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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Interview with Mega Millions XX Winner Tuan Mai

We caught up with Tuan Mai last night after his dominating victory at the Mega Millions XX final table. With a few of his friends by his side, Mai was all smiles, and seemed very appreciative of the moment.

"It feels amazing it feels great. I fired the last bullet I wasn't even supposed to play the tournament. And I took it down."

Indeed he wasn't supposed to play. In town for just a few days, he was planning to go to Vegas for a different event, but was convinced to stay by a friend who ended with a piece of the winning score.

"A few of my buddies played and I was on my way back to Vegas for the $1,700 Bally Main Event and I told my girlfriend this is probably a better prizepool so I played it. I only had $250 on me my buddy had to zelle me $300 to get in. And I didn't pack enough clothes I've been wearing this for three days!"

Mai came into the final table with the chip lead, and he went wire to wire with it, all the way up to heads up play, where he chopped with runner up Cody Bell.

"I never lost the lead Turbo got close but I hung on the whole way. I'm a beast man. I beasted the whole final table!"

Mai said that for him, this is life changing money, and it couldn't come at a better time, with that big series in Las Vegas coming up shortly.

I'll probably play alot more now. The WSOP is around the corner. Probably going to put some volume in for the next few months."

When asked if he would be coming back to defend his title at the Legends of Poker in August?

"Most definitely I'm coming back to defend my title. It was a great tournament you guys put on."

Congratulations again to Tuan Mai, and all of the final table players, on their impressive runs and results. See you guys again for the Summer Series which kicks off on June 1st!

Congratulations to Tuan Mai, Winner of Mega Millions XX

Tuan Mai and Cody Bell talked about working out a deal heads up, and eventually, they made an agreement. Mai will take home $199,000, while Bell will take home $174,615.

Congratulations to both players on their impressive showings here today, and thank you to everyone who came out to play Mega Millions XX. We will see you guys once again in June for the Summer Series!

Mel Weiner Eliminated in 3rd Place ($87,050)

Mel Weiner got his short stack in preflop holding [Ad][2c], and he was dominated by the [Ah][10h] of Cody Bell. The board ran down [As][7c][5c][6s][9s], and Bell took down the hand to get us to heads up play. 

Tuan Mai holds 51,500,000, while Cody Bell has 28,700,000. Heads up play will begin shortly. 

Tuan Mai - 51,500,000
Cody Bell - 28,700,000

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Weiner Doubles Through Mai

Tuan Mai put the pressure on Mel Weiner in the big blind when he moved all in from the small blind, and Weiner called with [Ad][2d]. He was ahead of the [Qd][8c] of Mai, and the ace high would hold true on the runout of [Kh][9s][4s][7c][2c].

Weiner scored the double up to 14.5 million, while Mai keeps his chip lead with 38.5 million.

Sean Jazayeri Eliminated in 4th Place ($66,190)

Following a raise from chip leader Tuan Mai, Sean Jazayeri moved all in from the big blind. Mai called with [Jc][Jd], and he was dominating the [Kd][Jh] of Jazayeri. The board came down [Ac][As][3c][4s][3d], and the jacks held for Mai to score him the knockout of Jazayeri.

This leaves us three handed, and Mai has once again opened up a nice lead on his two opponents.

Exact Counts on the Break

The final four are taking another 15 minute break right now, and the dealers broke down the stacks to give us the exact counts. We are about to go to the 400,000-800,000 level, and as of yet, there haven't been any talks of a chop.

Tuan Mai - 34,900,000
Cody Bell - 25,000,000
Mel Weiner - 11,200,000
Sean Jazayeri - 9,100,000

Bell Doubles Through Jazayeri

There is about five to six million in the middle on a completed board of [9c][7h][6h][9s][8d] when Cody Bell moved all in for just over nine million. His lone opponent in the hand, Sean Jazayeri, asked for a count, and called after about a minute of thought with [5s][5c] for a rivered straight. It was no good though, as Bell tabled [9d][7c] for a full house.

Bell doubled up to about 23 million, while Jazayeri is down to under 10 million.

Weiner Doubles Through Mai

In a battle of the blinds, chip leader Tuan Mai set the short stack Mel Weiner all in, and Weiner called with [8s][8d]. He was flipping against the [Ac][9s] of Mai, and the eights would hold up on a runout of [4d][4h][Ks][10h][Qs].

Weiner doubled up to over 10 million, while Mai is still a comfortable leader with 35 million.

