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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Fresh Counts From the Final Eight

Blinds: 100,000-200,000 Average: 6,100,000

Jeff Yarchever - 8,500,000
Sean Yu - 7,500,000
Thu Nguyen - 6,800,000
Eric Jeffries - 6,200,000
Georges Eljamous - 5,600,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 5,000,000
Dathan Kuppin - 3,800,000
David Lewis - 1,900,000

Benjamin Moon Eliminated in 9th Place ($8,635)

Sean Yu and Benjamin Moon were heads up on the turn of a board showing [Jc][7h][5h][3c]. Moon checked to Yu, who bet 450,000. Moon check raised all in for 2.5 million total, which represented virtually all of Yu's chips.

Yu thought for about 90 seconds before calling with [Jd][10d], but he was trailing the [5d][3d] of Moon. However, the [10c] on the river gave Yu top two pair, and sent Moon to the rail in ninth place.

John Simonian Eliminated in 10th Place ($6,135)

Three players saw a flop of [9c][8h][6c]. John Simonian moved all in for about 1.8 million, and after Jeff Yarchever tank folded, Eric Jeffries snap called the all in.

Simonian: [10c][8c]
Jeffries: [Ac][Jc]

Jeffries was trailing though he had plenty of outs, and the [As] on the turn was one of those. The [5c] completed the board, giving both players a flush, but Jeffries had the nut flush. He takes the hand down to get us down to just nine players now!

Photos and Fresh Counts From the Final Table

Seat 1: Harry Arutyunyan - 4,100,000

Seat 2: Jeff Yarchever - 7,200,000

Seat 3: Eric Jeffries - 8,500,000

Seat 4: Benjamin Moon - 2,300,000

Seat 5: Dathan Kuppin - 6,700,000

Seat 6: Thu Nguyen - 6,800,000

Seat 7: Georges Eljamous - 4,100,000

Seat 8: John Simonian - 1,800,000

Seat 9: David Lewis - 2,100,000

Seat 10: Sean Yu - 3,700,000

Fresh Counts From the Final 12

The latest causalities of this $500,000 final day were Ophir Atar in 13th place, and Danny Wong in 14th place. They each took home $5,280. Here is how the final 12 stack up now.

Table 1

Seat 1: John Simonian - 1,500,000
Seat 2: Ming Li - 1,200,000
Seat 3: Georges Eljamous - 2,800,000
Seat 4: Sean Yu - 4,400,000
Seat 5: Jeff Yarchever - 7,900,000
Seat 6: Eric Jeffries - 8,000,000

Table 2

Seat 1: David Leis - 4,500,000
Seat 2: Thu Nguyen - 4,000,000
Seat 3: Benjamin Moon - 1,100,000
Seat 4: Kris Mohammad - 2,300,000
Seat 5: Dathan Kuppin - 5,600,000
Seat 6: Harry Arutyunyan - 3,900,000

Some Chippies From the Main Event

Over in the Main Event flight, we are nearing the end of the day, as just 25 players remain. Once we get down to the final 18, players will bag up for the night, and come back Saturday for Day 2.

Here is how a few of the notables are faring right now, with the blinds at 800-1,600.

William Wolf - 185,000
Jared Griener - 130,000
Adrian Moreno - 100,000
Bruce Buffer - 95,000
Alex Massman - 42,0000
Peter Hengsakul - 36,000

Fresh Counts From the Final 14

We lost Thuy Nguyen in 18th place, Chahn Jung in 17th, and Aaron Ho in 16th place. They all took home $4,605. As we were getting counts for the remaining players, Robert Schmidt bowed out in 15th place, earning a payday of $5,280.

Here is how the final 14 currently stack up. Once we get down to ten players, they will all redraw for one table.

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 Average: 3,500,000

Table 1:

Seat 1: John Simonian - 2,700,000
Seat 2: Danny Wong - 1,750,000
Seat 3: Ming Li - 2,400,00
Seat 4: Georges Eljamous - 950,000
Seat 5: Sean Yu - 4,600,000
Seat 6: Jeff Yarchever - 7,400,000
Seat 7: Eric Jeffries - 5,900,000

Table 2:

Seat 1: David Lewis - 1,900,000
Seat 2: Thu Nguyen - 5,500,000
Sear 3: Ophir Atar - 2,300,000
Seat 4: Benjamin Moon - 1,100,000
Seat 5: Kais Mohammad - 2,400,000
Seat 6: Dathan Kuppin - 3,800,000
Seat 7: Harry Arutyunyan - 3,000,000

Final Two Table Seating Draw

Table 1

Seat 1: John Simonian - 1,800,000
Seat 2: Kais Mohammad - 4,100,000
Seat 3: Danny Wong - 2,000,000
Seat 4: Ming Li - 3,000,000
Seat 5: Georges Eljamous - 2,100,000
Seat 6: Sean Yu - 3,500,000
Seat 7: Chahn Jung - 2,000,000
Seat 8: Jeff Yarchever - 3,900,000
Seat 9:  Eric Jeffries - 5,300,000

