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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Some Fresh Chippies From the Opening Event

Blinds: 2,500-5,000 Average: 147,000

Sean Jazayeri - 260,000
Adrian Moreno - 205,000
Paul Chauderson - 105,000
Brandon Zuidema - 105,000
Chris Demaci - 95,000
Hermilo Vargas - 95,000
Gladys Landegger - 95,000
Mark Jun - 85,000
Massoud Eskandari - 45,000

What's on Tap: Sunday, December 2nd

We have two more ring events starting up tomorrow on the first weekend of this latest WSOP Circuit stop here at the Bicycle Casino. We get things going at 10 AM with a $50,000 Guaranteed Ring Event that has a buy-in of just $250. That will be a one day event, as will the $400 Turbo Event that starts up at 4 PM tomorrow. That event will have 20 minute levels throughout.

Of course, we will also have the Day 2 finals of today's $100,000 Guaranteed Event starting up at 1 PM. There will be poker action all day long, so make sure you come join us for all of the action!

By the Numbers: Opening Event of the Series

We had a massive turnout for our opening ring event with a grand total of 539 players. That meant that the guarantee was smashed, as the total prizepool ended up being $177,870. The final 54 players will finish in the money tonight, all earning at least $685. First place will take home the first ring of the series, and $38,215!

1. $38,215
2. $23,645
3. $17,275
4. $12,805
5. $9,630
6. $7,345
7. $5,685
8. $4,460
9. $3,550
10-12. $2,860
13-15. $2,340
16-18. $1,940
19-21. $1,630
22-24. $1,385
25-27. $1,190
28-30. $1,040
31-33. $920
34-36. $825
37-45. $745
46-54. 685

We are Up to Over 500 Players in Event #1

We were expecting a big turnout for this opening ring event, but you guys are blowing it out of the water, as we are now over 510 players entered! That means the prizepool is nearing $170,000, with 20 minutes left still in registration.

Thanks to everyone who has come out today. We are excited to see what's to come over the next two weeks!

Cards in the Air: $350 No-Limit Bounty Event

It's time to start up the second event of the day here at the Bicycle Casino! This is a $350 Bounty Event, where all players will have a $100 bounty on their heads. Registration for this Bounty Event will be open until 7 PM, and this is a non-ring, one day event.

Click here for a full structure of the event, and good luck to everyone!

Over $150,000 and Counting Now Up For Grabs Today

The tournament clock says 460 players, meaning we are officially over the $150,000 Guarantee mark. We have just under 90 minutes to keep that number growing, so make sure you come join us if you aren't here yet. And don't forget that if you get knocked out, we have another event, the $350 Bounty, starting up at the top of the hour!

The Second Event of the Day Starts in an Hour

The $100,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Ring Event is still open for registration, but we wanted to make sure that you guys also knew about the second event of the day, a $350 Bounty Event. All players will earn $100 for each person they knock out in this event, so there will be plenty of action! The action starts at 4 PM, with registration open until 7 PM today. Come join us!

Over 400 Players Now Entered in Our Opening Event

We are smashing another big guarantee here at the Bicycle Casino, as we have just crossed the 400 player marker here in the opening ring event of the series. That means that the prizepool is already over $130,000, and with registration still open until 4:30 PM today, we should easily get past over $150,000!

If you aren't here already, what are you waiting for? Come join us!

Some Photos of Today's Opening Event

It's time to take a look at who is here for the first of 15 ring events here at the Bicycle Casino. We spotted former WSOP Circuit Main winner here Nikhil Gera, as well as a former Mega Millions winner, Phuoc Nguyen. 

Scroll down for a few more photos on this exciting Day 1 of the latest WSOP Circuit stop here at the Bicycle Casino!

Nikhil Gera

Chris Demaci

Sean Jazayeri

Phuoc Nguyen

Massoud Eskandari

We Are Already Past the $100,000 Guarantee

The title says it all folks! We are off to a fast start here in the latest WSOP Circuit stop, as we already have 346 players entered here at the halfway point of registration. Players will have until 4:30 PM to come join us for this already massive prizepool, so be sure to come down and join us!

The Latest WSOP Circuit Stop is Underway!

It's ring season once again here at the Bicycle Casino, as the latest WSOP Circuit stop has arrived. Over the next two weeks, 15 rings will be given out, culminating in the $1,700 Main Event and $2,200 High Roller Event. Today, we have a $100,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event, with a buy-in of just $400. This is a two day event, with the first ring being handed out tomorrow.

Registration today will be open until the start of Level 13, or until about 4:30 PM. Click here for a full structure, and good luck everyone!