Jazayeri Doubles Through Weiner

After a raise from Sean Jazayeri under the gun, Mel Weiner moved all in, having him covered. Jazayeri called with [Ad][Kd], and Weiner would need to get lucky with [As][Qc]. The board came down [Jc][6c][5h][5s][4s], and the king kicker played for Jazayeri, who scored a big double up to 25 million, while Weiner tumbled down to about nine million.

Jazayeri Doubles Through Mai

Sean Jazayeri shoved all in for his final six million, and Tuan Mai called to put him at risk.

Jazayeri: [Ks][9d]
Mai: [Ac][8h]

The flop of [Qc][4c][Qh] was safe for Mai, but the [Kc] came on the turn to put Jazayeri in the lead. The [2h] completed the board, and Jazayeri doubled up to 13 million, while Mai takes a small hit down to about 34 million.

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen Crippled, Eliminated in 5th Place ($50,405)

Action folded to Phong "Turbo" Nguyen in the small blind, and he moved all in. Sean Jazayeri was in the big blind, and he quickly called when he saw his cards.

Nguyen: [Kh][5h]
Jazayeri: [8d][8s]

Nguyen was in need of a king, but it would never come on the [Jd][9h][5s][Qs][8h] runout. The chips were counted down, and Nguyen had Jazayeri covered by 300,000. Those chips went all in on the button on the next hand, and he was eliminated, taking home over $50,000 for his fifth place finish.

Sean Jazayeri - 16,000,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - Eliminated

Mai Holds Over Half the Chips in Play

Tuan Mai just scooped a massive pot that included a bet of 7.3 million on the river that was called by Cody Bell, and as a result, Mai has taken a stranglehold of this five handed battle. He currently has over half the chips in play, as you will see in the counts below.

Blinds: 300,000-600,000

Tuan Mai - 41,500,000
Mel Weiner - 13,500,000
Cody Bell - 8,200,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 8,000,000
Sean Jazayeri - 7,250,000

Bell Doubles Through Nguyen

Cody Bell raised it up on the button, and Phong "Turbo" Nguyen moved all in over the top, having Bell covered. Bell thought for a few moments before calling it off with [Ac][Kh], and he was well ahead of the [Kc][Qc] of Nguyen. The board ran down [9d][8h][4s][4h][5c], and Bell scored a big double up to 23,500,000, while Nguyen dropped down to 7.5 million.

Updated Counts On Break

Play has slowed down five handed, as no one is particularly short at the moment. Tuan Mai has maintained his chip lead all day, but some players are closing the gap on him. Check out the chip counts below, as we get ready for the 250,000-500,000 level after the break.

Tuan Mai - 20,200,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 18,500,000
Mel Weiner - 15,100,000
Cody Bell - 13,500,000
Sean Jazayeri - 9,800,000

Mohsin Charania Eliminated in 6th Place ($39,245)

Mohsin Charania was first to act, and he moved all in with his short stack. Two seats over, Sean Jazayeri moved all in over the top.

Charania: [Kc][Qd]
Jazayeri: [Ac][Jd]

The flop of [Ah][6c][2s] meant that Charania would need running cards to win now. The [Ks] turn was a good start for him, but the river brought the [As], giving Jazayeri trip aces.

Jazayeri is up to about 9,500,000 after that hand, while Charania will have to settled for a bit under $40,000.

Fresh Counts From the Final Six

Blinds: 150,000-300,000

Tuan Mai - 22,400,000
Mel Weiner - 17,000,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 15,800,000
Cody Bell - 13,300,000
Sean Jazayeri - 5,800,000
Mohsin Charania - 3,800,000

Jazayeri Doubles Through Bell

Sean Jazayeri got his final three million in preflop holding [As][Kc], and he was in great shape against the [Ah][Js] of Cody Bell. The flop of [Jd][9s][6d] shot Bell into the lead, but that lead was short lived, as the [Kd] came on the turn. A third king came on the river to seal the double for Jazayeri, who's now up to 6.5 million.

Meanwhile, Bell drops down to about 12.5 million.

Charania Doubles Through Bell

Mohsin Charania has been patient at this final table, dropping down to under 10 big blinds a few times so far. He just got his short stack in preflop now holding [Ad][Ks], and he was racing the [6c][6s] of Cody Bell.