Table 2

Seat 1: David Lewis - 3,300,000
Seat 2: Thuy Nguyen (Eliminated in 18th Place)
Seat 3: Thu Nguyen - 4,600,000
Seat 4: Robert Schmidt - 750,000
Seat 5: Ophir Atar - 2,900,000
Seat 6: Benjamin Moon - 3,200,000
Seat 7: Aaron Ho - 750,000
Seat 8: Dathan Kuppin - 1,600,000
Seat 9:  Harry Arutyunyan - 1,800,000

Latest Round of Day 3 Bustouts

We are down to just 21 players in today's Day 3 restart, and the big payouts are just around the corner. For now, these are latest players to bustout. These three each took home $3,530 tonight.

22. Jarek Pananyan
23. Paul Perez
24. Said El Harrak

And these three all won $3,030.

25. Jon Peck
26. Daniel Strelitz
27. Joe Hindry

By the Numbers: Opening Main Event Flight

The first of four starting sessions in this Cardplayer Big Poker Oktober Main Event drew a crowd of 72 players. That means that the final two tables of players will be bagging up tonight and advancing to the Day 2 finals on Saturday.

If you missed out on the action tonight, your next chance to get in on the fun will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM!

1-18. Advance to Day 2 Finals

Some Notable Counts From the Day 3 Finals

We are down to the final 23 players now. Once we get down to the final 18 players, we will post a full seating chart with updated counts for all players left. Until then, here are some of the notable updated chip counts.

Benjamin Moon - 3,900,000
Thu Nguyen - 2,800,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 2,700,000
Sean Yu - 2,200,000
Ophir Atar - 1,800,000
Kevin French - 1,800,000
Danny Wong - 1,600,000
Dathan Kuppin - 1,500,000

First Round of Bustouts Today

We are down to the final 27 players in today's Day 3 finals, and those players are doing a full three table redraw right now. Below, you will see the players who missed out on this marker today, all taking home $2,530.

28. Adam Swan
29. Rodrick Titus
30. John Hulett
31. Farshad Dehbozorgi
32. Vuong Do
33. Britton Purvis
34. Thomas Zanot
35. Paul Lui

The Top Five Stacks to Start the Day 3

Ming Li - 3,490,000

Danny Wong - 3,270,000

Harry Arutyunyan - 3,260,000

John Simonian - 2,995,000

Dathan Kuppin - 2,560,000

A Few Snapshots From Today's Play

We spotted a handful of familiar faces in the crowd today, and you can see a few of those players below. UFC ring announcer and avid poker player Bruce Buffer is here hoping to take down the competition. He is at a tough table, with local regular Peter Hengsakul two seats to his right.

Nipun Java

Sean Jazayeri

Peter Hengsakul

Bruce Buffer

BPO Event #11 Day 3 Finals List

Second Break in the Opening Main Event Flight

The players are trickling in so far in today's opening Main Event flight, with a total of 61 players now entered. Registration will be open today until about 5:40 PM, just after today's dinner break.

We will post a few player photos shortly, and don't forget that the big action of the $500,000 final day starts at 5 PM!

First Break of the Opening Flight

We are two hours into play in the opening flight of the Cardplayer Main Event, and we have just under 50 players registered so far. Players have plenty of time to come join us, as registration is open until after the dinner break, around 5:40 PM today.

Remember that we also have the Day 3 finals of the $500,000 Guaranteed Event coming up at 5. It will be an action packed day, and we will have all of your updates coming soon!

Cards in the Air: Opening Flight of the Main Event!

We wrap up another fantastic series at the Bike with the start of our Cardplayer Big Poker Oktober Main Event! This tournament has a buy-in of $1,100, and a guarantee of a half million dollars! This is the first of four starting flights spread out over the next few days, and on Day 2 Saturday, players who have yet to qualify can buy-in directly for $4,300.

Registration will be open until the end of the dinner break today. Click here for a full structure, and good luck all!

Play Ends With 35 Left and Mike Li Leading the Way

We got down to the final four tables of the event with just a few minutes left in the night, and going into tomorrow's Day 3 finals, it's Mike Li leading the way with 3,490,000 chips. The two biggest stories of the day are the former Mega Millions champions in the event: Daniel Strelitz (650,000), and the most recent Mega Millions winner Danny Wong, who has one of the biggest stacks in the room with 3,260,000. Also still alive and vying for another major title here at the Bike is former Legends of Poker Main Event winner Harry Arutyunyan, with 3,260,000.

Mike Li - 3,490,000
Danny Wong - 3,270,000

Harry Arutyunyan - 3,260,000

Daniel Strelitz - 650,000

Play will resume again tomorrow at 5 PM, where one player will walk home with over $100,000 in prize money. We will be here until the end, and don't forget that the $1,100 buy-in Main Event also starts tomorrow morning at 11:30 AM!

Good luck all!