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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Congratulations to Paul Camby, Winner of the Monster Stack Event!

Paul Camby took a big chunk of Mark Hamilton's stack on the first hand of heads up play, and the local regular wasn't able to make a comeback from there. He secured one small double up, but wasn't able to keep it going from there, as Camby put the nail in the coffin.

Camby will take home the WSOP Circuit ring, and the $100,150 first place prize. Thanks to everyone who played the Monster Stack Event, and made it such a huge success!

Ryan Lenaghan Eliminated in 3rd Place ($43,440)

Ryan Lenaghan lost most of his chips in a big pot against Mark Hamilton, and though he was able to score a couple small double ups, his run ended in third place when Hamilton made top pair on the flop, and held in their all in pot.

This leaves us heads up, with Paul Camby holding a nice lead on Mark Hamilton. The winner will be taking home the ring, and $100,000!

Camby Doubles Through Hamilton

Paul Camby moved all in for 15.1 million on the button, and Mark Hamilton gave it some thought before shoving over the top.

Camby: [Qs][Jh]
Hamilton: [As][Kc]

The flop of [10h][7c][4h] was safe for Hamilton, but the [Qd] turn wasn't. Hamilton wouldn't improve on the river, and he fell to the short stack at 7.5 million, while Camby is the new chip leader with over 30 million.

Chip Counts From the Final Three on Break

Blinds: 400,000-800,000 Average: 18,000,000

Mark Hamilton - 23,000,000
Ryan Lenaghan 15,500,000
Paul Camby - 15,000,000

Lenaghan Doubles Through Hamilton

It was Ryan Lenaghan's turn to double up this time, as he got his chip in the middle preflop holding [Js][10c]. He was racing against the [7h][7s] of Mark Hamilton, and Lenaghan shot out to the lead after the flop came [Js][5c][5d].

Hamilton wouldn't catch a miracle seven, and he dropped down to 19 million, while Lenaghan doubled up to about the same number.

By the Numbers: $400 Omaha 8-or-Better Event

Over in the Omaha 8 Event, 115 players created a prizepool of just under $38,000. The final 12 will all lock up at least $795, with first place taking the ring home, along with $11,380. Scroll down for all of the payouts!

1. $11,380
2. $7,035
3. $5,010
4. $3,640
5. $2,695
6. $2,035
7. $1,565
8. $1,225
9. $980
10-12. $795

Camby Doubles Through Lenaghan

Paul Camby had blinded down to his final 10 big blinds, when Ryan Lenaghan moved all in from the small blind, a move he had done for a few rotations now. This time, Camby woke up with a hand to take a stand with [As][4s], and he was ahead of the [Kc][Qd]. Camby liked the flop of [8h][2s][8s], as he took two outs away from Lenaghan, who wasn't able to improve from there.

Camby doubled to 14 million, while Lenaghan is now the short stack with 11 million, at the 600,000 big blind level.

Nikolai Sears Eliminated in 4th Place ($31,750)

Nikolai Sears had already lost most of his chips when he moved all in preflop for about 1.5 million, and he was called by Mark Hamilton and Ryan Lenaghan. Those two would check it down on a board showing [8d][5d][4s][6h][6d], and Hamilton would show [Ad][8s], which beat both his opponents.

This leaves us three handed. You can view the updated chip counts from those three below.

Mark Hamilton - 29,500,000
Ryan Lenaghan - 15,500,000
Paul Camby - 9,600,000

Fresh Counts From The Final Four

Blinds: 200,000-400,000 Average: 12,800,000

Mark Hamilton - 18,000,000
Nikolai Sears - 13,500,000
Ryan Lenaghan - 13,000,000
Paul Camby - 6,200,000

Anton Morgenstern Eliminated in 5th Place ($25,800)


Anton Morgenstern led for much of this final table, but after sending a couple of double ups across the table, he fell down to a middle stack. On his final hand, he shoved all in for just under seven million from the small blind. Mark Hamilton was in the big blind, and he got a count before tossing in a chip to make a big call.

Morgenstern: [Ac][3c]
Hamilton: [9c][9s]

The nines were ahead for Hamilton, and things would stay that way on the runout of [Kh][8d][7h][10d][Kd].

Hamilton Doubles Through Morgenstern

In a battle of button vs the small blind, Anton Morgenstern and Mark Hamilton get all of Hamilton's chips in preflop. He is in great shape, holding pocket jacks against the Ace-Ten of Morgenstern.