The flop of [Ah][4c][5c] gave Charania top pair, and Bell wasn't able to catch up from there. Charania doubled up to 3.7 million, while Bell is still doing just fine with about 14 million.

Adam Weinraub Eliminated in 7th Place ($30,865)

Adam Weinraub got his chips in the middle preflop holding [Ad][Kh], and he was flipping against the pocket sevens of Cody Bell. The board ran down [Qs][9s][3d][6d][2c], and the sevens held for Bell, who gets us down to just six players now.

Cody Bell - 14,400,000
Adam Weinraub - Eliminated

Fresh Counts From the Final 7

Blinds: 125,000-250,000

Tuan Mai - 26,000,000
Mel Weiner - 15,200,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 11,700,000
Cody Bell - 10,700,000
Sean Jazayeri - 7,600,000
Adam Weinraub - 3,700,000
Mohsin Charania - 2,700,000

Charania Doubles Through Bell

Action folded around to Cody Bell on the button, and he limped in for 250,000. Mohsin Charania then moved all in for 1.45 million, and after the big blind folded, Bell called with [Ad][7h]. Charania rolled over [Kd][10d], and he didn't hit on the [6c][5h][3s] flop. However, the [Kh] on the turn gave Charania top pair, and now Bell would need to hit an ace to win.

He wouldn't do that, and Charania doubled up to about 3 million, while Bell dropped to 10.5 million.

Hung Le Eliminated in 8th Place ($24,170)

Not long after losing that big pot to Sean Jazayeri, Hung Le would three bet shove all in preflop, only to be called by chip leader Tuan Mai with pocket queens. Le had [Kh][10c], and he would need some big help to survive. The board ran down [5d][2d][2s][7c][Jd], and the ladies held to send Le to the rail in 8th place.

Tuan Mai - 22,000,000
Hung Le - Eliminated

Ace-Ten>Ace-Ten for a Double Up

Sean Jazayeri shoved all in for his final 3.6 million, and Hung Le tanked in the big blind for about a minute before calling with [Ah][10h]. Jazayeri rolled over [As][10s], and it was looking to be a chop. However, the flop of [Qs][6s][Qc] gave Jazayeri a freeroll that he would hit right on the [2s] turn.

Jazayeri doubled up to over 7.5 million, while Le dropped down to 3.2 million.

Sanjay Mayekar Eliminated in 9th Place ($18,400)

Sanjay Mayekar came into the day as the short stack, and it didn't take him long to get his chips in the middle. On the second hand, he got his chips in preflop holding [Ad][8d], and was racing against the pocket fives of Cody Bell. The flop of [Js][7c][7h] gave him some more outs, as did the ten on the turn, but the river was a brick, and Bell's fives held up to get us to eight handed play.

Cody Bell - 11,200,000
Sanjay Mayekar- Eliminated

Cards in the Air: Mega Millions XX Final Table

It's time to get things going here at the Mega Millions final table. Tuan Mai leads the final nine, and you can view all of the chip counts here.

We will be posting updates live as they come here on the Bike's blog. If you would like to watch the live stream on a half hour delay, you can view that here.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Tuan Mai Leads the Final Table of Mega Millions XX

David Yoon was down to just five big blinds when he moved all in preflop holding [Jc][4c]. He was up against the Ace-Queen of Cody Bell, and after the flop brought a queen, Yoon was drawing dead on the turn. 

This gets us down to the final table, and it's a stacked one. Leading the way is Tuan Mai, who saw a late surge to his stack get him up to 20,950,000. Mel Weiner is in second with 17 million. Scroll down for the rest of the final table stacks, and remember that the action picks up again tomorrow at 5 PM at the Live at the Bike table!

Seat 1: Mohsin Charania - 2,300,000

Seat 2: Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 13,500,000

Seat 3: Adam Weinraub - 3,950,000

Seat 4: Sean Jazayeri - 4,100,000

Seat 5: Tuan Mai - 20,950,000

Seat 6: Hung Le - 7,175,000

Seat 7: Mel Weiner - 17,000,000

Seat 8: Cody Bell - 9,825,000

Seat 9: Sanjay Mayekar - 1,900,000

Unofficial Final Table Seating Chart and Counts

Seat 1: Mohsin Charania - 3,100,000

Seat 2: Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 17,000,000

Seat 3: Adam Weinraub - 6,700,000

Seat 4: David Yoon - 1,300,000

Seat 5: Sean Jazayeri - 3,900,000

Seat 6: Tuan Mai - 17,300,000

Seat 7: Hung Le - 5,200,000

Seat 8: Mel Weiner - 16,000,000

Seat 9: Cody Bell - 6,500,000

Seat 10: Sanjay Mayekar - 2,300,000

Turbo Takes the Chip Lead with Kings

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen raised to 500,000 from under the gun, and Dave Banerjee moved all in for 2.2 million next to act. It folded back around to Nguyen, who snap called with pocket kings. Banerjee flipped over Ace-King, and he was looking to end up on the right side of this all in confrontation for a second time today.

