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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Seating Chart for the Final Table of Event #11

Blinds: 3,000-6,000

Seat 1: Elvis Toomas - 117,000
Seat 2: Jeffrey Trudeau Jr. - 197,000
Seat 3: Sean Yu - 546,000
Seat 4: Mike Shariati - 195,000
Seat 5: Steve Westberg - 107,000
Seat 6: Jason Jacintho - 115,000
Seat 7: Qing Liu - 119,000
Seat 8: Phong "VIP" Nguyen - 370,000
Seat 9: Brian Snell - 155,000
Seat 10: V. Y. - 237,000

What's on Tap: Friday, March 8th

We are upping the buy-ins once again tomorrow, as the morning event will be our $1,125 buy-in $100,000 Guaranteed Event! Registration for this event will be open until 6:40 PM, so you will have most of the day to come on down and join in on the action.

At 5 PM, we have another Survivor Event, but this time, the buy-in is $570. The top 10% of the field will all take home $5,000 even, regardless of their chips at the time. Registration will be open until 8 PM.

Good luck to all!

The Morning Event has Reached the Money

After about an hour of hand for hand play, we have reached the final 15 players in the morning event, meaning that we are now in the money. Once we get down to a final table of ten, we will post the names and chip counts of those still remaining.

Good luck to the final 15!

By the Numbers: Event #11

The morning event today drew a crowd of 143 players, creating a prizepool of over $47,000. The final 15 players will finish in the money, with first place taking home $13,225. Amazingly, we are one elimination from the bubble already in this event, as we are down to the final 17 players in less than eight hours.

1. $13,225
2. $8,165
3. $5,895
4. $4,330
5. $3,240
6. $2,460
7. $1,905
8. $1,495
9. $1,195
10-12. $965
13-15. $795

Congratulations to Denis Bilodeau, Winner of Event #9 ($11,380)

When play resumed at 1 PM in the Omaha 8-or-Better Event, Denis Bilodeau came in as the severe short stack with 26,000 in chips. Less than five hours later, he now has all of the chips, as he has completed an incredible turn around to take home $11,340, and his first WSOP Circuit Ring. He defeated Ari Engel heads up, and he'll have to settle for the second place prize of $7,035.

Both those players will likely be hoping into the HORSE Ring Event now. Good luck to them over there!

Congratulations to Emil Mactal, Winner of Event #8 ($11,380)

Emil Mactal started heads up play behind, but he stormed into the lead early on, and defeated Tim Garles the first time the two got the chips in the middle.

It would happen after a flop of [Ad][Ks][2s]. Garles checked to Mactal, who fired 300,000. Garles check shoved all in for 1.4 million total, and Mactal tanked for a bit before calling.

Mactal: [Jc][10d]
Garles: [10s][8s]

Mactal was happy to see that he was ahead, while Garles was equally upset to see that he was slightly behind. The [2h] on the turn kept Mactal in the lead, and he made an unnecessary straight when the [Qc] came on the river.

Garles will take home $10,860 for his efforts, but the $17,565 and WSOP Circuit ring are going home with Emil Mactal. Congratulations to him!

Heads up in the Omaha 8 Event as Well

We just got down to heads up play in our other final table today, and it features Denis Bilodeau and Ari Engel. Bilodeau holds a 1.1 million to 580,000 lead over the former Mega Millions winner, with the limits about to go up to 15,000-30,000.

Earlier at the final table, Brent Boyd went out in fourth place, and Kevin Olsta bowed out in third place.

In our other heads up match, Emil Mactal has taken the lead over Tim Garles, as he has 4.5 million to the 2 million of

Evan Muschetto Eliminated in 3rd Place ( $7,905)

Back to the Deepstack coverage now as we are now heads up between Emil Mactal and Tim Garles. Mactal got us to heads up, after his [Ah][9h] defeated the [Ad][7h] of Evan Muschetto, after the two got the chips in preflop.

Garles holds a decent chip lead right now, with 3.8 million to the 2.2 million of Mactal. The blinds to start heads up play are 20,000-40,000.

Ari Engel in Familiar Position with Four Left in Omaha 8

Switching back to the Omaha 8-or-Better final table, and we are down to the final four over there. Ari Engel has taken the chip lead with 640,000, and as you can see from the photo above, Engel is used to being in the driver's seat here at the Bike, as he took down Mega Millions XVIII last year here for over $315,000. Below you will see the updated stacks for the final four, along with the most recent eliminations.