The board ran down [Ks][8d][2h][7c][6d], and the jacks held to send him to over ten million, while Morgenstern falls to 11.5 million.

By the Numbers: $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event

While most of our attention is on the final five in the Monster Stack Event, we did want to make sure that we told you guys that our Deepstack event this morning was a rousing success, as 213 players came out to produce a prizepool of over $70,000. The final 24 players will finish in the money, with first place taking home $20,395, and the Remington trophy.

Scroll down for all of the payouts, and good luck to those remaining!

1. $17,565
2. $10,860
3. $7,905
4. $5,845
5. $4,390
6. $3,350
7. $2,595
8. $2,040
9. $1,625
10-12. $1,315
13-15. $1,080
16-18. $785
19-21. $690
22-24. $625

Cards in the Air: 5 PM Bounty Event

We have our latest non-ring event starting up now here at the Bike, and it is the always popular bounty format. The buy-in tonight is $200, and all players will have a $50 bounty on their heads. Registration is open until 8:30 PM tonight.

Good luck all!

Clifford O'Connor Crippled, Eliminated in 6th Place ($19,440)

It took quite the cooler flop for Clifford O'Connor to lose nearly all of his chips to Nikolai Sears. The two players were in the blinds and saw a cheap flop of [Ac][9h][8h]. That is when the fuse was lit, as the two got it in, both holding two pair. O'Connor had [Ac][8s], but he was well behind the [Ah][9d] of Sears. Another nine on the turn ended the hand, and O'Connor handed all but 700,000 (3 bbs) of his chips over to Sears.

Those chips would go in two hands later, when his [As][7s] was dominated by the [Ac][Jc] of Anton Morgenstern. A seven came right in the window to give O'Connor hopes of a double up, but a jack on the river ended those hopes, sending him to the rail in sixth.

Updated Counts From the Final Six

Blinds: 125,000-250,000 Average: 6,750,000

Anton Morgenstern - 17,000,000
Mark Hamilton - 9,500,000
Ryan Lenaghan - 7,500,000
Clifford O'Connor - 7,200,000
Nikolai Sears - 6,000,000
Paul Camby - 4,300,000

Domingos Fernandes Eliminated in 7th Place ($15,695)

Anton Morgenstern has been on a tear recently, as he just made it 3 for 3 on final table eliminations. This time, it was Morgenstern who held the Ace-King, but he wasn't up against a pair, as he was dominating the Ace-Queen of Fernandez. The board ran down [6c][5d][2h][8c][10s], and the king kicker scored Morgenstern another knockout.

We will post updated chip counts for everyone still in shortly.

Jared Griener Eliminated in 8th Place ($12,240)

Anton Morgenstern just won another coin flip to knock out another player. This time, it was Jared Griener, who held Ace-King against the pocket sevens of Morgenstern. The board ran down ten high, and Griener hit the rail in eighth place.

Rafael Ferreira De Oliveira Eliminated in 9th Place ($9,675)

Rafael Ferreira De Oliveira's comeback bid fell short, as he just busted in ninth place. He was all in preflop holding pocket threes, and was flipping against the Ace-Jack of Anton Morgenstern. The flop of [Qc][10h][10s] gave Morgenstern several more outs, as any card between an ace and jack would work now. Right away, the dealer put an ace on the turn, and another on the river for good measure.

Rafael Ferreira De Oliveira Crippled, Then Quadruples Up

Action folded around to Ryan Lenaghan, and he moved all in for his final 2.75 million. Next to act, Rafael Ferreira De Oliveira moved all in for just a few blinds more. De Oliveira's pocket tens were in great shape against the [As][3s] of Lenaghan, and while the flop of [5c][4s][8h] was relatively safe for De Oliveira, the [Ac] on the turn flipped the script, giving Lenaghan the full double up.

A few hands later, De Oliveira would get it in against three other opponents, and he found the nut flush by the river to give him a lifeline, as he is now back up to about 14 big blinds.

Eduardo Rodriguez Eliminated in 10th Place ($8,170)

It took a few minutes to get everyone moved to one table, and to get the WSOP bio sheets filled out, but just like that, we lost Eduardo Rodriguez as soon as we restarted. His final chips went to Clifford O'Connor, who became the first player to cross the 10 million chip mark after that bustout. 

With that, we are down to our final table of nine players! 

