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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

By the Numbers: Final Quantum Millions Flight

The last Quantum Millions flight was one of the bigger ones with 248 total players, meaning the final session will be handing out Day 2 ticket to the top 30 players.

Remember the Day 2 action kicks off at 1 PM tomorrow, and you can still get in on the action for $2,200! Good luck all!

1-30th. Advance to Day 2 + $500

Prizepool at $1.1 Million As Final Flight Registration Ends

We will post the exact numbers from this flight in a bit, but we did want to let you guys know that the overall prizepool, including the cash from the Ocean's 11 Casino flights, is right around $1.1 million as we are wrapping up the Day 1 starting sessions.

Of course, that number will be going up tomorrow at 1 PM, when the Day 2 finals start, as players will be buying in for $2,200 until 2:45 PM. Good luck all!

What's on Tap: Thursday, March 21st

Tomorrow is one of the busiest day of the series so far, as you are soon to find out! We kick things off at 1 PM with the Day 2 finals of the Quantum Millions Event! Players will be able to buy-in directly for $2,200 up until the end of the first break, or until about 2:45 PM.

That isn't the only $1 Million tournament being play tomorrow however! At 4 PM, we are kicking off the latest installment of the Mega Millions series. This is the tournament the Bicycle Casino is famous for, as it consistently hands out six figure payments at every final table. It all starts tomorrow with the lowest buy-in options, $160, with a $100 optional add-on.

Registration will be open until 7 PM. Be sure to lock up your seat early, so you can go for the $3,000 double qualifier bonus!

Just Six Tables Remain in the Opening Flight Today

We are quickly down to the final 54 players in the morning flight here today. Amongst the crowd who are still alive and vying for those 30 Day 2 tickets are Adam Volen, Brett Murray, Kevin Song, Sarkis Keshishian, Sohale Khalili, and recent WSOPC Main Event Champion Sean Yu!

First Break of the Final Flight

Turning out attention to the 4 PM flight now, where we have 142 players and counting! Registration is still open until 7 PM today, so you still have time to brave the rush hour traffic and come join us. Remember that the top 12% will be bagging tonight and moving on to the finals tomorrow. Don't miss it!

More Details on Tomorrow's Day 2 Buy-In

Tomorrow is the day that many of you have been waiting for: the Day 2 finals of the Quantum Millions Event! The prizepool is already over $1 million, and will only be growing tomorrow with the players who come in and buy-in directly for $2,200. Registration will be available through the first break, or until about 2:45 PM, and players are allowed one $2,200 re-entry if they are knocked out early.

Click here for a full structure for the entire Day 2 finals. We will be here all day tomorrow bringing you all of the updates, so make sure you come back for that!

Cards in the Air: Final Quantum Millions Session

This is it folks! Your final chance to earn a Day 2 seat to the Quantum Millions finals has just started up here in the Bicycle Casino Tournament Ballroom! The final 12% tonight will be taking home $500, and earning the final handful of Day 2 tickets in this massive event.

In this same format in December, Adam Miller took home nearly $200,000. Will you be the big winner this time? There's only one way to find out. Come join us!

By the Numbers: Morning Flight Today

The first starting session of the day drew a crowd of 252 players. That means that the final 30 players will be advancing to tomorrow's finals, where one player should be taking home around $200,000!

The final starting session starts at the top of the hour. Don't miss it!

1-30. Advance to Day 2 + $500

The Final Flight Starts in One Hour

Registration has just closed for the morning flight today, and we will have those numbers up shortly. In the meantime, we wanted to make sure you guys knew that the 14th and final starting flight of this latest Quantum Millions Event is starting up at 4 PM today.

Registration is open until 7 PM, and the buy-in is just $350. Good luck all!

Return List for Tomorrow's Day 2 Finals

Recent Main Event Winner Sean Yu in the Field Today

We have a few pictures for you guys from the opening session field today. We spotted none other than Sean Yu looking for another major title here at the Bike after he just won the WSOPC Main Event last week for over $200,000. We also spotted his friend and fellow ring winner Sohale Khalili in the field. 

Scroll down for those photos, and a few more!

Narek Pananyan

Mark Jun

Sohale Khalili

Adam Volen

Sean Yu 

Overall Prizepool Now Over $1 Million

We have over 200 players entered into today's morning Quantum Millions flight, which still has 45 minutes left in registration. As the title indicates, we have now passed the $1 million overall prizepool number, when you include the money from the Ocean's 11 Casino portion of the tournament.

You still have two chances to qualify today, with the second flight not starting until 4 PM today, and don't forget that you can also buy-in directly tomorrow afternoon for $2,200. Stay tuned for a post with more details on that later!

The Final Day of Quantum Millions Qualifying Has Started!

Today is your last chance to qualify for the Day 2 finals through our $350 starting flights, and the first of those two flights today has just started! Registration for this session will be open until 2:30 PM today, with the final session starting at 4 PM today.

Remember that if you don't qualify through these flights, you can still come in tomorrow during the first two levels, and buy-in directly for $2,200.

Stay tuned, as later today, we will be posting more details on that Day 2 buy-in, along with a prizepool update during the first session.

Schedule for Today: Wednesday, March 20th

11:30 AM - $350 Quantum Millions Morning Flight. Registration open until 2:30 PM

4 PM - $350 Quantum Millions Afternoon Flight. Registration open until 7 PM

7:30 PM - $250 Day 2 Satellite. Three $2,200 Day 2 seat guaranteed. Registration closes at 9:05 PM