Ari Engel - 640,000
Denis Bilodeau - 550,000
Brent Boyd - 200,000
Kevin Olsta - 130,000

Mactal Spikes River to Double Up

Emil Mactal and Tim Garles go heads up to a flop of [Js][4d][2s], when Emil Mactal moves all in for about 600,000. Garles thinks for a bit before calling with [Jd][10d], and Mactal says, "good call," as he flips over [Ah][Qc]. The turn is clean for Garles, but the river brought the [Ac] to give Mactal the victory.

He doubles up to over 1.3 million, while Garles dropped down to four million.

Marvin Lim Eliminated in 4th Place ($5,845)

Marvin Lim moved all in first to act holding [As][3h], and he was slightly ahead of the [Kh][Qh] that Evan Muschetto called him with. The flop of [Kc][Kd][6c] all but ended the hand, and though Lim did catch one ace on the turn, he couldn't find another on the river.

This leaves us with just three players left. Below you will see how they currently stack up, at the 20,000-40,000 level

Tim Garles - 4,800,000
Emil Mactal - 615,000
Evan Muschetto - 460,000

Full List of Payouts From the Monster Stack Event

Robert Berton Eliminated in 5th Place ($4,390)

Robert Berton raised to 85,000 preflop, and chip leader Tim Garles reraised to 200,000. Berton called, and the flop came down [Kh][9h][4d]. Berton checked, then called when Garles shoved all in. Berton had [Ks][Qs], but he was behind the [Ah][Ad] of Garles. The board finished out [6c] and [As], giving Garles an unneeded third ace on the river.

This leaves us with four players, and Garles has a stranglehold on the chip lead right now.

Berton Doubles Through Muschetto

Robert Berton got his final chips in the middle holding [Kc][10h], and he had a slight lead over the [Qc][Jd] of Evan Muschetto. The flop of [Ks][Jc][5d] hit both players, but kept Berton in the lead. He would hold that lead through the [As] turn, and [6c] river, and he would double up to over 450,000, while Muschetto takes a small hit down to 800,000.

Fresh Counts From the Omaha 8 Final Table

Over at the other final table, we are down to just seven players, after losing Dale Phillips in 8th, Robert Turner in 9th, and Michael Miller in 10th place. Denis Bilodeau, who started the day as the severe short stack with 26,000, is up to 560,000 now, and holds a nice chip lead over the field.

Here is how the final seven currently stack up.

Denis Bilodeau - 560,000
Ari Engel - 330,000
Brent Boyd - 320,000
Sokchheka Pho - 95,000
David Brookshire - 85,000
Kevin Olsta - 83,000
Karlo Gharabegian - 46,000

James Robinson Eliminated in 6th Place ($3,350)

James Robinson and Tim Garles just tangled in the biggest pot of the tournament, and it has led to Garles taking a big lead five handed.

We caught the action on the turn of a board reading [Js][10d][6s][3c]. There was about 700,000 already in the middle, and according to Garles, Robinson had check raised on the flop, then shoved the turn for 1.2 million. This was for nearly all of Garles's chips, and he thought for about two minutes before calling to create a massive pot.

Robinson: [As][Jd]
Garles: [6c][3h]

Robinson had flopped top pair, but was behind now after the turn, and another three came on the river to give Garles a full house. He has a big lead now on the final five, holding nearly half the chips in play.

Nika Futterman Eliminated in 7th Place ($2,595)

Nika Futterman was all in preflop, and racing for her tournament life, holding [Js][Jc] to the [Ac][Kd] of Evan Muschetto. The flop of [Ks][8c][3c] shot Muschetto out to the lead, and Futterman wasn't able to catch up again from there.

This leaves us with just six players now!

Fresh Counts From the Deepstack Final Seven

Blinds: 15,000-30,000 Average: 912,000

Tim Garles - 1,700,000
James Robinson - 1,600,000
Evan Muschetto - 830,000
Emil Mactal - 810,000
Robert Berton - 500,000
Marvin Lim - 440,000
Nika Futterman - 360,000

Aaron Messmer Eliminated in 8th Place ($2,040)

James Robinson raised to 59,000, and Aaron Messmer moved all in for 419,000. It folded around to Robinson, who got the count, thought for about a minute, then called.