Unofficial Final Table Seating Chart and Counts in the Monster Stack

Seat 1: Ryan Lenaghan - 3,275,000

Seat 2: Rafael Ferreira De Oliveira -3,165,000
Seat 3: Paul Camby -  5,700,000

Seat 4: Nikolai Sears - 7,665,000

Seat 5: Clifford O'Connor - 8,700,000

Seat 6: Jared Griener -  4,000,000

Seat 7: Domingos Fernandes - 5,315,000 

Seat 8: Anton Morgenstern - 7,765,000

Seat 9: Eduardo Rodriguez - 1,675,000

Seat 10: Mark Hamilton - 6,500,000

Anton Morgenstern Retakes Lead With 11 Left

Back to the Monster Stack Event, we lost Jerry Robinson in 15th, Sam Kaplan in 14th, and John Adler in 13th. Just a few moments ago, Anton Morgenstern, who started the day with the chip lead, retook that marker when he won a flip against Johanssy Joseph. Morgenstern's Ace-King was flipping against the pocket eights of Joseph, and though the flop and turn were clean, the river brought the [As] to give Morgenstern the pot.

Once we lose one more player, we will combine to one table of ten. At that point, we will post photos and updated counts for all ten left.

Cards in the Air: $400 Omaha Eight or Better Event

We are switching up the games here at the Bike, as the latest ring event is the $400 Omaha Eight or Better Event! Registration for this tournament will be open until 8:30 PM, so you have plenty of time to come down and join us for some split pot action!

Nikolai Sears Leads the Final 15 At First Break

After we got down to the final two tables, we lost Rupesh Pattni in 18th, and Will Givens in 17th. After that, Nikolai Sears would soar into the chip lead, when his pocket queens busted the pocket jacks of John Senycz to soar him up to 7.3 million.

Clifford O'Connor is second with 6.3 million, while Ryan Lenaghan, Jared Griener, and Anton Morgenstern all have a bit over five million.

Stay tuned for more updates from this massive Day 3 finals of the Monster Stack Event!

Over 100 Players in the Morning Event Today

Over in our Double Stack $50,000 Guaranteed Ring Event, we have 105 players registered so far. That means we are at about $35,000 up for grabs, meaning we should easily pass the guarantee with registration still open until 4:30 PM.

Come join us!

Quickly Down to 18 in Monster Stack

We lost Arthur Bekkerman from Table 1 on one of the first hands of the day. Not long after that, Lea Nehme shoved her short stack in with Ace-King, but unfortunately for her, Ryan Lenaghan woke up with aces right behind her. Nehme was left drawing dead on the turn, and the final two tables were formed.

Stay tuned to find out who makes the final table!

Cards in the Air: $50,000 Guaranteed Ring Event

Welcome back to another day of poker action here at the latest WSOPC stop at the Bike. We have another $400 Ring Event, but this time it's a double stack event, 30,000 in starting chips, and we have a guarantee of $50,000.

This is a two day event, and registration is open until 4:30 PM. Good luck all!

Full List of Day 3 Returners in the Monster Stack

Play ended last night around midnight with Anton Morgenstern bagging up exactly 5,000,000, good for the chip lead by one chip over Michael Comisso. Local regular and Patriots super fan Jared Griener is in third place.

You can click here for a full list of survivors, and remember that we play down to a $100,000 winner today starting at 12 PM!

Schedule for Today: Wednesday, March 6th

10 AM - $400 buy-in $50,000 Guaranteed Double Stack Ring Event. Registration closes at 4:30 PM

2 PM - $400 buy-in $25,000 Guaranteed Omaha Hi'Lo Ring Event. Registration closes at 8:30 PM

5 PM - $200 buy-in Non-Ring Bounty Event. Registration open until 8 PM.

8 PM - $230 buy-in Main Event Satellite. Three $1,700 Seats Guaranteed. Registration open until 9:35 PM.

Anton Morgenstern Leads Final 20 In Monster Stack Finals

Just like that, 12 hours of poker have flown by, and what started as a field of 267 players after all of the Day 2 buy-ins is down to just 20 players. Leading the way is Anton Morgenstern (pictured above), who bagged up 5 million after busting Ping Liu in the last hand of the night on a flip. However, he has plenty of big name notables with their eyes on him, including Jared Griener (4,455,000), Ryan Lenaghan (2,143,000), Rupesh Pattni (1,725,000), and Mark Hamilton (1,435,000).

We will have a full list of chip counts up by tomorrow morning at the latest, so be on the lookout for that, and remember that the tournament concludes tomorrow at 12 PM. Good night from the Bike!