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Monday, December 10, 2018

Another High Roller Satellite Starts Shortly

Remember that in addition to the Main Event, which still has registration open today for two more hours, we have another $460 Mega Satellite to tomorrow's High Roller starting at the top of the hour. This afternoon's satellite got off to a slow start, but we were able to make the three seat guarantee, and also ensure that fourth place will get their money back.

If you can't play tonight's satellite, we will have one more tomorrow at 10 AM. Don't miss it!

What's on Tap: Tuesday, December 11th

Tomorrow is Day 2 of the Main Event at 12 PM, but the new action for players who didn't qualify will be the $2,200 High Roller Event. That starts at 1 PM, but those who want to get in on a discount can come in early and play the 10 AM satellite that will be guaranteeing at least three seats to the High Roller. There is another satellite at 2 PM, and with registration for the High Roller open all day long, you will still have plenty of time to enter with a good stack.

We will be here again tomorrow to bring you all of your updates, so be sure to come back then for all of the fun!

Dinner Time in the Main Event

Players are now taking their one hour dinner break here at the Main Event. We have 290 players entered so far today, and one of the big stacks at dinner is Chris Demaci, who won the opening ring of the series. Below you will see a few of the other big stacks on dinner.

Cards will be in the air once again at 7:20 PM local time. Enjoy dinner everyone!

Chris Demaci - 106,000
Kevin Eyster - 102,000
Christopher Ocksrider - 88,000
Luke Brereton - 81,000
Vinny Vinh - 79,000
Zachary Millman - 76,000
Sohale Khalili - 76,000

Some Locals Off to a Nice Start in the Main

Blinds: 250-500

Ubaid Habib - 145,000
Mark Hamilton - 105,000
Andrew Wisdom - 67,000
Brandon Zuidema - 60,000
Matt McEwan - 60,000
Hermilo Vargas - 55,000
Raymond ho - 55,000
Alex Massman - 53,000
Jared Griener - 52,000

Slight Delay in the High Roller Satellite

We have a potential overlay alert in our High Roller Mega Satellite that was scheduled to start at 4 PM. We are about to get the cards in the air for that satellite, but we only have three players signed up. That means there will likely be great value there, as we are guaranteeing three discounted seats to the $2,200 buy-in High Roller!

The buy-in is $460, and you can click here for a full structure. Come join us!

Time for Another Break in the Main

Four hours are now in the books here in the Main Event, and we have 246 players registered so far. That means that the prizepool is now over $700,000, and will continue to grow through the rest of the day. Remember that the dinner break is in two hours, and we will have a players buffet with chicken, filet mignon, sushi, deserts, and more!

More Photos From the Main Event Today

In the next round of player photos, we have Tom Braband, who finished runner-up to David "The Dragon" Pham in this event in March. We also spotted Adam Swan, who final tabled the $1,125 Ring Event a few days ago. 

Scroll down for those photos, and a few more, as we play on here in this second Main Event flight.

Alex Massman

Adam Swan

Tom Braband

Peter Neff

Andrew Wisdom

First Break of the Day in the Main

We have a total of 165 players entered here on the first break of the day in this second WSOP Circuit flight. That puts the total entries at around 400, but with registration open for most of the day, that number will be growing constantly.

Be sure to come on down and join us before time is out!

First Round of Player Photos Today

It's time to take a look at a few of the players here for the second Main Event flight. We spotted a former champion of this event, Nikhil Gera, in the crowd. We also found Peter Hengsakul, who is fresh off a runner up finish in the $100,000 Guaranteed Event yesterday. 

Scroll down for those photos, and a few more!

Anthony Pitesa

Ed Alikhani

Peter Hengsakul

Nikhil Gera

Raymond Ho

Cards in the Air: Second Main Event Flight

It's time to start up the second starting flight of this WSOP Circuit Main Event! Yesterday saw local regular Nick Phoenix top the starting field of 224 entries, and a new round of players will be coming out today to try to earn the latest WSOP Circuit Main Event title!

Registration will be open until 10:30 PM tonight, and remember that as always, the Bike will be providing a buffet for the players during the one hour dinner break at 6:30 PM today. Best of luck to all!

Bike Regular Nick Phoenix Leads the First Flight

Nick Phoenix- chip leader

After a full day of play in the opening flight of the latest WSOP Circuit Main, it was a familiar face to the Bike who ended with the most chips (343,000): Nick Phoenix. He barely had Craig Varnell covered, as he bagged 335,000. The top ten can be viewed below.

1. Nick Phoenix – 343,000
2. Craig Varnell – 335,000
3. Shane Raikes – 288,000
4. Matt Schultz – 284,500
5. Dipak Bhakta – 270,500
6. Yonas Abate – 263,000
7. Luke Nguyen – 245,000
8. Jorge Leiva – 243,000
9. Dann Turner – 221,000
10. Michael Giardina – 202,500

A new crop of players will be coming out today for the second flight, which starts up at 12 PM. Be sure you don't miss out on the action!