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Monday, March 11, 2019

Congratulations to Mark Jeans, Winner of Event #18!

Today's $400 Ring Event was scheduled to be a two day event, but the players were able to finish it in one day. In the end, Mark Jeans defeated David Droeger heads up to take home the first place prize of $8,750, and the Circuit Ring! Scroll down for the final table payouts, and congratulations to Jeans again!

1. Mark Jeans - $8,750
2. David Droeger - $5,415
3. Kenneth Morrison - $3,565
4. Sam Weiss - $2,495
5. Brian Fein - $1,850
6. Lirio Fontamillas - $1,445
7. Micael Carrasco - $1,190
8. Michelle Porter - $1,030

By the Numbers: Flight B of the Main Event

We had an incredible turnout for today's Main Event flight, with 398 total entires. This means the prizepool is officially over $1 million total! We will be posting the overall payouts later, but we wanted to thank everyone who came out for the Main Event!

Good luck to the remaining players.

Prizepool Approaching $1 Million on Dinner Break

We have a huge turnout so far today for the Main Event, as there are over 360 players entered as the dinner bell tolls. Of course, don't forget that Mo's famous shrimp tower will be available for all the players to enjoy during the one hour dinner break.

In addition, as the prizepool states, we are over $990,000 in the middle right now, and are just a few entires away from that incredible $1 Million prize marker. With registration still open today until 9:30, we should be passing that mark shortly. Enjoy dinner players!

Final Table Seating Chart for the Morning Event

It has taken less than eight hours for us to reach the final table of the latest $400 ring event, and you can view the final table seating chart below. The headliner at the final table is Sohale Khalili, who is looking for his third WSOP Circuit Ring. Check out the lineup of players below.

Seat 1: Maric Jeans - 221,000
Seat 2: David Droeger - 112,500
Seat 3: Michelle Porter - 77,000
Seat 4: Michael Carrasco - 110,000
Seat 5: Sam Weiss - 115,000
Seat 6: Lirio Fontamillas - 92,000
Seat 7: Ken Morrison - 131,000
Seat 8: Sohale Khalili - 150,000
Seat 9: Brian Fein - 145,000
Seat 10: Vanik Azizian - 44,000

By the Numbers: $400 Morning Ring Event

The 10 AM event this morning drew a crowd of 78 players, creating a prizepool of $25,740. The final eight players will finish in the money tonight, all earning at least $1,030. First place will take home $8,750, and the WSOP ring. Stay tuned to find out who makes the final table of this event, as we are already down to the final 18!

1. $8,750
2. $5,415
3. $3,565
4. $2,495
5. $1,850
6. $1,445
7. $1,190
8. $1,030

Cards in the Air: $325 Survivor Event

It's time to start up another Survivor Event here at the Bicycle Casino! This particular Survivor tournament is special for a couple of reasons. For one, there is no rake on this event, as all $325 will be going to the prizepool. In addition, those in the top 10% can choose whether to take home $3,000 cash, or let it ride and take a seat in the $3,250 High Roller Event that starts up tomorrow.

Registration will be open until 8 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

Some Early Big Stacks in the Main

We are at the point in the tournament were a couple of players have crossed the six figure chip count area, and we have a few more who are quickly approaching that number. Below you will see some of the big stacks so far, courtesy of the chip counts from the WSOP Live Updates squad.

Darren Rabinowitz-  130,000
Sanh Cooc - 100,000
Dave Alfa - 95,000
Mohsin Charania - 94,000
Ryan Castillo - 92,500

Over 300 Players in the Main Event Now

We have already passed our total number of players yesterday as we enter the second break in today's play. So far, 312 players have come out, pushing the overall total to over 600 players now.

Registration is still open until 9:30 PM, so you have plenty of time to come enter. Once players return, they will play two more hours before their one hour dinner break.

Small Field in the Morning Event So Far

The Main Event might be in full swing now, but don't forget that we also have a $400 ring event that started at 10 AM. So far, we only have 63 players in there, so you have a great chance at taking home a ring in that event. Registration closes at 4:30 PM, so you still have some time to join us!

Some Photos From The Main Event Today

Below you guys will see some of the players here for the second Main Event Flight. We spotted a few ring winners from this series below, including the Player of the Series leader Sean Yu. We also spotted the two players who played heads up for over four hours in the $1,125 Event, Kevin Eyster and Ira Friedman.

Matthew Elsby

Ira Friedman

Alan Myerson

Sean Yu

Kevin Eyster

Over 200 Players on First Break of the Main

We are two hours into play in our second Main Event flight, and we have 203 players registered so far. That means that the prizepool is nearly over $750,000, and will continue to grow throughout the day, as registration doesn't close until 9:30 PM!

Stay tuned for some player photos to be posted after the break.

Cards in the Air: Second Main Event Flight

It's time to start up the second starting flight of this latest WSOP Circuit Main Event. The prizepool will be crossing $500,000 early on in play today, and will be growing as the day moves on. Registration is open tonight until 9:30 PM, and remember that we have a free buffet for all Main Event players during the one hour dinner break today.

Click here for a full structure, and good luck to all!

Cards in the Air: $400 Morning Ring Event

Good morning everyone! It's time to start up another ring event here at the Bicycle Casino. This is a $400 ring event, with registration open until 4:30 PM. These events have seen a first place prize of around $10,000, so you don't want to miss this one!

Good luck all, and don't forget that the Main Event's second flight starts at 12 PM.

Schedule for Today: Monday, March 11th

10 AM - $400 Ring Event. Registration closes at 4:30 PM

12 PM - $1,700 Main Event. Registration open until 9:30 PM. Dinner buffet for all players at 6:20 PM.

5 PM - $325 Survivor Event. Top 10% wins $3,250 High Roller Seat or $3,000 cash. Regisration open until 8 PM

Glen Cressman Bags Big Lead in Flight A

After nearly 12 hours of play yesterday, 66 players were able to find a bag for the night, and advance to the finals tomorrow. Glen Cressman used a huge hand late in the night to boost his stack to a massive 696,000, more than double the next closest player to him, Scott Stewart.

Click here for a full list of survivors, and remember that the second Main Event flight starts at 12 PM today!