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Monday, December 17, 2018

The Final Four Chop it Evenly, Anthony Kim Takes Home the Title

With the blinds about to go to 200,000-400,000, and everyone fairly close in chips, the final four began to discuss the possibility of chopping the prizepool evenly. Everyone agreed, so the deal was struck! Anthony Kim had the chip lead at the time, so he gets the winner's photo, and the first place designation, but all four players will be taking home $51,038. 

Congratulations to Anthony Kim, Kate Shin, Adi Ben Ami, and Massoud Mazhari, on their fantastic showings!

Four Handed Chip Counts on Break

Blinds: 150,000-300,000

Kate Shin - 10,200,000
Anthony Kim - 8,400,000
Adi Ben Ami - 7,100,000
Massoud Mazhari - 3,200,000

Kim Doubles Through Mazhari

Anthony Kim raised to 600,000 preflop, and he was called by Massoud Mazhari and Kate Shin. The flop of [10d][7d][7h] saw the action checked to Kim, who moved all in for 2.45 million. Mazhari thought for about 90 seconds before calling, and Shin quickly folded.

Mazhari: [Qd][8d]
Kim: [Ac][7c]

Kim held the lead with trips, but would need to fade a diamond to double up. The board finished out with spades, [Ks] and [3s], and Kim scored the double up to over six million, while Mazhari is now on the short stack.

Barbara Enright Crippled, Eliminated in 5th Place ($21,835)

Action started with Massoud Mazhari moving all in. Barbara Enright quickly moved all in behind for just a few hundred thousand more, and everyone else folded.

Enright: [Jh][Jd]
Mazhari: [Kh][Js]

The flop of [10s][8h][4c] brought no help for Mazhari, but the [9c] brought some chop outs, and a queen for a winning straight. Sure enough, the [Qh] hit the river, giving Mazhari the unlikely double up, while knocking Enright down to her final two big blinds.

Enright would be all in two hands later, and bust at the hands of Adi Ben Ami. This leaves us with just four players.

Marc Robinson Eliminated in 6th Place ($17,250)

Marc Robinson moved all in from under the gun for his final 1.85 million, and Kate Shin moved all in after, having everyone covered.

Robinson: [Qs][Qh]
Shin: [Ac][Ah]

The board ran down [Kd][7d][7c][7s][8c], and the aces stayed in the lead, getting us down to the final five. Shin holds a dominating chip lead, with 12 million of the 30 million in play. As of yet, there haven't been any talks of a chop.

Emad Bastawros Eliminated in 7th Place ($13,430)

"Alright this is it," Emad Bastawros said as he slid his final 1.1 million into the middle. Massoud Mazhari would call and put him at risk with [As][Jh], and he was ahead of the [Kc][Qs] of Bastawors. The board ran down [4s][2s][2h][10s][9d], and neither player improving meant that Mazhari took the hand to score the knockout.

Fresh Counts From the Final Seven on Break

We didn't lose anyone in those two levels, as the chips were mostly moved around the table. Kate Shin still holds a big lead on the field, with Emad Bastawros the only player who comes back severely short stacked.

Blinds: 100,000-200,000

Kate Shin - 8,200,000
Marc Robinson - 4,600,000
Massoud Mazhari - 4,100,000
Anthony Kim - 4,100,000
Adi Ben Ami - 3,800,000
Barbara Enright - 3,300,000
Emad Bastawros - 1,300,000

Robinson Doubles Through Bastawros

Marc Robinson raised to 350,000, and Massoud Mazhari called next to act. Action folded to Emad Bastawros, who moved all in. Robinson rechecked his cards, then announced call.

Robinson: [As][Ac]
Bastawros: [Ad][Qh]

Bastawros was in terrible shape, but he would slightly improve through the [Kh][10c][6h] flop, and [3h] turn. A jack or heart would work for Bastawros now, but the [7d] completed the board.

Robinson doubled up to over 3.5 million, while Bastawros tumbled down to 1.25 million.

Enright Doubles Through Ben Ami

Barbara Enright has been riding one of the short stacks throughout this final table, but her patience has just paid off, as she was able to double through Adi Ben Ami. Eiright got it in preflop with [As][Ah], and she was dominating the [Ad][Qd] of Ben Ami. The flop of [Kd][Ks][Qc] gave Ben Ami some help, but he wouldn't catch another queen, as the board finished out [6h] and [Kc].

