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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Sean Yu Leads the Final 12 in the Main Event

Sean Yu - Chip Leader
Andrew Moreno in Second Place

After nearly 12 hours of play, a starting field of 145 is down to just 12 players. Leading the way is none other than Sean Yu. with 4,575,000, The Los Angeles regular has already won a ring this series, is the current leader in the Player of the Series Race, and could complete the Global Casino Championship sweep if he is able to take this event down tomorrow. The only other player over four million is Andrew Moreno, who is firmly in second place.

Below you will see the final chips for every player still in, listed by their current seat. Play will resume again tomorrow at 1 PM, with the final table playing out on the Live at the Bike table! Good luck to everyone still in, and we will see you tomorrow!

Table 1

Seat 1: Ralph Wong - 955,000
Seat 2: EMPTY
Seat 3: Scott Vener - 1,185,000
Seat 4: Sean Yu - 4,575,000
Seat 5: EMPTY
Seat 6: Nathan Arteaga - 1,190,000
Seat 7: EMPTY
Seat 8: Zachary Gruneberg - 435,000
Seat 9: Mark Babekov - 765,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Andrew Moreno - 4,040,000
Seat 2: EMPTY
Seat 3: EMPTY
Seat 4: EMPTY
Seat 5: Ben Moon - 1,930,000
Seat 6: Mateus Lessa - 2,015,000
Seat 7: Jordan Metzler - 1,375,000
Seat 8: Aaron Messmer - 860,000
Seat 9: Bobby Suer - 515,000

Final Level of the Night

We have just one hour left in play tonight in the Main Event, and the eliminations have started to slow down, as we still have 17 players remaining. Benjamin Moon, Andrew Moreno, and Sean Yu are the top stacks at the moment. Stay tuned to find out who bags the biggest stack in a short while.

Jeremy Joseph Bags the Lead in the High Roller

After 12 levels of play in the High Roller, 29 players put chips in a bag for the High Roller Event, with Jeremy Joseph bagging the most with 235,000. Erick But is second with 186,400, and local player James Cavanaugh rounds out the top three with 175,200.

Click here for a full list of survivors, and remember that you can still buy into this event before cards hit the air again tomorrow at 1 PM.

Seating Chart for the Final Two Main Event Tables

Blinds: 12,000-24,000

Table 1

Seat 1: Ralph Wong - 860,000
Seat 2: Jeremy Kottler - 365,000
Seat 3: Scott Vener - 505,000
Seat 4: Sean Yu - 2,060,000
Seat 5: Mohsin Charania - 1,050,000
Seat 6: Nathan Arteaga - 690,000
Seat 7: Jordan Metzler - 2,120,000
Seat 8: Zachary Gruneberg - 590,000
Seat 9: Mark Babekov - 2,150,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Andrew Moreno - 2,700,000
Seat 2: Empty
Seat 3: Andres Moran - 884,000
Seat 4: Turbo Nguyen - 445,000
Seat 5: Ben Moon - 2,580,000
Seat 6: Mateus Lessa - 1,130,000
Seat 7: Dalton Brinker - 540,000
Seat 8: Aaron Messmer - 1,174,000
Seat 9: Bobby Suer - 624,000

Players Who Just Missed Out on the Final Two Tables

We are down to just 17 players now after there were two knockouts with 19 people left. We will post a full seating chart with updated chip counts shortly, but for now, you will see the latest bustouts below. These three players took home $8,855 today.

19. Evgeni Turevski
20. Joe Serock
21. Dan Colpays

These three each won $7,470 tonight.

22. Joe Kuether
23. Bill Klein
24. Nick Grippo

And lastly, these three all won $6,380.

25. Frank Mariani
26. Cristiano Ferrari
27. Brian Schaniel

Full Three Table Redraw in the Main Event

As promised, here is the updated seating chart for the final 27 players, courtest of the hard working folks of the WSOPC Live Updates team.

