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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Final Table Reached in the O8-Big O Event

Over at the $200 Omaha 8/Big O 8 or Better Event, it has taken just over seven hours to reach the unofficial final table of nine. With only eight players getting paid, a proposal to take $200 out of the prizepool and give it to ninth was made, and everyone agreed, so they are all in the money.

They will continue to play today until one player has take home the first place prize of $3,400. Good luck everyone! 

What's Coming Up: Friday, June 7th

The Summer Series rolls on tomorrow with two more events at 11:30 and 4 PM. First, we have a $40,000 Guaranteed one day event, with a buy-in of $250. Players will start with a whopping 50,000 in chips, and with the blinds starting at 50-100, that means you start out with 500 big blinds!

Registration for that event will close at 3 PM, and we have a $230 Survivor Event starting up an hour later. For that one, the top 10% will all take home $2,000, a great bankroll booster before the $200,000 Guaranteed Event starts on Saturday!

Good luck everyone!

Over 200 Players on First Break of Facebook Event

The Friends of the Bike event always draws a big crowd, and today is no different, as we already have 205 players and counting entered into the event. Registration is open until 8 PM, so you still have tons of time to come join us.

Remember that the buy-in is just $75, but all players have an optional $50 add-on for 7,000 more chips. Good luck everyone!

Congratulations to William Lofgren, Winner of the $100,000 Guaranteed Event

William Lofgren started the day as the big chip leader, and though he lost that marker a couple of times, he always remained near the top of the counts. With five players left, and Lofgren holding the chip lead once again, they decided to take a look at the numbers. After adjusting the payouts a bit to give the short stack Darren Healy a bit more cash, a chop was agreed to! Lofgren will take home $18,500, and the title. You can view the full breakdown of the chop below, and stay tuned fora winner's interview with Lofgren to be posted later!

1. William Lofgren -$18,500
2. Marchant Eudaimon - $17,320
3. Mickey Kwan - $17,315
4. Manolo Garcia - $12,735
5. Darren Healy - $11,700

Cards in the Air: $75 Buy-in Facebook Event

We are ready for the always popular Friends of the Bike Facebook Event! The buy-in today is just $75, and all players will have an optional $50 add-on. Players will start with 5,000 in chips, will get 7,000 for their add-ons, and can get an extra 2,000 in chips simply for liking the Bicycle Casino facebook page.

Registration is open today until 8 PM. Good luck everyone!

Buffet Doubles Through Healy

After a raise from Darren Healy to 265,000, Stanley Buffer three bet shoved for about 1.4 million. It folded back to Healy, who tanked for a bit before sliding in chips for the call.

Healy: [As][10s]
Buffett: [Qc][9c]

The flop of [Jh][7c][3c] gave Buffett a flush draw, but he wouldn't end up needing it, as a queen would come on the turn and river to give him trip queens, and a double up to 3.2 million.

On the other side, Healy dropped down to 2.8 million.

By the Numbers: $10,000 Guaranteed Omaha 8/Big O Event

Today's $200 buy-in Omaha 8/Big O event drew a crowd of 42 players, meaning the Bike added nearly $3,000 to the prizepool to reach the guarantee. The final table of eight players will all finish in the money, with first place taking home $3,500.

1. $3,500
2. $2,090
3. $1,300
4. $950
5. $730
6. $580
7. $470
8. $380

Fresh Counts From the Final Six on Break

Blinds: 60,000-120,000 Average: 5,000,000

Mickey Kwan - 7,600,000
William Lofgren - 7,200,000
Darren Healy - 4,300,000
Manolo Garcia - 3,400,000
Marchant Eudaimon - 2,050,000
Stanley Buffett - 1,800,000

Doug Lada Eliminated in 7th Place ($4,765)

Doug Lada was the next player to hit the rail in 7th place, taking home just under $5,000. His final chips went to the player sitting to his right, Darren Healy, who is up to 4.6 million.

A couple of the players at the table started to ask about a chop, but those talks were quickly squashed, so we play on six handed.

Linjun Zhao Eliminated in 8th Place ($3,595)

Linjun Zhao fought back after getting crippled earlier by Marchant Eudaimon, and he was able to ladder up one pay jump before busting in eighth place.

He takes home $3,595 for his efforts, and leaves us with just seven players now!

Donald Nguyen Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,535)

Donald Nguyen just hit the payout desk in ninth place, and when we walked up to the table, his chips were being pushed over to Manolo Garcia, who has seen a nice uptick in his stack since starting the final table.

It also looks like Mickey Kwan has been getting some good cards, as he has soared into the chip lead with nearly eight million. Check out the updated counts for all eight below, listed by seating position.

