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Saturday, March 30, 2019

By the Numbers: Final Mega Millions XX Flight

The final Day 1 starting session for Mega Millions XX drew a crowd of 319 players. The final 19 will be earning the final tickets to tomorrow's finals, where the prizepool is already at $1.1 million.

Remember that the finals start at 1 PM tomorrow, and you will be able to buy-in directly for $3,700.

1-19. Advance to Day 2 + $800
20-29. $400
30-38. $300

Cards in the Air: $400 Satellite for Tomorrow's Day 2

We are ready to get the latest satellite going here at the Bicycle Casino! This one has a buy-in of $400, and will be giving out at least three discounted seats to the Mega Millions Day 2 finals tomorrow. Registration will be open until about 9:05 PM tonight. Good luck everyone!

Prizepool At $1.1 Million As Day 1 Registration Ends

We are still calculating all of the $100 add-ons from the final flight, but after a turnout of 319 players, we can confirm that the prizepool is now sitting at $1.1 million. However, that number will continue to go up tomorrow, as players will be coming in to buy-in directly for $3,700 up until the end of the first break. If you want to get one of those seats for cheap, we have a $400 satellite that is just about to start that will be guaranteeing at least three discounted seats!

Opening Flight Now in the Money

After a short time on the bubble, we are now down to teh final 36 players, and they are all $300 richer! We still need to get down to the final 18 players before we are done here, so there's still some work to be hand.

Make sure that you come back in the morning for a full list of Day 2 survivors for this Mega Millions Event!

More Details on Tomorrow's Day 2 Buy-In

Today might be the final day of qualifying for tomorrow's finals, but you will still be able to get in tomorrow if you come in and buy-in directly for $3,700. The finals begin at 1 PM tomorrow, and registration will be available until the end of the first break, which will be about 2:45 PM.

Players who buy-in directly will get 210,000 in chips, and the blinds will be starting at just 1,500-3,000. You can click here for the full structure for tomorrow.

Remember that we will be playing down to the final table on Monday, and that table will be streaming on Live at the Bike at 5 PM on Tuesday. Will you be there?

Nearly 200 Players on First Break of the Final Flight

We are halfway through the registration period of the final qualifying flight in this Mega Millions XX Event, and so far, 182 players have brought in. Registration is still open until 7 PM tonight, so you still have some time to come on down and join us.

Don't forget that we have a $400 satellite at 7:30 PM guaranteeing at least three discounted Day 2 tickets tomorrow, as well as our final $370 single table satellite of the series at 8 PM!

By the Numbers: $550 Afternoon Session

We had another big turnout for our afternoon $550 session, as 251 came out to play. That means that the final 30 players will be advancing to tomorrow's finals, and also will take home $800. The final starting session of the event is going on right now, with registration open until 7 PM. Don't miss it!

1-30th. Advance to Day 2 + $800

Two Mega Millions Satellites Coming Up Tonight

Tonight at 8 PM, we will be having our final one table satellite of the series. That buy-in is $370, and the winner will be earning a seat to the finals tomorrow. Registration is first come first serve, but if you'd rather play a bigger satellite, we have you guys covered tonight!

At 7:30 PM, we will be running a $400 satellite that will be guaranteeing at least three $3,700 tickets. Registration for that satellite will be open until 9:05 PM. This is a great way to lock up an average stack for tomorrow on the cheap, so don't miss it!

The Final Mega Million XX Starting Session is Underway

This is it everyone! Your final chance to qualify for tomorrow's finals through a Day 1 flight has just started up here in the tournament ballroom. The buy-in is just $160, and the top 6% will be claiming the final tickets to tomorrow's finals.

You can still play a satellite tonight for a Day 2 ticket, and you can still buy-in directly tomorrow for $3,700. Stay tuned for more information on both of those to be posted later today.

By the Numbers: Saturday Morning Flight

We had one of the biggest turnouts of the tournament with exactly 300 entrants into the first of three flights today. The final 18 players will be punching tickets to tomorrow's finals, and you can view the rest of the payouts below.

Remember that are $550 session is open until 5 PM, and the final session of the day doesn't close until 7 PM, so you still have hours to come down and get in on this final day of Mega Millions XX qualifying!

1-18. Advance to Day 2 + $800
19-27. $400
28-36. $300

The Final Flight Starts in One Hour

Registration for the $550 session is currently open until 5 PM, but for those who want to play the $160 session, your final chance starts in one hour at 4 PM! All players will have one optional $100 add-on that can be used as well during the registration time, which will be ending at 7 PM.

There's plenty of action here at the Bike today, so come on down and join us!

Two Former Mega Millions Winners in the $550 Field

It's time to take a look at some of the players in the $550 session, which just crossed over the 100 player mark. Phuoc Nguyen and Duey Dong, two former winners of this event, are over in that part of the room trying to lock up another Day 2 seat. 

Scroll down for those photos, and a few more, as we find out who will be claiming the last Day 2 tickets for tomorrow's finals! 

Peter Hengsakul

Phuoc Nguyen 

Duey Duong

Adam Levy

Adrian Moreno

The Prizepool Will Break $1 Million During 2 PM Session

The title says it all here folks!

We came into the day with nearly $900,000 in the prizepool, and with around 300 players in the opening flight, we will be passing the $1 million mark at some point in our $550 session. That flight just started at 2 PM, and will be open until 5 PM, so you still have plenty of time to join us for that flight.

If that is too early for you, the final Day 1 flight of the event starts up at 4 PM today, and will close it's doors for registration at 7 PM.

Come join us!

Cards in the Air: Final $550 Session

The last $550 starting flight of Mega Millions XX has just kicked off here in the tournament ballroom here at the Bike! Registration will be open until 5 PM, and the final flight of the event starts at 4 PM.

Remember that you can buy-in directly tomorrow for $3,700 if you haven't qualified yet. Stay tuned for a post with all those details coming later!

The Final Day of Mega Millions Qualifying is Now Underway

The time is now folks! Today is the last chance you will have to get into tomorrow's Mega Millions finals through one of our Day 1 starting flights. The first of three final chances has just kicked off today here in the tournament room. This buy-in is just $160, with an optional add-on.

Remember that the 2 PM session has a higher buy-in, $550, but more players will be advancing to the finals, the top 12%. Registration for this flight is open until 2:30 PM. Good luck all.

Schedule for Today: Saturday, March 30th

11:30 AM - $160 Mega Millions XX Morning Flight. Registration open until 2:30 PM.  Top 6% win $800 and advance to Day 2 finals

2 PM - $550 Mega Millions XX Afternoon Flight. Registration open until 5:00 PM. Top 12% win $800 and advance to Day 2 finals

4 PM - $160 Mega Millions XX Evening Flight. Registration open until 7:00 PM.  Top 6% win $800 and advance to Day 2 finals

7:30 PM - $400 Mega Millions XX Satellite. Registration open until 9:05 PM. Three Day 2 seats guaranteed

8 PM - $370 Single Table Satellite. First come first serve. Winner receives $3,700 Day 2 ticket