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Thursday, March 14, 2019

By the Numbers: Opening Quantum Millions Flight

The first of 14 starting flights in this Quantum Millions Event drew a crowd of 140 players. That means that the final 17 will be bagging up tonight and securing the first ticket to next week's finals.

The second flight of the day is in full swing now, and has registration open until 7 PM. Come join us!

1-17. Advance to Day 2 + $500

Second Flight of the Day Underway

It's time to get the second flight of the day underway. We got off to a great start in the morning flight with 140 players. You will have until 7 PM to join us for this flight, but if you can't make it out, we have two more flights tomorrow at 11:30 AM and 4 PM again. Good luck all!

The Latest Quantum Millions Event is Underway

It's time to get the latest Quantum Millions Event going here at the Bicycle Casino! In August of last year, Adam Miller took down this event that had a field of over 2,700 players in it, taking hone just under $200,000 for his efforts.

This is the first of 14 starting flights over the next seven days, but you will want to lock your Day 2 seat up early, because if you are able to double qualify, we will give you $2,500 cash!

Registration closes today at 2:30 PM, with the second flight starting up at 4 PM. Good luck all!

Schedule for Today: Thursday, March 14th

11:30 AM - $350 Quantum Millions Morning Flight. Registration open until 2:30 PM

4 PM - $350 Quantum Millions Afternoon Flight. Registration open until 7 PM

8 PM - $220 single table satellite. One $2,200 Day 2 seat guaranteed. Registration closes once table is full