He wasn't able to catch an ace though, and the kings sent Nguyen up the leaderboard to about 16 million.

Updated Counts From the Final 12

Two quick bustouts in a row got us down to the final 12. First, Tony Chu busted to Mel Weiner, and at nearly the same time, Phong "Turbo" Nguyen took out Bryan Harris at the other table. Here is how the final 12 currently stack up. Remember, we will be stopping for the night when we get down to the final nine players.

Table 1

Seat 1: Derek Kwan - 2,100,000
Seat 2: Tuan Mai - 14,500,000
Seat 3: Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 14,500,000
Seat 4: Dave Banerjee - 2,100,000
Seat 5: David Yoon - 2,800,000
Seat 6: Cody Bell - 5,300,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Hung Le - 4,100,000
Seat 2: Sanjay Mayekar - 1,000,000
Seat 3: Mohsin Charania - 2,800,000
Seat 4: Mel Weiner - 15,800,000
Seat 5: Adam Weinraub - 8,500,000
Seat 6: Sean Jazayeri - 4,100,000

Mai Takes Lead in Biggest Pot of Tournament

We just saw a massive all in confrontation at Table 1 that has seen Tuan Mai vault into the chip lead. Action started with David Carver shoving all in for about 2.5 million. Action folded to Derek Kwan in the small blind, and he called for roughly half his stack. In the big blind, Mai moved all in over the top, having Kwan covered.

"If anyone wants to take a bathroom break this might be the time," Kwan quickly joked. he thought for over about 90 seconds before folding pocket jacks. It was a great fold, as Mai showed pocket queens. They were better than the nines of Carver, and Mai made a full house by the turn to vault his stack to over 14 million.

Latest Bustouts: 16-18th Places

The following players just busted, taking home $9,905.

16. Umar Seifuddin
17. Juan Godinez
18. Sam Weiss

Fresh Counts From the Final 15

Table 1

Seat 1: Derek Kwan - 4,300,000
Seat 2: Tuan Mai - 9,400,000
Seat 3: Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 9,600,000
Seat 4: Dave Banerjee - 2,300,000
Seat 5: David Carver - 2,700,000
Seat 6: David Yoon - 1,500,000
Seat 7: Cody Bell - 7,800,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Hung Le - 6,200,000
Seat 2: Sanjay Mayekar - 1,100,000
Seat 3: Tony Chu - 5,300,000
Seat 4: Mohsin Charania - 2,700,000
Seat 5: Mel Weiner - 9,400,000
Seat 6: Adam Weinraub - 6,500,000
Seat 7: Sean Jazayeri - 5,300,000
Seat 8: Bryan Harris - 4,600,000

Latest Round of Bustouts: 19-27th Places

It's time to take a look at the latest bustouts here today. These players all won $8,710.

19. Edward Liu
20. Robert Mowers
21. Svetlana Baranovsky

These three all won $7,565.

22. Benjamin Moon
23. Ziao Guo
24. Harry Arabian

And lastly, these three won $6,475.

25. William Collins
26. Gun Clawvuthinan
27. Brandon Zuidema

Updated Counts For the Final Two Tables

Table 1

Seat 1: Derek Kwan - 1,200,000
Seat 2: Tuan Mai - 5,500,000
Seat 3: Umar Seifuddin - 3,300,000
Seat 4: Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 9,800,000
Seat 5: Dave Banerjee - 2,500,000
Seat 6: David Carver - 1,800,000
Seat 7: David Yoon - 1,300,000
Seat 8: Cody Bell - 4,200,000
Seat 9: Sam Weiss - 8,300,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Hung Le - 5,500,000
Seat 2: Sanjay Mayekar - 1,500,000
Seat 3: Tony Chu - 4,900,000
Seat 4: Mohsin Charania - 1,900,000
Seat 5: Mel Weiner - 8,800,000
Seat 6: Adam Weinraub - 3,300,000
Seat 7: Sean Jazayeri - 8,000,000
Seat 8: Juan Godinez - 3,300,000
Seat 9: Bryan Harris - 3,700,000

The Top Five Stacks at the Moment

We are quickly down to the final 22 players here in the Mega Millions XX Day 3, and some big stacks are starting to emerge. The chip leader is local regular Phong "Turbo" Nguyen, who has been scooping nearly every pot he's been in. He is up to nearly 9 million, and has a nice lead over the field.