Table 1

Seat 1: Nick Grippo - 690,000
Seat 2: Joe Kuether - 760,000
Seat 3: Ralph Wong - 1,260,000
Seat 4: Andres Moran - 360,000
Seat 5: Ben Moon - 780,000
Seat 6: Stephen Song - 1,370,000
Seat 7: Dan Colpoys - 925,000
Seat 8: Sean Yu - 1,850,000
Seat 9: Joe Serock - 730,000

Table 2

Seat 1: Nathan Arteaga - 860,000
Seat 2: Jordan Metzler - 1,200,000
Seat 3: Zach Gruneberg - 800,000
Seat 4: Jeremy Kottler - 320,000
Seat 5: Frank Mariani - 320,000
Seat 6: Scott Vener - 730,000
Seat 7: Mark Babecov- 920,000
Seat 8: Andrew Moreno - 1,025,000
Seat 9: Bill Klein - 180,000

Table 3

Seat 1: Dalton Brinker - 400,000
Seat 2: Turbo Nguyen - 414,000
Seat 3: Mohsin Charania - 1,000,000
Seat 4: Cristiano Ferrari - 230,000
Seat 5: Mateus Lessa - 1,020,000
Seat 6: Aaron Messmer - 660,000
Seat 7: Brian Schaniel - 270,000
Seat 8: Eugeni Turevski - 191,000
Seat 9: Bobby Suer - 535,000

Some of the Big Stacks in the High Roller Event

We will be posted a chip count update on the Main Event shortly, as they are now down to the final three tables over there. In the meantime, we have a few big stacks we want to list off from the High Roller Event, which is now up to 83 players. Remember that registration will still be open until the cards hit the air tomorrow afternoon, so you still have time to get in on the massive prizepool brewing!

Brian Altman - 177,000
James Cavanaugh - 171,000
Erick But - 155,000
Taylor Black - 152,000
Jeremy Joseph - 140,000

Mo Money, Moh Problems

"Where's the media guy? We need to document this!" Scott Vener shouted from Table 2. Sure enough, there was a funny photo op to be had, as our tournament director Mo Fathipour came in to check on the Main Event. There he saw two other "Mos", Andrew "Amo" Moreno, and Mohsin Charania, who is known by many, as Moh. Moreno is a cash game pro who is married to former poker TV personality Kristy Arnett, while Charania is a two time WPT champion who also happens to be married to a poker reporter, Sasha Salinger. 

Fathipour wanted to jump into the action with his fellow "Mo's", but of course registration has long closed. Most of the table got a nice laugh out of the situation in an otherwise tension filled moment.

By the Numbers: $20,000 Guaranteed Pot Limit Big "O" or Better Event

Over in the afternoon Pot-Limit Big "O" or Better Event, we drew a crowd of 39 players. That created a prizepool of $29,910, and the top five spots will be paid out tonight. Check out the full payouts below, and good luck to the 22 remaining players!

1. $12,560
2. $7,120
3. $4,635
4. $3,200
5. $2,395

The Top Stacks as Dinner Approaches

We have just gotten down to the final four tables here in the Main Event, and we are just 15 minutes from the one hour dinner break. Below you guys will see the top five stacks at the moment, courtesy of the hard working folks of the WSOP Live Updates team. Enjoy the dinner break players, and remember that our High Roller Event, which is nearly 70 entries now, is in full swing with registration open all night!

1. Ralph Wong - 1,400,000
2. Sean Yu - 1,225,000
3. Jordan Meltzer - 1,200,000
4. Andrew Moreno - 1,160,000
5. Stephen Song - 1,150,000

Fresh Local Counts From the Final 45

Blinds: 5,000-10,000 Average: 452,000

Sean Yu - 1,350,000
Scott Stewart - 620,000
Angelica Rich - 430,000
Michael Nia - 420,000
Mel Weiner - 410,000
Allan Le - 365,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 350,000
Bobby Suer - 250,000
William Wolf - 245,000
Soctt Vener - 230,000
Sean Jazayeri - 220,000

Stephen Song Leads on Second Break

We are four hours into play so far today, and the field is down to just 55 players now. Stephen Song, who final tabled the $1,125 Event earlier in the series, is the current chip leader with 1.4 million. Behind him is local regular Sean Yu, who won a ring earlier in this series, and is in great shape to win the Player of the Series award. Here are the other big stacks at the moment.

Stephen Song - 1,400,000
Sean Yu - 1,000,000
Cristiano Ferrari - 930,000
Jordan Meltzer - 900,000
Zachery Gruneberg - 800,000

Over 50 Players in the High Roller Event

Over in the High Roller tournament, the field is steadily growing, as we are up to 54 entries right now. Remember that registration is open all day and through the start of Day 2 tomorrow, so you have plenty of time to come on down and join us for all of the action!

Some Updated Counts in the Money

Hand for hand play wasn't needed here in the Main Event, as we had a pair of eliminations to get us down to the final 72! All players still remaining are $2,875 richer right now. Below you will see a few of the locals who are in the money, and where they stack up right now!