Enright doubled to over four million, while Ben Ami falls just below that marker.

Robinson Doubles Through Bastawros

Emad Bastawros raised to 300,000, and Marc Robinson reraised to 480,000. It folded back around to Bastawros, who shoved after a few seconds. Robinson instantly called with [Kd][Ks], and he was well ahead of the [Ac][Kc] of Bastawros.

No ace would come on the [9d][8h][6s][Qc][5d] board, and Robinson doubled to nearly four million, while Bastawros dropped to 2.1 million.

Fresh Counts From the Final Seven on Break

Blinds: 60,000-120,000

Kate Shin - 8,950,000
Massoud Mazhari - 5,800,000
Anthony Kim - 4,050,000
Emad Bastawros - 3,950,000
Adi Ben Ami - 3,950,000
Barbara Enright - 2,400,000
Marc Robinson - 1,500,000

Bastawros Doubles Through Kim

Emad Bastawros and Anthony Kim got all the chips in lightning quick after a flop of [9c][7d][4d]. Kim held pocket queens, but Bastawros got the best of him on the flop with [7s][7c]. Kim wasn't able to spike a two outer of his own, and Bastawros doubled to 3.2 million, while Kim fell to about the same mark.

Viet Tran Eliminated in 8th Place ($10,175)

The eliminations are coming fast at this final table, as we weren't even able to type out the last bustout before we spotted Viet Tran gathering his things and leaving the table. Tran lost to Adi Ben Ami, who made a flush with [Kh][Jc] on a runout of [Ac][6c][7c][9c][2s] to send Tran to the rail in 8th place.

Ubaid Habib Eliminated in 9th Place ($7,325)

Ubaid Habib and Kate Shin saw a flop of [Jc][9d][2d]. Habib got his stack in good holding pocket queens against the [Ad][9s] of Shin. However, the [Ac] on the turn gave Shin the lead, and drew a gasp from most of the table. The [6d] completed the board, and Shin took out another player, upping her stack to over nine million, more than double her closest competitor.

Joe Schulman Eliminated in 10th Place ($4,775)

On the second hand of the final table, Joe Schulman raised to 180,000, and Kate Shin three bet it. Schulman called, and after the flop of [7c][7s][3h], he moved all in . Shin instantly called with [Ac][As], and she was well ahead of the [Qc][Qs] of Schulman. The turn [3d] changed nothing, and the [Ks] river got a couple small reactions from the table, as some thought it was a queen at first.

Shin extends her chip lead with that pot, as she is up to nearly seven million.

Final Table Photos and Updated Counts

We came into the day with 13 players, and we lost Martin Edwards in 13th, Ira Friedman in 12th, and William Collins in 11th. This leaves us with the final table of 10, and they have just combined to one table. Below you will see how they stack up. Stay tuned to find out who takes home the $90,000 first place prize!

Seat 1: Joe Schulman - 2,300,000

Seat 2: Kate Shin - 4,550,000

Seat 3: Ubaid Habib - 1,850,000

Seat 4: Emad Bastawros - 2,050,000

Seat 5: Anthony Kim - 3,650,000

Seat 6: Adi Ben Ami - 3,100,000

Seat 7: Marc Robinson - 3,700,000

Seat 8: Massoud Mazhari - 4,100,000

Seat 9: Barbara Enright - 2,300,000

Seat 10: Viet Tran - 1,200,000

WSOPC Event #16 $250,000 GTD Day 3 Return List

Adi Ben Ami Leads the Final 13

Adi Ben Ami - 3,755,000 
Anthony Kim - 3,585,000

After 12 hours of play, only 13 players remain for this final massive first place prize of the calendar year here at the Bike! Adi Ben Ami leads the way with 3,755,000, but he has a few players who are close on his heels. Scroll down for a full breakdown of the final 13, and remember to come back at 1 PM tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion of this event! 

Adi Ben Ami - 3,755,000
Anthony Kim - 3,585,000
Ubaid Habib - 3,450,000
Marc Robinson - 3,370,000
Massoud Mazhari - 3,175,000
Kate Shin - 2,205,000
Joe Schulman - 2,150,000
Emad Bastawros - 1,985,000
Martin Edwards - 1,685,000
William Collins - 1,570,000
Viet Tran - 1,330,000
Barbara Enright - 1,150,000
Ira Friedman - 1,040,000