Seat 1: Linjun Zhao - 840,000
Seat 2: William Lofgren - 3,400,000
Seat 3: Darren Healy - 3,400,000
Seat 4:  Doug Lada - 1,450,000
Seat 5:  Stanley Buffett - 2,800,000
Seat 6: Mickey Kwan - 7,800,000
Seat 7: Marchant Eudaimon - 3,500,000
Seat 8: Manolo Garcia - 2,900,000

A Few Double Ups to Report

We are down to just nine players now in the $100,000 Guaranteed final table, and we have just seen a few double ups to keep it that way. First, Linjun Zhao and Marchant Eudaimon got all the chips in after a flop of [9s][8d][4s]. Zhao turned over [10c][9c] for top pair, but he was all but dead, as Eudaimon held [9d][9h] for top set.

That left Zhao with less than 10 big blinds, but he was able to find a small double up later through our chip leader William Lofgren. Not long after that, short stack Manolo Garcia three bet shoved preflop holding [Ac][Kh], and he was dominating the [Ad][10d] of Stanley Buffett. The board ran down [8d][7c][2s][9h][9s], and the king kicker held for Garcia to double him up to over one million chips.

Rob Prinz Eliminated in 10th Place ($1,545)

Rob Prinz was the first causality of the final table, as he was eliminated by chip leader William Lofgren, who rivered a straight holding [Qc][10d].

Prinz will have to settle for just over $1,500, while Lofgren adds to his already big stack.

Final Table Photos and Updated Counts From The $100,000 Guaranteed

Seat 1: Linjun Zhao - 2,800,000

Seat 2: Rob Prinz - 700,000

Seat 3: William Lofgren - 4,100,000
Seat 4: Darren Healy - 4,000,000

Seat 5: Doug Lada - 1,350,000

Seat 6: Stanley Buffett - 3,900,000

Seat 7: Donald Nguyen - 1,050,000

Seat 8: Mickey Kwan - 3,700,000

Seat 9: Marchant Eudaimon - 1,600,000

Seat 10: Manolo Garcia - 1,700,000

Four Quick Eliminations Gets us to Ten

It took just over half an hour for us to lose Jerry Mansfield in 14th, Jon Statsinger in 13th, Chris O'Connell in 12th, and Vincent Rosso in 11th.

The final 10 are currently redrawing for the unofficial final table. Once they are in their seats, we will grab photos and updated counts for all ten players, so don't go anywhere!

Overlay Alert in the Omaha 8/Big O Event

While most of our attention today will be on the Day 3 finals of the $100,000 Guaranteed Event, we wanted to let you guys know that there might be some free money handed out in the morning Omaha 8/Big O Event, as only 36 players are entered so far. The guarantee is $10,000, meaning the Bike is adding nearly $4,000 right now.

Registration is open until 2:30 PM. Come join us!

Cards in the Air: $200 Omaha/Big O 8 or Better Event

It's time to kick off the first Mixed Game event of the 2019 Summer Series! This event has a buy-in of $200, and a guarantee of $10,000. Players will be playing a mix of Omaha 8-or-Better and Big O-8 or Better.

Registration is open until 2:30 PM, and you can view a full structure here. Good luck all!

Schedule for Today: Thursday, June 6th

1 1:30 AM - $10,000 Guaranteed Omaha /Big O Hi-Lo. $200 buy-in. Registration open until 2:30 PM

5 PM - $75 buy-in Facebook Event. Registration open until 8 PM.  Like us on Facebook for 2,000 more chips.

7:30 PM - $220 Juice Free Single Table Satellite. First come first serve. Two $1,100 Seats or $2,000 cash guaranteed

William Lofgren Bags Big Lead with 14 Left

William Lofgren
William Lofgren was one of the big stacks throughout the entire day, and a late surge tonight saw him take a nice lead over the rest of the field. He has 5,030,000, while the next closest opponent, Linjun Zhao, has 3,140,000. Stanley Buffett (2,900,000), and Darren Healy (1,715,000) are two Bike regulars who are also still vying for the title. 

The action resumes at 1 PM tomorrow, where one of the 14 players remaining below will take home over $30,000. Be sure to come back then for all of your updates!

Table 1

Seat 1: Chris O'Connell - 775,000
Seat 2: Manolo Garcia - 1,300,000
Seat 3: Rob Prinz - 1,085,000
Seat 4: EMPTY
Seat 5: Linjun Zhao - 3,140,000
Seat 6: William Lofgren - 5,030,000
Seat 7: Donald Nguyen - 1,165,000
Seat 8: EMPTY
Seat 9: Darren Healy - 1,715,000

Table 2

Seat 1: EMPTY
Seat 2: Vincent Russo - 1,725,000
Seat 3: Jon Statsinger - 860,000
Seat 4: Jerry Mansfield - 75,000
Seat 5: Stanley Buffett - 2,900,000
Seat 6: Doug Lada - 1,400,000
Seat 7: EMPTY
Seat 8: Marchant Eudaimon - 2,200,000
Seat 9: Mickey Kwan - 3,000,000