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Friday, December 7, 2018

Some Updated Counts From the $1,125 Event

Blinds: 1,200-2,400 Average: 110,000 Players Left: 36

Massoud Eskandari - 260,000
Ping Liu - 215,000
Wendy Freedman - 174,000
Sean Yu - 115,000
Brett Murray - 100,000
Beau Winn - 95,000
Thomas Zanot - 80,000
Gladys Landegger - 77,000
David "ODB" Baker - 73,000

By the Numbers: $1,125 Ring Event

We had a huge turnout for this morning's event with a total of 159 players creating a prizepool of $159,000. The final two tables of players will finish in the money, all locking up at least $2,130. First place will take home the ring, along with $42,940 in cash. Scroll down for all of the payouts, and stay tuned for some fresh chip counts to be posted shortly.

1. $42,940
2. $26,530
3. $19,095
4. $13,995
5. $10,440
6. $7,925
7. $6,115
8. $4,795
9. $3,825
10-12. $3,100
13-15. $2,550
16-18. $2,130

Congratulations to Frankie O'Dell, Winner of the $400 Omaha 8 Event

Heads up play between Frankie O'Dell and Gina Hecht lasted a couple hours, with O'Dell holding the lead from start to finish. O'Dell was finally able to defeat her, and the two Mixed Game veteran and friends shared a big hug after the win.

Hecht earned $5,875, while Frankie O'Dell will take home $9,505, and his third WSOP Circuit Ring. Congratulations again to both players on a hard fought heads up match, and to O'Dell for his latest big victory!

What's on Tap: Saturday, December 8th

Tomorrow is the final day before the latest WSOP Circuit Main Event starts up on Sunday. We kick things off at 10 AM with a $100,000 Guaranteed two day event. The buy-in will be $600, and registration for the event will be open until 4:30 PM.

We also have a pair of Main Event satellites at 4 and 8 PM tomorrow. The buy-in for both is $230, and they will each be guaranteeing at least five discounted seats to the Main Event, which has two starting flights on Sunday and Monday.

Some Chippies From the $1,125 Event

Over in our big buy-in event of the day, we are up to 137 players in this $1,125 event, with registration still open for another two hours. Below you will see some of the notables who are in there, and how they are faring so far. Stay tuned for more updates from this event, as another day of WSOP Circuit action rolls on!

Blinds: 600-1,200 Average: 56,000 Players Left: 61

Ping Liu - 152,000
Adam Swan - 87,000
Thomas Zanot - 86,000
Gladys Landegger - 77,000
Will Givens - 68,000
Harry Arutyunyan - 41,000
Brett Murray - 36,000

Heads Up Now in the Omaha 8 Event

Arguably the two more experienced players at the final table have made it to heads up in the Omaha 8 Event, as Frankie O'Dell is taking on Gina Hecht. Wing Wong bowed out in 4th place for $2,995, while Jamison Power just busted in third for $4,110.

The two players hugged it out before they started their heads up match. O'Dell holds a small lead with 770,000 to the 560,000 of Hecht. Good luck to both!

Cards in the Air: $565 Survivor Event

It's time to start up another popular format here at the Bike, a Survivor Event! The buy-in today is $565, meaning the top 10% will all be taking home $5,000 each! Players will start with 15,000 in chips, and all levels will be 25 minutes. This is a one day event, with registration open until 7 PM tonight. Good luck all!

Frankie O'Dell Continues to Lead the Final Four

In the Omaha 8-or-Better final table, we lost Gabriel Ramos in 6th place ($1,645) and Larry Kantor in 5th ($2,205). Frankie O'Dell continues to lead the way, and is looking to go wire to wire at this final table, but Gina Hecht is starting to build up a stack that can contend with him. Check below to see how the final four are faring right now, and stay tuned to find out who takes home the ring!

Frankie O'Dell - 520,000
Gina Hecht - 395,000
Jamison Power - 210,000
Wing Wong - 65,000

Some Snapshots From the $1,125 Event

Now it's time to take a look at some of the over 100 players who are here for the $1,125 Ring Event. Scott Stewart is here fresh off a final table in last night's $400 ring event. We also spotted Sean Yu fresh off of winning his fifth Ring in last night's HORSE tournament. 

Scroll down for those photos, and a few more! 

Scott Stewart

Kevin Song 

Sean Yu 

Nipun Java

Peter Neff

Down to Six in the Omaha 8-or-Better Event

We lost Jesse David in 9th place ($945), Major Polk in 8th ($1,100), and Frank Lin in 7th Place ($1,320) over at the Omaha 8 final table. Here is how the final six currently stack up.

Frankie O'Dell - 440,000
Wing Wong - 303,000
Gina Hecht - 210,000
Jamison Power - 180,000
Larry Kantor - 121,000
Gabriel Ramos - 38,000

Nearly 100 Players so Far in the $1,125 Event

We have a great turnout so far for today's $1,125 Event, as we have 98 players total. That means the prizepool will be passing six figures any minute now, and with registration open until 6:40 PM, the prizepool will continue to soar, so come join us!

Photos From the Omaha 8-or-Better Final Table

Seat 1: Larry Kantor - 145,000

Seat 2: Frankie O'Dell - 290,000

Seat 3: Major Polk - 123,000

Seat 4: Jamison Power - 177,000

Seat 5: Frank Lin - 94,000

Seat 6: Wing Wong - 153,000

Seat 7: Gina Hecht - 146,000

Seat 8: Gabriel Ramos - 160,000

Seat 9: Jesse David - 70,000

Final Table Lineup for the Omaha 8 Ring Event

We got down to the final nine players in the Omaha 8-or-Better Ring Event, and as you'd expect in a Mixed Game field, the final table is stacked! Leading the way is two time bracelet winner and Bike regular Frankie O'dell, but he has plenty of fierce competition behind him. Check out the seating chart below, and come back at 1 PM for more updates from this final table!

Seat 1: Larry Kantor - 145,000
Seat 2: Frankie O'Dell - 290,000
Seat 3: Major Polk - 123,000
Seat 4: Jamison Power - 177,000
Seat 5: Frank Lin - 94,000
Seat 6: Wing Wong - 153,000
Seat 7: Gina Hecht - 146,000
Seat 8: Gabriel Ramos - 160,000
Seat 9: Jesse David - 70,000

Congratulations to Sohale Khalili, Winner of Event #7

Photo credit to Steve Schult of WSOP.com 

After a lengthy heads up battle that went into the wee hours of the morning, it was Sohale Khalili who emerged victorious in the seventh ring event of the series, earning $11,180. He defeated local regular Jared Griener heads up. Scroll down for a full breakdown of the final table results, and congratulations again to Khalili on his impressive victory!

1. Sohale Khalili - $11,180
2  Jared Griener - $6,915
3. Lennard Gast - $4,925
4. Hector Gonzalez - $3,575
5. Scott Stewart - $2,650
6. Will Givens - $2,000
7. Sean Jazayeri - $1,540
8. Scott Sanders - $1,205
9. Gerald Tejada - $960

Cards in the Air: $1,125 No-Limit Hold'em

It's time for the biggest buy-in ring event so far here at the Bicycle Casino, with the $1,125 WSOP Circuit Event! Players will start with 25,000 in chips, and registration will be available until the end of Level 12, or until about 6:40 PM tonight.

Good luck all!