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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Cards in the Air: $230 Nightly Satellite

We are ready to get another WSOP Circuit Main Event satellite going once again here at the Bike!  The buy-in tonight is just $230, and at least three discounted seats to the Main Event will be handed out.

Registration is open tonight until 9:35 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: $1,080 Survivor Event

On the other side of the room, the $1,080 Survivor Event drew a crowd of 75 players. That means that the final seven players will take home the full $10,000 first place prizes, while the player in eighth place will still earn a nice profit with a $5,000 score.

Good luck to all those remaining, and thanks for coming out to play!

1-7th. $10,000
8th. $5,000

The $100,000 Guaranteed Event is in the Money!

We are down to the final five tables in our $100,000 Guaranteed Event, meaning that we are now in the money. All the players have locked up at least $590, but they all have their eyes set on the over $30,000 for first place!

Among the field still alive are Dave Banerjee, Prince Cassell, Gladys Landegger, Nika Futterman, Karlo Gharbegian, and Erich Karle.

What's on Tap: Sunday, March 3rd

Tomorrow is the day that the ring events kick off, and as we usually do, we are starting things off big with the $300,000 Guaranteed Monster Stack Event. There will be two flights tomorrow, at 10 AM and 4 PM. The buy-in for this event will be $400, and registration for both flights will be open for six and a half hours for each.

Tomorrow if the first of two days of starting sessions, so even if you can't find a bag tomorrow, you will have two more chances on Monday. See you guys then!

Just One Hour Left in Registration for the Survivor Event

Over in the Survivor Event, we are up to 56 players, meaning that at the moment, the top five would take home $10,000, while sixth place would earn half of that. Of course, those numbers will be increasing, as registration is still open until 7:30 PM tonight.

Come on down and lock up a five figure payday with us!

The Bubble Is Nearly Here

Tensions are rising in the tournament room, as the money bubble is just around the corner in the $100,000 Guaranteed Event . We are down to just 55 players, meaning we are 10 eliminations away from finding out which players will lock up at least $560 today. Stay tuned to find out when the bubble bursts, and look out for some notable names still in once we get there!

Now for Some Photos From the Survivor Event

It's time to take a look at some of the photos from the Survivor Event, which is up to 43 players. Below you will see some of those players, including Michael Rocco, Ben Chung, and Randy Holland, who is hoping to add another cash to his historic poker resume. 

Scroll down for those pictures, and a couple others!

William Collins

Sameer Aljanedi

Michael Rocco

Randy Holland

Ben Chung

Down to Double Digits in the $100k Event

The action is coming fast and furious in the $100,000 Guaranteed Event, as we are now under 100 players still remaining. The blinds are just about to go up to 1,200-2,400, and the average stack is currently 77,000 chips.

Stay tuned for more updates from this event as we inch closer to the money!

Cards in the Air: $1,080 Survivor Event!

It's time to up the buy-in here at the latest WSOP Circuit stop, as the $1,080 Survivor Event has just kicked off. For those unfamiliar with the format, players will play tonight until we are down to the final 10%. From there, play will end, and the remaining players will all take home $10,000, regardless of their chip counts at the time.

Registration for this event is open until 7:30 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

By the Numbers: $100,000 Guaranteed Event

Today's $100,000 Guaranteed Event drew a crowd of 385 players, making for a prizepool of over $111,000! The final 45 players will finish in the money tonight, with first place taking home a whopping $30,150!

Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good luck to the 170 players who still remain!

1. $30,150
2. $16,750
3. $10,015
4. $7,535
5. $5,760
6. $4,420
7. $3,530
8. $2,760
9. $2,065
10-12. $1,450
13-15. $1,195
16-18. $1,015
19-21. $870
22-24. $780
25-27. $690
28-36. $625
37-45. $560

The $1,080 Survivor Event Starts in an Hour!

Registration might have just closed here in the $100,000 Guaranteed Event, but the poker has just started here at the Bike today. We have a high roller Survivor Event of sorts, with a buy-in of $1,080, and a payout of $10,000 to the top 10% of finishers. This could be a great bankroll booster for a month full of big money prizes here at the Bike, so make sure you come join us at 4 PM!

Some Snapshots From the $100k Today

Below you guys will see some of the players who are here for this massive Saturday event! We spotted a pair of former Mega Millions winners: Sarkis Keshishian and Dave Banerjee. We also spotted former big winner here Thu Nguyen looking for another touranment title. 

Check out those pictures below, and a few more! 

Nika Futterman

Sarkis Keshishian

Thu Nguyen

Joe Schulman

Dave Banerjee

The Guarantee Has Been Met!

Cross another met guarantee off the board here at the Bike, as we now have over 350 people registered in today's $100,000 Guaranteed Event. You still have over half an hour to brave the rain and come join us for this event, where first place should be taking home nearly $20,000!

Over 250 Players Already Registered in Today's $100k

We are off to a great start two hours into the $100,000 Guaranteed Event, with 252 players entered so far. That means the prizepool is already approaching $75,000, and with registration open until 2:30 PM today, the guarantee should easily be surpassed.

We will be posted more updated in a bit, so stay tuned for those!

Cards in the Air: $100,000 Guaranteed Event

We kick off the action on this opening Saturday of the series with a $100,000 Guaranteed Event! The buy-in is $365, and registration will be available until 2:30 PM today. Re-entry is also allowed in that time, so come on down and win some big money before the ring events kick off tomorrow!

Schedule for Today: Saturday, March 2nd

10 AM - $365 buy-in $100,000 Guaranteed One Day Event. Registration closes at 2:30 PM

4 PM - $1,080 buy-in Survivor Event. Top 10% take home $10,000. Registration closes at 7:30 PM

8 PM - $230 buy-in Main Event Satellite. Three $1,700 Seats Guaranteed. Registration open until 9:35 PM.