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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Just One Table Away From the End

We are down to the final five tables right now, meaning that we are just nine eliminations away from play ending for the day. Said El Harrak, fresh off a deep run in the $500,000 Guaranteed finals yesterday, is building up another big stack in this event, while Brandon Zuidema is also stacking up well.

For more live updates, check out the Cardplayer tournament page, and be sure to come back tomorrow for an updated list of Day 2 survivors!

What's on Tap: Friday, October 19th

The Main Event rolls on tomorrow with the third of four starting flights in this $1,100 Cardplayer Main Event here at the Bike! Just like today, the action starts up at 11:30 AM, with registration open until the end of the dinner break, or about 5:40 PM.

We will be running satellites tomorrow, but unlike today, they will be for the $4,300 Day 2 buy-in on Saturday. The buy-in will be $450, and they will each be guaranteeing at least two Day 2 seats in each satellite. The first of the day will be at 4 PM, with another satellite starting up at 8 PM.

Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: Second Main Event Flight

We had a great turnout in today's flight, nearly doubling yesterday's total of entries with 143 total. That means that the top 36 players will bag up tonight and return for the Day 2 finals in Saturday.

Your next chance to qualify for this final will be tomorrow at 11:30 AM, but don't forget that we also have another $200 satellite starting up at 8 PM tonight!

1-36. Advance to Day 2

Some Chip Count Updates In Flight 1B

Blinds: 400-800 Average: 50,000 Players Left: 86]

Amnon Filippi - 130,000
Mike Shariati - 75,000
Nikhil Gera - 68,000
Brandon Zuidema - 60,000
Kyung Min Lee - 55,000
Duey Duong - 52,000
Mohsin Charania - 40,000
Adam Volen - 35,000
Massoud Eskandari - 32,000

Nearly 140 Entries Now

We have about 45 minutes left to go in registration for today's Main Event flight, and we have a total of 136 players entered so far. Blinds are currently at 300-600, and registration will be open until the end of the dinner break.

Stay tuned for a fresh round of chip counts to be posted after registration closes, and don't forget that the $200 afternoon Mega Satellite is also running!

Cards in the Air: Afternoon Mega Satellite

As we mentioned before, we have another $200 mega satellite coming your way right now! This satellite will be guaranteeing at least three discounted $1,100 seats to the Main Event that can be used tomorrow or Friday.

Registration is open until 5:35 PM today, and if that is too early for you, we have one more $200 satellite at 8 PM tonight. Good luck all!

Two More Mega Satellites Coming Up Today

Registration for this $1,100 Main Event flight is still open until 5:40 PM today, but if you want to try to get in on the action at a discounted rate, we have two more $200 satellites starting up at 4 and 8 PM today. At least five seats will be given out for one of the next two starting flights in this event, so be sure to come out and join us, as first place in this event will be over $100,000!

Some Snapshots From the Floor Today

Below you guys will see a few of the players here for this second flight of the $500,000 Guaranteed Main Event. Jeff Yarchever is here on just a few hours sleep after he finished in third place in last night's Day 3 finals. We also spotted former Legends of Poker and Mega Millions champion Mike Shariati!

Adam Volen 

Mike Shariati

Massoud Eskandari

Daniel Strelitz 

Jeff Yarchever

Triple Digit Players so Far in Today's Flight

We have easily soared past the turnout from yesterday's starting flight, as the clock says 100 players exactly. Registration is open for over three more hours, so that number will slowly be going up until then.

Remember that the buy-in today is $1,100, but you can also get into the action on Saturday for $4,300!

Cards in the Air: Second Flight of the Main Event

It's time to start up another flight in this $1,100 Cardplayer Main Event! Yesterday saw 18 players advance to the Day 2 finals on Saturday, and a fresh crop of players will be coming out today to play. Registration will be open until the end of the dinner break today, or about 5:40 PM.

Good luck all!

Congratulations to Thu Nguyen, Winner of the $500,000 Guaranteed Event

After a lengthy day of play, the tournament was over before heads up play began. Facing an uphill climb against the monster stack of Thu Nguyen, David Lewis, who said he didn't need the money and felt that Nguyen deserved the title, said that he would simply take an extra $1,000 and end the proceedings right away. As a result, Nguyen will walk home with the nearly full first place prize of $106,630, while Lewis will take home $68,290.

Congratulations to Thu Nguyen, a regular here at the Bicycle Casino, as he adds yet another local title to his impressive poker resume! Thanks to everyone who came out for this massive event. Be sure to come back tomorrow for more coverage of the Main Event, where Day 1B will be kicking off at 11:30 AM!