Messmer: [As][Ac]
Robinson: [Kd][10d]

Messmer was in great shape, and the hand looked to be all but over after the flop of [Jc][7h][2h]. The [Ad] hit the turn, and while it gave Messmer top set, it also gave Robinson four outs to broadway. Sure enough, the [Qs] hit the river, and the whole table let out a groan as the chips were sent to Robinson after the horrible beat.

Charles Wilmoth Eliminated in 9th Place ($1,625)

Charles Wilmoth got all of his chips in the middle preflop holding pocket tens, and he was flipping against the [Ah][Jh] of James Robinson. An ace came right on the flop, and an unnecessary jack on the river gave him two pair for the win.

This leaves us with just eight players!

Sohale Khalili Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,315)

On the first hand of the final table, Sohale Khalili moved all in holding [As][8h], and he ran into the [Ah][Jh] of chip leader Evan Muschetto. The board ran down [10d][7h][2c][Ks][5s], and the Ace-Jack held to get us down to nine players.

Photos and Counts From the Omaha 8 Final Table

Seat 1: Kevin Olsta - 199,000

Seat 2: Denis Bilodeau - 243,000

Seat 3: Robert Turner - 206,000

Seat 4: Ari Engel - 340,000

Seat 5: Michael Miller - 45,000

Seat 6: David Brookshire - 116,000

Seat 7: Karlo Gharabegian - 85,000

Seat 8: Dale Phillips - 150,000

Seat 9: Brent Boyd - 189,000

Seat 10: Sokchheka Pho - 145,000

Unofficial Deepstack Final Table Seating Draw and Counts

Seat 1: Aaron Messmer - 899,000

Seat 2: Charles Wilmoth - 418,000

Seat 3: Sohale Khalili - 265,000

Seat 4: Emil Mactal - 401,0000

Seat 5: Marvin Lim - 553,0000

Seat 6: Nika Futterman - 412,000

Seat 7: Evan Muschetto - 1,280,000

Seat 8: Robert Berton - 299,000

Seat 9: James Robinson - 1,127,000

Seat 10: Tim Garles - 682,000

Cards in the Air: $400 HORSE Event

The second Mixed Game Ring Event of the series has just kicked off, and it's a fan favorite, as all five games will be involved. The $400 HORSE Event is now underway, with registration open until 8:30 PM. The Omaha 8 event yesterday drew 115 players, and created a first place prize of $11,380. We expect a similar turnout for today's event, so don't miss it!

Down to 12 Players in Both Restarts

The action has gone about as expected so far, as both our ring events approaching their respective final tables. Legends of Poker champion Harry Arutyunyan was the latest player knocked out of the Deepstack Event, when his flopped top pair ran into the set of Emil Mactal.

We will grab photos and updated chip counts from both final tables when they are reached, so stay tuned!

Nearly 90 Players in the Morning Ring Event

We will be focusing mostly on the two upcoming final tables here today, but we did want to let you guys know that we have 87 players and counting in the morning ring event today. The buy-in is $400, and registration is open until 4:30 PM, so you still have plenty of time to cone on down and join us.

Good luck all!

Cards in the Air: $400 Ring Event

We are ready to kick off another ring event here at the Bicycle Casino! The buy-in today is $400, and registration will be open until 4:30 PM today. Click here for a full structure of the event, and best of luck to all.

Return Lists for the $50k Deepstack and Omaha 8 Events

Two more rings will be handed out here at the Bike today in the $50,000 Guaranteed Deepstack Event, and the Omaha 8-or-Better. In the Deepstack, Evan Muschetto bagged a huge lead, with over 1 million in chips His next closest competitor, Robert Berton, has 564,000.

Over in the Omaha-8 Event, Pho Sokchheka has the chip lead, but he has plenty of big names behind him as you'd expect, including former Mega Millions champion Ari Engel, as well as Frankie O'Dell, David Brookshire, Robert Turner, and Karlo Gharabegian.

Play for both of these events will resume at 1 PM today, so come back then for all of your live updates, as we continue to hand out some hardware here at the WSOPC!

Schedule for Today: Wednesday, March 6th

10 AM - $400 buy-in Ring Event. Registration closes at 4:30 PM

2 PM - $400 buy-in HORSE Ring Event. Registration closes at 8:30 PM

8 PM - $230 buy-in Main Event Satellite. Three $1,700 Seats Guaranteed. Registration open until 9:35 PM.