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Friday, March 8, 2019

Cards in the Air: Nightly $230 Main Event Satellite

It's 8 PM, so we are ready for another Main Event satellite! This satellite will guarantee three $1,700 Main Event seats, which can be used on Sunday or Monday! The buy-in tonight is just $230 tonight, and registration is open tonight until 9:35 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

Some Fresh Counts From the $1,125 Event

Blinds: 1,500-3,000

Sean Jazayeri - 460,000
Peter Hengsakul - 160,000
Nipun Java- 115,000
Kevin Eyster - 99,000
Sean Yu - 95,000
Scott Stewart - 76,000
Bobby Suer - 75,000

What's on Tap: Saturday, March 9th

Two more pieces of hardware will be handed out tomorrow, starting bright and early at 10 AM with our $100,000 Guaranteed one day event! That has a buy-in of just $250, and registration will be open until 2:30 PM.

At 3 PM, we have a $600 buy-in ring event starting up, with a guarantee of $50,000. Registration for that ring event will be open until 9:30 PM, so no matter what time you come down tomorrow, we will have a poker tournament ready for you!

By the Numbers: $100,000 Guaranteed Ring Event

This morning's $1,125 drew a crowd of 146 players, making for a prizepool of $146,000. The final 15 players will finish in the money tonight, with first place taking home $40,875, and the WSOP Circuit ring. Scroll down for the rest of the payouts!

1. $40,875
2. $25,265
3. $18,240
4. $13,400
5. $10,020
6. $7,615
7. $5,890
8. $4,625
9. $3,690
10-12. $2,995
13-15. $2,465

Congratulations to Alan Myerson, Winner of the HORSE Ring Event

Alan Myerson slowly pulled away from Sirous Baghchehsaraie, grinding him down to the point that his opponent was all in preflop in the Hold'em section. Baghchehsaraie was in good shape for a double up, holding [10h][10s] to the [As][3s] of Myerson. However, the flop came down [Ad][Jh][4c], and Myerson stormed out to the lead. No miracle ten came, and the final chips were sent to Myerson.

He till take home $12,475, and his second WSOP Circuit ring. Congratulations Alan!

Myerson Still Leading in the HORSE Heads Up

Sirous Baghchehsaraie mounted a bit of a comeback in the heads up battle, but Alan Myerson has retaken a nice lead as the two players take another break. Myerson has 1.4 million to 700,000 of Baghchehsaraie.

Stay tuned to find out who takes home the hardware!

Cards in the Air: $570 Survivor Tournament

We are ready to get another Survivor Event going here at the latest tournament series at the Bike! Over the last two weeks, we've had two $1,080 Survivor Events that saw 15 people take home $10,000 in cash. Today, the winners will be receiving half of that, $5,000 each.

Registration will be open until 8 PM tonight. Good luck all!

Heads up in the HORSE Event

Alan Myerson has been in control throughout the final table today, and that hasn't changed now, as he just knocked out Brian Schaniel in 3rd place during Razz. He now has a 1.25 million to 650,000 lead over his opponent, Sirous Baghchehsaraie, who has 650,000.

Stay tuned to find out who wins this battle of savvy veteran players!

Myerson Continues to Lead With Four Left

Next out the door in the HORSE final table was Manju Gera in sixth place. She was followed by Valentin Vornicu, who will have to wait for this next ring after busting in fifth place. Local regular Alan Myerson still leads the field, but it is still anyone's game with four left.

Limits: 25,000-50,000

Alan Myerson - 930,000
Brent Boyd - 510,000
Sirous Baghchehsaraie - 350,000
Brian Schaniel - 200,000

Some Early Big Stacks in the $1,125 Event

We are six hours into play here in today's $1,125 Ring Guaranteed Event, and the prizepool is already pushing $125,000! The blinds are currently at 500-1,000, with an average stack of 28,000. We took a walk around to see which big names were stacking chips early. You can see some of those stacks below.

Sean Jazayeri - 160,000
Scott Stewart - 115,000
Bruce Kramer - 108,000
Nikolai Sears - 93,000
Peter Hengsakul - 65,000
Bobby Suer - 58,000
Kevin Gimble - 52,000

Alan Myerson Leads the Final Six in HORSE

At the HORSE final table, we lost short stacks David Droeger and Craig Kaufman shortly into the final table. After that, seven handed play lasted about an hour, before Yosuke Iwata just busted in 7th. Here is how the final six currently stack up, at the 20,000-40,000 Limits level.

Alan Myerson - 540,000
Sirous Baghchehsaraie - 405,000
Valentin Vornicu - 290,000
Brent Boyd - 280,000
Brian Schaniel - 150,000
Manju Gera - 85,000

Some Snapshots From the $100,000 Guaranteed Event

Going back to the $1,125 Event now, we have officially passed the guarantee now, with 105 players and counting. Below you will see a few of those players. Included on this list is quite the stacked table, with Kevin Eyster, Ari Engel, and Scott Stewart rubbing shoulders.

Check out those guys, and a couple others, below.

Harry Arutyunyan

Jesse Yaginuma

Scott Stewart

Ari Engel

Kevin Eyster

Photos and Stacks From the HORSE Final Table

Seat 1: Manju Gera - 115,500

Seat 2: Brent Boyd - 545,000

Seat 3: Yosuke Iwata - 178,000

Seat 4: Valentin Vornicu - 276,000

Seat 5: Brian Schaniel - 138,000

Seat 6: Craig Kaufman - 43,000

Seat 7: Sirous Baghchehsaraie - 399,000

Seat 8: David Droeger - 49,000

Seat 9: Alan Myerson - 290,000

Nearing the Guarantee on Second Break

Over in the $1,125 buy-in Event, we are about to reach the guarantee as players go on their second break of the day. The field is currently at 97 players, and with registration open for over four more hours, you still have plenty of time to come on down and join us. First place for this event should be around $25,000, so don't miss it!

Congratulations to Sean Yu, Winner of Event #11

Event #11 Winner Sean Yu (Photo courtesy of WSOP.com)

Play was scheduled to end after Level 22 last night, but all players remaining wanted to play on, so the staff allowed them to play it out. In the end, it was a familiar face who took home the hardware, Sean Yu! He earned over $13,000 for his efforts, along with his sixth WSOP Circuit Ring.

Scroll down for the final table payouts, and congratulations again to Sean on his impressive victory!

1. Sean Yu - $13,225
2. Phong "VIP" Nguyen - $8,165
3. Steven Westberg - $5,895
4. Jason Jacintho - $4,330
5. Elvis Toomas - $3,240
6. Qing Liu - $2,460
7. Jeffrey Trudeau - $1,905
8. Brian Snell - $1,495
9. V.Y. - $1,195

Cards in the Air: $1,125 Ring Event

It's time for the biggest buy-in event of the series so far, the $1,125 Ring Event! This event has a guarantee of $100,000, and registration is open until 6:40 PM, so you have all day to brave the Friday LA traffic and win some money with us.

This could be a great way to boost the bankroll before the Main Event starts on Sunday, so don't miss it!

Schedule for Today: Friday, March 8th

10 AM - $1,125 buy-in $100,000 Guaranteed Ring Event. Registration closes at 6:40 PM

5 PM - $570 buy-in Survivor Non-Ring Event. Registration closes at 8 PM

8 PM - $230 buy-in Main Event Satellite. Three $1,700 Seats Guaranteed. Registration open until 9:35 PM.