Jeff Yarchever Eliminated in 3rd Place ($40,510)

Jeff Yarchever raised to 1,300,000 from the small blind, and Thu Nguyen called in the big blind. The flop came [Kc][Jh][9c], and Yarchever bet 2,200,000. Nguyen called, and the [4c] hit the turn. Yarchever fired 2,400,000 this time, and Nguyen wasted little time in dropping in a min raise to 4,800,000. Yarchever called after a few moments of thought, and the [10s] on the river completed a scary looking board.

Yarchever thought for just a few moments before he moved all in, and Nguyen quickly rechecked his hole cards before announcing call. Yarchever flipped over [Kh][Qc] for a straight, but it was no good, as Nguyen showed [Jc][3c] for a flush.

The chips were counted down, and Nguyen had Yarchever covered by about 500,000 in chips. Nguyen takes a massive lead with 41 million to the seven million of David Lewis.

Sean Yu Eliminated in 4th Place ($30,155)

In the small blind, Sean Yu moved all in with [Ks][2h], and Jeff Yarchever put him at risk holding [Ah][5h]. The flop of [As][Qd][10h] gave Yarchever a stranglehold on the hand, as only a jack or running cards would work now. Yu did pick up one of those cards with the [Kd] turn, but the [8s] finished off the board, giving the hand to Yarchever.

This leaves us three handed. Jeff Yarchever holds the chip lead with 20,500,000, with Thu Nguyen not far behind him with 19,200,000. David Lewis is bringning up the rear with 8,700,000, which is still 22 big blinds.

Harry Arutyunyan Crippled, Eliminated in 5th Place ($24,160)

Harry Arutyunyan opened the action by moving all in, and in the small blind, David Lewis called all in for just 200,000 less. "I have kings," Lewis said. "I have two unders," Arutyunya said as he revealed [Jc][10d]. Arutyunyan would hit both of them on the unlikely [Jd][10h][7d] flop, giving him top two pair, and shooting him into the lead.

The [4s] on the turn changed nothing, but the [7h] on the river changed everything, as Lewis had the better two pair now. That left Arutyunyan with just one big blind, and he would bust out two hands later.

Eric Jeffries Eliminated in 6th Place ($18,925)

Eric Jeffries raised to 750,000 on the button, and Thu Nguyen made it 2.1 million in the small blind. Jeffries quickly called, and the flop came down [9h][7s][3c]. In the blink of an eye, Nguyen checked, Jeffries moved all in, and Nguyen called to create the biggest pot of the tournament so far.

Jeffries: [6c][4c]
Nguyen: [Qh][Qc]

Nguyen was well out in front, as Jeffries would need a five or running cards. A nine on the turn meant that only a five would do now, but the river was an ace instead.

This leaves us with five players left, and Nguyen has opened up a nice chip lead on the rest of the field. Here is how the final five currently stack up.

Thu Nguyen - 16,000,000
Sean Yu - 10,300,000
Jeff Yarchever - 10,000,000
David Lewis - 6,000,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 3,400,000

Jeffries Doubles Through Yarchever

After a raise from Jeff Yarchever, Eric Jeffries moved all in next to act. Yarchever called with [9h][9d], and he was flipping against the [Ah][Jc] of Jeffries. The flop of [Kc][3c][5h] didn't help Jeffries, and the [9c] on the turn at first looked back, as it gave Yarchever a set. However, it also gave Jeffries a flush draw, and he quickly asked for a club on the river. He would get just that with the [7c] river, and Jeffries doubled up to over 6.5 million, while Yarchever takes a decent dent to his stack.

Georges Eljamous Eliminated in 7th Place ($14,850)

Georges Eljamous was quite short stacked when he moved all in on the button, and in the big blind, Sean Yu called to put him at risk.

Eljamous: [As][5s]
Yu: [8h][7d]

The flop of [Qd][Jc][7c] gave Yu a big lead, as Eljamous could only win with an ace now. The board finished out [6s] and [Kh], and Yu's sevens held to give him another knockout.

Lewis Doubles Through Arutyunyan

David Lewis has been pretty quiet throughout the final table as his stack has slowly dwindled, but he just got a much needed double up when he won a flip versus Harry Arutyunyan. Lewis shoved holding [Jd][Jc], and Arutyunyan put him at risk with [Ah][Qd]. The flop of [Ks][6s][2h] brought little help for Arutyunyan, but the [10c] on the turn did give him two extra outs, as a third jack would now give Arutyunyan the broadway straight.

However, a seven completed the board, and Lewis doubled to over six million, while Arutyunyan drops to 3.2 million.

Dathan Kuppin Eliminated in 8th Place ($11,490)

After a raise from Jeff Yarchever, Dathan Kuppin moved all in from the big blind. Yarchever quickly called with [10d][10h], and he was well ahead of the [As][7d] of Kuppin. The flop of [Qc][10c][5s] gave Yarchever a set, and left Kuppin drawing to running straight cards. A nine on the turn ended that hope, as Yarchever padded his chip lead with that elimination.