Here are the rest of the big stacks below. Once we get down to the final 18, we will post a seating chart with updated counts for all of them. Stay tuned!

Blinds: 50,000-100,000 Average: 3,475,000

Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 8,800,000
Hung Le - 7,200,000
Mel Weiner - 6,500,000
Sean Jazayeri - 6,000,000
Sam Weiss - 4,800,000

Some Updated Counts From the Final Three Tables

Blinds: 40,000-80,000 Average: 2,831,000

Sean Jazayeri - 5,800,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 4,900,000
Adam Weinraub - 4,800,000
Mel Weiner - 3,800,000
Sam Weiss - 4,500,000
Dave Banerjee-  3,300,000
Brandon Zuidema - 2,450,000
Cody Bell - 2,400,000
Benjamin Moon - 1,900,000
Mohsin Charania - 1,050,000
Harry Arabian - 800,000
David Yoon - 750,000

First Round of Day 3 Eliminations

We are down to the final 27 players, and they are now doing a full three table redraw. Below you will see the players that we lost before this. It includes former Legends of Poker champion Art Papazyan, who started the day as one of the big stacks. Tablemate Sean Jazayeri informed us that Papazyan took a few brutal beats, including Aces losing to Ace-Jack, Queens losing to Ace-Queen, and Ace-King falling to Ace-six. A tough day for the former champion.

Stay tune for a fresh round of chip counts.

28. Art Papazyan
29. Kevin Song
30. Suman Chen
31. Sarkis Keshishian
32. Thomas Chambers

Former Champion Dave Banerjee Spikes an Early Double

Dave Banerjee came into the day as one of the shorter stacks, and he it didn't take him long to get those chips in preflop holding [As][Kc]. He was in rough shape against the pocket kings of Derek Kwan, but the [Ac] came on the flop, and Banerjee got a much needed double up to nearly three million.

Cards in the Air: Mega Millions XX Finals

The final 33 players are in their seats, and we are ready to get things going once again here at the Mega Millions! Sam Weiss leads the way with just over 5 million chips, but he has tons of talented players breathing down his neck. Click here for a full list of the returners today.

We will be here until the end today, which will be when we get down to the final nine players. Stay tuned for all of your updates!

Day 3 Return List for Mega Millions XX

Sam Weiss Leads the Final 33 Going to Mega Millions Day 3

Sam Weiss- Chip Leader

Hung Le - Second in Chips 

Eliminations came today at a blistering pace, as a starting field of 376 was whittled all the way down to just 32 survivors. Leading the way is Sam Weiss with 5,095,000, and right behind him was table mate Hung Le with 5,070,000

The two biggest stories tonight are the two former Mega Millions Champions still in the field: Dave Banerjee (1,370,000), and Sarkis Keshishian (1,235,000). If either of them are able to make the final table, they would become the first former champion to make a second Mega Millions final table.

Other notables still alive and well in this Mega Millions XX event are Sean Jazayeri (4,570,000) former Legends of Poker Main Event champion Art Papazyan (4,375,000), Phong "Turbo" Nguyen (3,105,000), and Mohsin Charania (2,510,000)

The action picks up again tomorrow at 5 PM, when we will play down to the final table of nine players. Those nine will return Tuesday afternoon to battle it out for the $233,000 first place prize.

We will be here until the end of this event bringing you all of the updates, so be sure to come back tomorrow for more. Good night everyone!

Two Former Mega Millions Champions Looking to Make History

We have had 19 Mega Millions winners so far here at the Bicycle Casino. In the existence of the event, no former champion has made another Mega Millions final table after winning their title, but we have two players still alive who are looking to become the first to do that: Mega Millions VIII winner Dave Banerjee, and IX winner Sarkis Keshishian.  At the moment, Keshishian has Banerjee out chipped 1.1 million to 800,000, but both are still very much alive and well in their quest to make history! Stay tuned to find out if these two find a bag tonight and move on to Day 3!