final table has just started up here at the Bicycle Casino! One of the players below will walk out of here with over $280,000, and will get a banner with their winning photo up on the walls of the tournament ballroom. 

We will be posting updates live here on the blog, but if you would like to watch the action on a 30 minute delay, it will be airing on Live at the Bike! 

Seat 1: Joseph Szegedy -11,550,000

Seat 2: Dathan Kuppin - 5,300,000

Seat 3: Tony Chu - 17,350,000

Seat 4: DJ Alexander -  10,375,000

Seat 5: Nicholas Ronyecz -  8,600,000

Seat 6: Daniel Chung - 6,050,000

Seat 7: William Collins - 25,775,000

Seat 8: Danny Wong - 4,700,000

Seat 9: Shant Marshlian - 5,400,000

Cards in the Air: $350 HORSE Event

We continue the week of Mixed Game Events here at the Legends of Poker with another $350 HORSE Event. Registration for this event will be open until 5 PM. This is a one day event. Come join us!

Cards in the Air: $30,000 Guaranteed Bounty Event

We kick off another day of Legends of Poker action with the always popular Bounty Event! This one has a buy-in of $350, and a guarantee of $30,000. All players have a $100 bounty on their head, and registration is open until 2:30 PM.

Good luck all!