Blinds: 3,000-6,000 Average: 286,000

Sean Yu - 850,000
Angelica Rich - 475,000
Mel Weiner - 470,000
Scott Stewart - 420,000
Allan Le - 360,000
Matthew McEwan - 325,000
Brett Murray - 310,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 300,000
Bill Faggerbakke - 250,000
William Wolf - 240,000
Aaron Messmer - 75,000

The Main Event Bubble Is Nearly Here

The tension in the room is at a fewer pitch right now, as we are just three eliminations away from the money now. Just 75 remain from a starting field of 678, and most of them will be at least $2,875 richer.

Stay tuned for another round of updated counts from some of the locals once the money is reached!

Cards in the Air: $20,000 Guaranteed Pot Limit Big "O" or Better

It's time for mixed games once again here at the Bike, as we have a $365 buy-in Pot Limit Big "O" or Better Event starting up! This tournament has a guarantee of $20,000, and registration will be open today until 5 PM.

Good luck everyone!

Some Fresh Local Counts as We Near the Money

We are down to just 87 players left in the Main Event, meaning we are 15 bustouts away from reaching the money. Below you will see how several of the local regulars who are still in are faring so far today. The blinds are currently at 2,500-5,000, with an average stack of 233,000.

Sean Yu - 660,000
Mel Weiner - 570,000
Scott Stewart - 520,000
Angelina Rich - 470,000
Matthew McEwan - 320,000
Mike Noori - 310,000
William Wolf - 300,000
Bill Faggerbakke - 295,000
Brett Murray - 260,000
Phong "Turbo" Nguyen - 215,000
Allan Le - 200,000
Aaron Messmar - 185,000
Brendan Baksh - 130,000
Duey Duong - 120,000

Final Payouts for the WSOPC Main Event

We had a grand total of 678 players come out for the WSOP Main Event, making for yet another $1 million prizepool here at the Bike! The final 72 players will lock up at least $2,875, and first place will take home $210,585, the WSOP Circuit Ring, and an automatic big to the Global Casino Championship later this year.

1. $210,585
2. $130,295
3. $95,570
4. $71,070
5. $53,565
6. $40,910
7. $31,655
8. $24,815
9. $19,700
10-12. $15,840
13-15. $12,890
16-18. $10,620
19-21. $8,855
22-24. $7,470
25-27. $6,380
28-30. $5,505
31-33. $4,805
34-36. $4,205
37-45. $3,800
46-54. $3,430
55-63. $3,135
64-72. $2,875

The Top Stacks To Start Our Day 2 Finals

Glen Cressman - 696,000

Adreew Moreno - 504,000 

Mel Wiener - 460,000
Sean Yu - 394,000
Scott Stewart - 362,500

Cards in the Air: $3,250 High Roller Event

The Main Event finals are fully underway, but that's not the only poker being played here today! The $3,250 High Roller Event has just started up here in the tournament area. We have just nine players so fa,r but with registration open until tomorrow's Day 2, that number will be increasing tremendously.

Stay tuned for updates from this event, as well as the Main Event finals!

The Day 2 Finals Are Now Underway

It's time for the biggest day of the series so far, as the big money payouts will be around the corner by the end of play today. After two full days of play, only 145 players remain. We will be playing tonight until about midnight, and we will be here the whole time bringing you all of the updates.

Good luck everyone!

The High Roller Satellite is Underway

For those players who are trying to earn a last minute discounted ticket to this afternoon's High Roller Event, this is your last chance, as we have another $325 satellite kicking off! At least two seats will be handed out today. Registration is open until 11:35 AM. Good luck all!

Schedule for Today: Tuesday, March 12th

10 AM - $325 High Roller Satellite. Registration closes at 11:35 AM

12 PM - $1,700 Main Event. Day 2

1 PM - $3,250 High Roller Event.  Registration open until start of Day 2 tomorrow

 2 PM - $365 Pot Limit "O" 8 or Better. $20,000 Guaranteed. Registration open until 5 PM

Full Return List for Day 2 of the Main Event

Adrian Moreno made a good run at the overall chip lead last night, but had to settle for second with 504,000. Player of the Series leader Sean Yu looks to be in a great position to lock it up after bagging a massive stack yesterday as well.

Click here for the full list of returning players, and remember that the action kicks off again today at 12 PM for Day 2 of the Main Event!