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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Gladys Landegger, Dave Banerjee Among the Big Stacks in the Money

We are down to the final 43 players now, which means we have officially hit the money! Two of the biggest stacks in the room are former ring winner here Gladys Landegger, and former Mega Millions Champion Dave Banerjee. Both of them have around 500,000, with the average stack at just 150,000.

Be sure to come back in the morning to find out who makes it through to tomorrow's Day 2 finals. Congratulations to everyone in the money!

Dave Banerjee

Gladys Landegger 

Our Nightly Main Event Satellite Starts Shortly

The return of another series of tournaments also means the nightly satellites have returned as well! This series, we are running $300 satellites that will be guaranteeing at least three seats to the $1,700 WSOP Circuit Main Event that starts up next Sunday. Registration for these satellites will be open for just over two hours, or around 10:10 PM tonight.

Come join us!

By the Numbers: $75,000 Guaranteed Event

The opening event of the series drew a huge crowd of 284 players, putting the overall prize pool at $93,720. The final 43 players will be making the money tonight, with first place taking home over $21,000. Check out the full payouts below, and thank you to everyone who came out for our opening event!

1. $21,600
2. $13,340
3. $9,460
4. $6,830
5. $5,020
6. $3,760
7. $2,865
8. $2,230
9. $1,765
10-12. 1,430
13-15. $1,180
16-18.  $995
19-21. $855
22-24. $750
25-27. $675
28-30. $620
31-33. $585
34-36. $565
37-43. $555

First Break of the Bounty Event

We are nearing the 100 player mark in today's Bounty Event, as those players are now taking their first break of the day. Registration will remain open until 8:20 PM tonight, so you still have time to come on down and spend your Saturday evening with us here at the Bike!

What's Coming Up: Sunday, December 1st

The ring events roll on tomorrow, with two pieces of hardware up for grabs. We start things off at 10 AM with a $50,000 Guaranteed Ring Event, where the buy-in is $250. Registration will be open until 2:20 PM tomorrow, and it will be a two day event with the finals on Monday.

At 3 PM, the mixed game specialists will be coming out of the woods to fight for the HORSE ring. The buy-in there will be $400, and players will be starting with 15,000 in chips. This is also a two day event.

We wrap the day up with our nightly $300 mega satellite, where at least three discounted WSOP Circuit Main seats will be up for grabs. Good luck all!

Some Chippies From the Opening Event

Blind: 1,500-3,000 Average: 107,000  Players Left: 81

Chris Grigorian - 175,000
Lang Lee -160,000
John Hulett - 135,000
Gladys Landegger - 135,000
Rupesh Pattni - 132,000
Maxwell Lineberger - 105,000
Mike Shariati - 85,000
Ophir Atar - 75,000
Aaron Messmer - 73,000
Mark Hamilton - 42,000
Sean Yu - 31,000

Some of the Highlights Coming Up This Week

We have an action packed week ahead of us here at the Bicycle Casino, and we wanted to highlight a few of the big events we have coming up for you guys.

Sunday, December 1st - $400 HORSE Ring Event at 3 PM. This one is for the Mixed Game specialists, as this is only one of two non Hold'em Ring Events on the schedule.

Monday, December 2nd - $250,000 Guaranteed Ring Event. Our always popular Monster Stack ring event will kick off Monday, with two flights then, and two flights on Tuesday. Players can buy-in directly to Day 2 on Wednesday for $2,400. First place will be at least $50,000.

Friday, December 6th - $1,125 Ring Event. 25,000 in starting chips. Hour Long Levels on Day 2. First Place usually over $20,000 in this event.

Sunday, December 8th - Start of the $1,700 Main Event. Starting flights on Sunday and Monday. 60 Minute dinner buffer for the players included. Final Table will be played on Live at the Bike stage. 

Cards in the Air: $350 Bounty Event

It's time to kick off the afternoon event. As we mentioned earlier, the bounty hunters will be coming out for this one, as all players will have a $100 bounty on their heads. Registration will be open until about 8:20 PM tonight, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us.

Good luck everyone!

The Bounty Hunters are Coming Out Soon

We are bringing out the bounty chips in just an hour, as the $350 bounty event will be kicking off at 4 PM today. In this event, all players will have a $100 bounty on their heads. Registration will be open until about 8:20 PM tonight, so come on down and join us!

Click here for a full structure for this event. Good luck all!

We Have Reached the First Guarantee!

We are happy to announce that we have officially crossed the $75,000 marker in this opening event! Of course, that number will only be going up, so come on down and join us before registration closes around 4:40 PM today.

Good luck all!

First Round of WSOPC Photos Today

There are plenty of local regulars and former big winners out here for the first ring event of the series. We spotted former Legends of Poker Champion Harry Arutyunyan, and former Mega Millions champion Dave Banerjee, in the field amongst others. 

Scroll down for those photos, and a few more!

Victor Kruglov

Sean Yu 

Dave Banerjee

Harry Arutyunyan

Peter Hengsakul 

Over 200 Players Now in Event #1

The numbers are steadily creeping up here on this opening day of the WSOP Circuit series, as we now have a total of 205 players entered. That puts the prize pool at just under $68,000, with registration still open until about 4:40 PM today. Come on down and join us, and stay tuned for some photos and more updates!

Nearly 150 Players On First Break

We are off to a fast start here in the latest WSOP Circuit stop here at the Bicycle Casino, as 144 players have come out so far. Registration will remain open until 4:45 PM today, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us here today!

Remember this is a two day ring event, with the hardware being handed out after the finals complete tomorrow at 1 PM!

Cards in the Air: $75,000 Guaranteed Event

It's once again ring season here at the Bicycle Casino, as the $75,000 Guaranteed Event has just kicked off! Registration for this event will be open until 4:40 PM today, and the buy-in will be $400. This is a two day event, so tomorrow one player will be taking home the first piece of hardware from this series.

Good luck everyone!

Schedule for Today: Saturday, November 30th

10 AM - $75,000 Guaranteed Ring Event. $400 buy-in. 30,000 starting chips. Registration open until 4:40 PM. 2 Day Event. Finals tomorrow at 1 PM

4 PM - $350 Bounty Event. Non-ring Event. Registration open until 8:20 PM. $100 bounties. One Day Event

8 PM - Nightly Mega Satellite. $300 buy-in. At least three $1,700 Main Event Seats Guaranteed

Wednesday, November 27, 2019